31 December 2013

MEDUSA CYCLONE self titled 1995

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Has Medusa Cyclone invented a new genre of music: new age alternative? This one-man band (its main member is Keir McDonald, who gets help from others from time to time) uses textured sounds that can induce a hypnotic state ("Black Dawn"), or create a creepy yet calming effect ("Burner"). The opening "Gravity Rock" is space rock at its finest and most out-there, while "X-Plodo Sun Hat" shows that McDonald has a knack for writing effective ambient pieces as well. "Dream House" contains lead vocals that sound like they were recorded on the moon, while the last two lengthy pieces, "Assigned Frequency" and "Helium Head," use tape loops and stretch to the 14- and 29-minute marks, respectively. Such popular artists as Smashing Pumpkins and Radiohead are popularizing the futuristic space rock sound, but Medusa Cyclone's uncompromising and sometimes uncommercial take on it will win them many fans of underground alternative music.

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