11 October 2015

VALIUM AGGELEIN Hier Kommt Der Schwartze Mond 1998

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In 1998, an LP by a band identified as Valium Aggelein appeared on a precious few record store shelves. It came in a yellow sleeve adorned with a couple of small pictures on the front: a drum kit, a reel-to-reel tape machine, a shot of dark clouds stretched behind power lines. The record's German title, Hier Kommt der Schwartze Mond, translates as Here Comes the Black Moon. The vinyl was white, only 500 copies were pressed, and Hier Kommt never came out on CD. Needless to say, few people ever heard it. Who was this band? One clue, in small print on the front, just under the title, gave it away: the names "J. Albertini / C. Amber / E. Parton" belonged to members of Duster, the trio, on Seattle's now sadly defunct Up Records, known for crawling, space-obsessed psychedelia. Valium Aggelein was a one-off project recorded during a fertile period for the band, when they had more ideas and songs than Up had interest or perhaps ability to issue. Read more at Wondering Sound.


A1 Hier Kommt Der Schwartze Mond
A2 Abheben In Stereo
A3 Feuerprobe / Feuertaufen
A4 Die Wolken Werden Stufenleitern Absinken
B1 Triumph Der Metall Menschen / Durchschauende Meere
B2 Frequenzumsetzer
B3 Geburt Zum Tod In Zeitlupe
B4 Traum Wissenschaftler


09 October 2015

JAD FAIR Greater Expectations 1991

Artist Biography by

There are plenty of performers who rock critics describe by using the label "primitive," but few if any can hold a candle to the greatest American rock primitive, Jad Fair. With his wildly influential band Half Japanese or as a solo performer, Fair has constructed a prolific and extremely interesting career. He writes and records songs that display an uncomplicated emotional directness, unselfconscious (almost hokey) charm and warmth, and a genial simplicity that is beyond words. Although Fair's later recordings are certainly more accessible -- in some ways resembling those of another great American primitive, Jonathan Richman -- his stock-in-trade is still the ability to compose and play music without conventional command of an instrument. Although he has "played" guitar since the mid-'70s, Fair, according to past and present members of Half Japanese, still can't name a chord, plays riffs almost by accident, never tunes his instrument, and wouldn't have it any other way.

Everybody Knew...But Me
Fair's career as a solo artist began in 1980, when his prolific output of songs was more than Half Japanese could handle. Early efforts such as Zombies of Mora-Tau and Everybody Knew...But Me were tentative and, in terms of the noise-versus-music factor, more noise than music, akin to early Half Japanese records. But by the mid- to late '80s, Fair's solo records were becoming more accessible as he began collaborating with mutual admirers such as Terry Adams of NRBQ, J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr., Don Fleming of Gumball, Kramer of Bongwater, Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth, and Maureen Tucker of the Velvet Underground; later on, Fair would cut full albums with Yo La Tengo (1998's Strange But True), Teenage Fanclub (2002's Words of Wisdom and Hope), the Pastels (1991's This Could Be the Night), and the Danielson Famile (2014's Solid Gold Heart). If the records got a little more polished, they certainly never lost a bit of Fair's childlike view of the world, nor his explosive, giddy belief in rock's liberating potential and endless possibilities. (Fair's more spontaneous and less refined impulses continued to make themselves heard on his work with fellow primitive songwriter Daniel Johnston, who briefly worked with Fair in a band called the Lucky Sperms).
Beautiful Songs: The Best of Jad Fair
Given Fair's prolific output as a solo artist, in collaboration with other musicians, and with Half Japanese, keeping track of his discography is a challenge, though 2011's Beautiful Songs: The Best of Jad Fair, a three-CD set compiled by Fair himself, is a thorough introduction to his body of work, and a testament to his idiosyncratic passion for life, love, and music. (Though it's worth noting that within a year of the collection's release, Fair had already released four more albums, and he'll write a song on the theme of your choice for a commission of $300.) In addition to his work as a musician, Fair is also a visual artist, who works in paint, digital graphics, and most notably paper cuttings; his art graces the cover of most of Half Japanese's albums and nearly all his solo efforts, and he's created artwork for recordings by Yo La Tengo, the Residents, Dorothy Wiggin, and the National Jazz Trio of Scotland


1 Elephant 0:46
2 Hillibillies 2:30
3 Pajamas / Wild West / Me & The Boys 4:21
4 Vampire 1:17
5 Wise Old Owl / Radio 2:06
6 Romeo & Juliet 3:34
7 Shoe Strings / Mule 1:20
8 The Tracks Of My Tears / Weeeeeeeeeeee 1:50
9 All 0:51
10 Frankenstein Monster / Checkers 3:12
11 Horses / Dog / Whale 3:29
12 Speed Of Sound 0:55
13 Rocket Ship / Moon / A Great Big Tiger / Robot 3:51
14 Baseball / Lion 5:27
15 And 1:32
16 And Now I Can See / Snakes 3:25
17 Outlaw Blues 2:10
18 Hog Wild / Like A Bird 1:36
19 Shakespeare 1:40
20 And Then I Went / Hot Dog 2:32
21 Eiffel Tower 1:26
22 Cherry Pie / Linda Lou / A Big Bear 2:26
23 Water 2:17
24 Salt & Pepper 2:09
25 Cheese / Chairs 0:39
26 Cha-Cha 0:19
27 Thank You, Bye 0:32

