23 March 2015


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Ottawa’s Three Penny Opera started in early spring of 1997 in the basement of Adam and Hayden Menzies (who are identical twins, born two and a half years apart). Rounding out the band were Shawn Stapleton and Brian Martin. At this point Three Penny Opera were one player short of a hockey team and had several instrumentals in the can. They ran into Matt Deline (ex-Shotmaker, ex-30 Second Motion Picture) at a basement punk show and asked him to sing (and play nets). This was during the waning of 30 Second Motion Picture and Matt was a little unsure of starting something new. In the end everything worked out quite nicely. Three Penny Opera’s first match was on May 24th 1997 in Quebec City where they lost a close game to hometown favorites Fifth Hour Hero. Their first home game saw them defeat Chicago’s Braid, 5-2. Since then, Three Penny Opera’s 1986 GMC Vandura 2500 has traveled over 40,000 kilometres and the band has played 82 shows and 213 street hockey games. 3PO have replaced virtually every major part of the van except for the engine itself. They have also gone through three bass players. Brian Martin returned to the band on a free agent deal in the first round of the 1998 draft. Besides the two spectrasonicsound releases, two songs from countless trips appear on District Skateboards No Time To Heal video.

Keep your stick on the ice, and no raising the puck.

Matt went on to play in Slow Parker and makeshift and currently plays with Hayden in The Grey. They released a CD entitled Open Credit on spectrasonicsound. Brian played in Slow Parker and he plays in a new band with Okara’s Andy Cant. 

22 March 2015

THE BADLEES Up There Down Here 1999

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1 Don't Let Me Hide 4:37
2 Luther's Windows 3:56
3 Thinking In Ways 4:52
4 Which One Of You 4:23
5 Little Hell 3:19
6 34 Winters 4:56
7 Middle Of The Busied Road 4:50
8 Cellarbird And Zither 0:48
9 Running Up That Hill 4:27
10 Love All 3:09
11 Silly Little Man 4:18
12 The Second Coming Of Chris 4:36
13 A Little Faith 2:22

18 March 2015

NAKED TRUTH Fight 1993

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 funk metal



1 The Door
2 Tormented World
3 Downtown
4 Lovejoy
5 Black
6 Read Between The Lines
7 I Am He
8 Fight
9 Telepathy
10 Third Eye Spy
11 Red River


Not a Memory
We Are Quiet in This Room

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"Not a Memory"

Bred In Kentucky 3:59
She Laughed, She Died 8:08
All The Thoughts You Swallowed 0:55
Forget To Breathe 5:13
Reclipse/d 4:20
Willis 7:16
A White Collar Shame 4:16
All Lines Have Been Erased 4:16
Patching Things Up / Everything Is Electric 7:22
Piano Scream 5:37

"We Are Quiet in This Room"

1 This Numbness 2:55
2 Test The Waters 5:45
3 I Have Idled, I Am Idle, I Will Idle 4:11
4 Riot Failure 4:08
5 Amnesia 4:33
6 Complainer 6:51


16 March 2015

BLUETILE LOUNGE Lowercase 1995

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For fans of Idaho and slowcore


1 Wriding 7:57
2 GM. 9:38
3 The Weight (And The Sea) 9:21
4 Ambered 12:02
5 Figure Ground 6:16

CATHERINE WHEEL Adam and Eve 1997

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1 Untitled 1:23
2 Future Boy 5:15
3 Delicious 5:10
4 Broken Nose 5:20
5 Phantom Of The American Mother 5:43
6 Ma Solituda 5:12
7 Satellite 5:14
8 Thunderbird 6:39
9 Here Comes The Fat Controller 5:31
10 Goodbye 7:02
11 For Dreaming 7:15
12 Untitled 3:00

