16 April 2014

WISH FOR EDEN Pet the Fish 1993

Thanks to Dsvvsd
From Last FM
Tooth & Nail Records was born in 1993 and Wish For Eden will always be known as the first band to release an album on this wonderful label. Pet the Fish is a very simplistic album lyrically and musically, but many who were into Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and Soundgarden were fond of it when it released.The California three-piece, Wish For Eden, made their debut on Tooth & Nail Records with this record. “Pet The Fish” is hard and heavy – and flits happily somewhere between pop, punk, and grunge. Hard to imagine, right? That’s because this music was avant-garde and helped bring about the emotive hardcore heavy rock you hear today. A revolutionary album and a must-have. 


1 Questions
2 Ocean
3 Don't Know
4 U Could
5 Green
6 Fly
7 Me
8 Fade
9 Blood
10 Pet The Fish


IHateThe90s said...


IHateThe90s said...

I want this album to come with a tagline, like "Wish for Eden - Because Alice in Chains' Dirt just doesn't appreciate Jesus enough!"

IHateThe90s said...

Yeah, it *is* on Tooth and Nail which had Christian leanings so that'd be a good analogy. :-)