ARMITAGE SHANKS Takin' The Piss 1994

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Artist Biography by

Sometimes a name just sticks. The Thieving Magpies had no intent on renaming their band after a brand of bathroom fixture (i.e., toilets, urinals, etc.), but when they had a drunken night out, the thought of the band being named after the toilet in the pub bathroom just couldn't be shaken -- even when the band attempted to change the name to the Distractions. One can't help but think, however, that such a name is a perfect fit for a British punk outfit that has worked with both Billy Childish and Thee Headcoats. Formed in 1990, Armitage Shanks (in their previous moniker) were a punk group in the purest of senses. Not exactly experts on their instruments, they pushed ahead anyway, replacing skill with bravado and gaining a small yet cultish following. They worked with the aforementioned Childish, and played numerous gigs with Thee Headcoats. The band survived numerous lineup changes and breakups, and released a few albums -- both live and studio -- and a smattering of singles along the way (the debut, Takin' the Piss, was released in 1993). By 2004, the Shanks were still around, having toured continental Europe, England, and the United States, as well as putting together two DVDs and a fairly full discography. That year also saw the release of Urinal Heap, a full-length for Damaged Goods. In 2005 the band (the lineup at the time being Dick Scum, Rod Vomit, Vic Flange, and Dave Dirtbox -- further argument that the fixture-based name fits) continued its live shows, including a fall tour of the States.


1 Tune Up
2 Treat You Bad
3 Pop Klub Scum
4 Primary School Punk
5 Shut Your Mouth
6 Slim's Hammer
7 Drink Driver
8 Shirts Off
9 She's Too Perfect
10 Thrown Together
11 Bernard Manning
12 Whingeing Little Shitbag
13 You Don't Destroy Me
14 I Know What You Need

ONLY ATTITUDE COUNTS Point of No Return 1999

by request
Hardcore from Austria


1 Thief (Forgotten Ideals)
2 Blind Eye
3 Point Of No Return
4 Broken Chains
5 The Greatest Joke Of All
6 Mob Mentality
7 Why Should I Look In Your Eyes?
8 Filthy Ways
9 Formership VSHC
10 Feel Safe
11 Quitter
12 Cheap Shots
13 One Moment Of Silence

08 October 2015

ORANGE CAKE MIX Ocean Rainbow 1998

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 Solo project of US musician Jim Rao.


1 Valentine Love Affair 2:27
2 Introversion 2:07
3 Small World We're Living In 2:08

Water Medley: 9:26
4a Holy Stream (Of Conciousness) 4:39
4b A Summer Waterfall 2:37
4c Spirit Of The River 2:08
5 A Million Dreams 4:14
6 Rothko 2:16
7 Music For Dining 2:16
8 It Won't Be Long Until I See You Again 2:38
9 Into The Rising Sun 1:44
10 Glorified Abyss 5:06
11 Your Sweet Smile 3:04
12 I Am Still Waiting For You To Come Home 2:08
13 Little Baby Star 2:16
14 Another Frozen Flower 2:27
15 Could It Be I'm Still Falling In Love With You 2:23
16 Santa Monica Boulevard 1:57
17 Sleepytime Song 3:38
18 Broken Valentine 2:28

05 October 2015



 by request

Artist Biography by

International Pop Overthrow
Chicago power pop trio Material Issue married the tight and melodic commercial appeal of acts like Cheap Trick and the Knack with the jangly guitars and cockiness of early-'90s Britpop. Formed in the late '80s as a songwriting vehicle for guitarist/lead singer Jim Ellison, the band included bassist Ted Ansani and drummer Mike Zelenko. In 1987, after doing time in and around the Windy City club scene, the group released an eponymous EP that resulted in a contract with Mercury Records. Their major-label debut, the rock-solid International Pop Overthrow, found itself a place on modern rock radio with the raucous single "Valerie Loves Me," and thrust the group to the front of the burgeoning alternative rock movement. Produced by ex-Shoes member Jeff Murphy, the album's electrifying blend of teen angst and rock & roll confidence won over critics and fans alike, resulting in the band's immediate return to the studio to craft their follow-up, 1992's Destination Universe. Once again produced by Murphy, DU didn't sell nearly as well, despite being almost identical to their impressive debut.
Goin' Through Your Purse
In 1994 the band released the excellent -- and sadly underrated -- Freak City Soundtrack. Produced by Mike Chapman (Blondie, the Knack, Sweet) and featuring a guest appearance by Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen, it seemed that Ellison and crew could do no wrong in critics' eyes, yet the public remained oblivious, prompting their inevitable departure from Mercury. Polygram put out the live album Goin' Through Your Purse that same year, and the band began recording what was to become their final album. Telecommando Americano was released posthumously by Rykodisc in 1997, just one year after Jim Ellison committed suicide in his garage by poisoning himself with the carbon monoxide from his moped.

DRIVE Greasegirls 1991

by request
some pop punk 


Drive 0:56
Greasegun 2:40
Light Reads Heat 3:01
Drive Out 3:53
No Girls 4:07
Peephole 3:28
Vegan In Furs 1:50
Process White 4:28

ZUZU'S PETALS Cinderella's Daydream 1993

by request
Thanks to Angelo


Cinderella's Daydream 2:57
Standing By The Sea 3:52
God Cries 3:22
Human Being 3:29

MONDE LA BELLA Exquisite Corpse 1993

Thanks to Adams
 Goth and ethereal


1 Exquisite Corpse 4:34
2 Octopus Arms 3:46
3 Drove You Around The World 4:55
4 Secret Agenda 4:23
5 You Drank From Me 4:21
6 Van Gogh 5:56
7 A Woman's Tale 3:49
8 Long Pale Land 6:10
9 Where You Wanna Go? 2:31
10 Diary Of Pleasures 5:34

Unreleased Live Recording
11 Primitive June 5:35