29 August 2016

APPENDIX OUT The Rye Bears A Poison 1997


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The Rye Bears a Poison
Scottish rural folk combo Appendix Out was formed in mid-1994 by singer/guitarist Ali Roberts and bassist/violinist Dave E. While at a Palace Brothers concert the following year, Roberts passed Will Oldham an Appendix Out demo cassette, and in early 1996 Oldham issued the single "Ice Age" on his Palace label; weeks later the group -- now additionally including cellist Louise D. and drummer Eva Peck -- also contributed material to the Up Records 4x4 compilation. "Well-Lit Tonight," one half of a Creeping Bent label split single with the Leopards, briefly preceded the 1997 release of Appendix Out's superb debut album The Rye Bears a Poison; guitarist/percussionist Gareth Eggie and flutist/keyboardist Tom C. joined the loose-knit lineup for the 1999 follow-up Daylight Savings. Night Is Advancing. which featured a looser, more dynamic sound, was issued in 2001. 


1 Our Sea
2 Brazil
3 East Coast Wedding
4 Many-Legged Boatmen
5 Frozen Blight
6 Wild I Lived In Flanders
7 Seagulls, Belts
8 Lassie, Lie Near Me
9 The Harp Key
10 Autumn

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