29 April 2010

MERCY RULE Providence 1994

Mercy Rule played in Memphis in 95 or 96 where I caught their show at Barristers. They were always full of energy live and for some reason that night, Jon was really thrashing and at the end of the show began to bash the stage floor in with the mic stand. He then of course reimbursed the bar for the broken floor. And I still have my Mercy Rule t-shirt.

27 April 2010

JOHN MALKOVICH Being John Malkovich CD single

Promo only CD single #'d 32 out of 2000 copies.

1. Malkovich Masterpiece Remix

OLEANDER February Son 1999

OFRA HAZA Desert Wind 1989

Sadly, Ofra Haza died of AIDs related illness organ failure in February 2000. She was only 42.

XC-NN 1994

25 April 2010

15 April 2010

JUDGMENT NIGHT Soundtrack 1993

360s Illuminated 1991

Boston band that sounds better than Hole in my opinion. Saw them play here, great show even though no one knew who they were. Haven't heard this in years and was glad to get another copy of it. Hope you like it too.

14 April 2010

GOD AND TEXAS Criminal Element 1993

1 Incoming

2 Bury Magnets

3 D2

4 Cold Bringer

5 Chromalox

6 Breach

7 Drive Time

8 In The Blast Furnace

9 Flat Black Wide

10 Cruel And Unusual

THEE SHATNERS Planet Pimp Records Presents...Thee Shatners 1994

Great surf music!


1 Green Blooded Love 1:24
2 He's Dead Jim 2:23
3 Warp Drive 1:50
4 Klingon Boarding Party 1:43
5 Mr. Sulu 1:39
6 Damn Your F*@!ng World 1:08
7 Beam Big Daddy, Beam 2:34
8 Uhuru 1:30
9 Romulan Attack 0:57
10 Kirock (I Am) 1:25
11 Surf Beat 1:50
12 Stronger Than Kirk 2:10
13 Mystery Track 23:31

DOWNLOAD Furnace 1995

EAST RIVER PIPE Shining Hours In A Can 1994

7 YEAR BITCH Viva Zapata 1994

I have added the song "Miss Understood" from the Man's Ruin Miss Understood release as the first track.

Reupped November 2012

09 April 2010


You Suck Crap 1992

Total Letdown 1994

I loved playing Babyland in the record store where I worked. It helped run people out of the store who wouldn't leave when we were trying to close. Thanks, Babyland!

I used to have Babyland's The Dogsnatcher EP. I ended up selling it to one of my friends. I regret that now.

Some were pressed in yellow and black, some were pink and black. A poster over at Discogs says this about the picture disc:
Monotremata Dec 27, 2009
Came in 4 colors. Yellow, Pink, Purple, and Green. Yellow is the rarest, as Dan and Smith accidentally threw the color chips in early and they got mixed with some leftover red still in the press.. Most of the yellow ones are either an orange tint or have orange streaks running through them.. Info was given to me by Dan at an LA show probably around 1998 or so.

KATYDIDS self titled

07 April 2010

TRUNK FEDERATION The Curse of Miss Kitty

By Request.

SWIRL The Last Unicorn 1995

EL MAGNIFICO Insanimo Blastimo 1994

By request.

RADIAL SPANGLE Ice Cream Headache 1993



1 Raze 5:37
2 Canopy And Shoe 2:37
3 Dream Problem 4:06
4 Drip 3:16
5 Snow 3:51
6 Birthday 4:14
7 Hand 4:50
8 Gutter Chain 3:40
9 White Paper Basket 3:18
10 Copper 9:21

03 April 2010


1. by Her Own Hand - Mudhoney
2. Here Comes Sickness - Mudhoney
3. You Make Me Die - Billy Childish
4. Helot - Tad
5. Sit in Glass - Seaweed
6. She Cracked - Jonathan Richman
7. You Pretty Thing
8. Cinders - Pond
9. Here Comes - Velocity Girl
10. Always - Velocity Girl
11. Crazy Town - Velocity Girl
12. Broken-Hearted Wine - Codeine

TRUNK FEDERATION Infamous Hamburger Transfer 1997