14 March 2015

THE BADLEES River Songs 1995

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Artist Biography by

Diamonds in the Coal
Roots rockers the Badlees traced their origins to the late '80s, when guitarists Bret Alexander and Jeff Feltenberger joined forces with drummer Ron Simasek to form Bad Lee White in the group's hometown of Selinsgrove, PA. With the subsequent additions of frontman Pete Palladino and bassist Paul Smith, the group adopted the nickname given them by their expanding local fanbase, and as the Badlees, issued their debut EP It Ain't for You on their own Rite-Off label in 1990. After a pair of full-length efforts, Diamonds in the Coal and The Unfortunate Result of Spare Time, the group played a series of dates at the 1994 Qingdao Beer Festival in mainland China, the only Western act invited to appear at the event; with 1995's River Songs, the Badlees signed to A&M, but their follow-up, Up There Down Here, was trapped in corporate limbo for over a year, finally appearing in mid-1999 on their new label, Ark 21. A live album, 50:45live, was released the next year.


1 Angeline Is Coming Home 4:09
2 Fear Of Falling 4:50
3 Angels Of Mercy 4:11
4 Grill The Sucker 1:13
5 Queen Of Perfection 3:03
6 Bendin' The Rules 6:10
7 Gwendolyn 4:21
8 Ore Hill 5:55
9 Nothing Much Of Anything 3:36
10 Song For A River 8:17
11 I Liked You Better When You Hated Yourself 2:47

ALTAMONT Dead or Alive 1997

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Stoner rock

10 inch vinyl released on red wax. Also released on CD but Discogs has no info on that format release.


A1 Pluto Washington's Introduction
A2 Sally Greensnake
A3 Red Jackson
B1 Casino
B2 Pluto Closes Shop


10 March 2015



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Artist Biography by

Got Beat Up
Named after guitarist Dave Weston's parents (for allowing the band to rehearse in their basement), the self-deprecating punk band Weston formed in 1990. Among their recordings: the debut A Real Life Story of Teenage Rebellion, the singles collection Splitsville, 1996's Got Beat Up, and the following year's Matinee. The band continued with their Pixies-esque sound on their fifth studio album, The Massed Albert Sounds, released in fall 2000. 


A Real-Life Story Of Teenage Rebellion

Just Like Kurt
Little Mile '94
Mr. Lazo
Two II
The Truth About Rodney
Galaxy, Galaxy
Feelings Stupit Feelings
David Soul
Lovely, Fragile February
Always On My Mind    


Got Beat Up

Me & Rene
No Kind Of Superstar
New Shirt
Heather Lewis
Your Summer Dresses Bore Me
Just Like You
Teenage Love Affair
Superbus 23
Clumsy Shy
Varsity Sweater
Got Beat Up
Running Stupid
Heartbreak Sandwich

BABYLON ZOO The Boy With the X Ray Eyes 1996

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Artist Biography by

The Boy With the X-Ray Eyes
Babylon Zoo raised expectations to astronomical heights when their first record, "Spaceman," debuted at number one in England in 1996. It became the fastest-selling single in U.K. history, moving 250,000 copies in one week. However, it was a short-lived romance. Babylon Zoo was the brainchild of Jas Mann (vocals, producer). Born in Dudley, West Midlands, England, on April 24, 1971, Mann was a science fiction fan, and his original group, the Sandkings, was named after a sci-fi short story by George R.R. Martin. The Sandkings opened for the Happy Mondays and the Stone Roses in the early '90s, but Mann left the band because of creative differences. In 1993, a three-track demo from Mann's next project Babylon Zoo earned him a contract from Phonogram Records. Two years later, Levi's used "Spaceman" for a TV ad after hearing the tune on a Manchester, England, radio station. However, the huge success of "Spaceman" turned Babylon Zoo into of the biggest one-hit wonders. When Babylon Zoo released an album, 1996's The Boy With the X-Ray Eyes, there was disappointingly mild interest; it was a flop, and Babylon Zoo became largely forgotten.


Animal Army
Zodiac Sign
Paris Green
Confused Art
The Boy With The X-Ray Eyes
Don't Feed The Animals
Fire Guided Light
Is Your Soul For Sale?
I'm Cracking Up I Need A Pill