28 November 2015

FIRE IN THE KITCHEN Theory of Everything 1990

Alt rock that reminds me somewhat of Hüsker Dü



Hen Fist
Body And Bone
It Always Does
Madame Curie
The Fog
Between The Bottles
"Whole Lotta Love"
The Time Beats On

DRUNK AT ABI'S Worm In The Apple 1993

Thanks to Adams
rare alt rock


1 Princess In A Cobweb
2 Evidence
3 Shit Dust
4 Little Cage
5 Stranger Than Time
6 War Inside
7 Scrape Cut
8 Boy In Dirt
9 Like It That Way
10 Hick Deviant

THE OTHER The Other 1997

by request
pop punk from Honest Don's record label


1 Haight Street Girl 3:53
2 Once And For All 2:05
3 Cafes And Bombs 3:23
4 No Second Chance 3:17
5 Not So Bad 3:50
6 High School Drop Out Reunion 2:20
7 Nothing's Sacred 2:48
8 Blood On Your Hands 3:06
9 Hippie Song 1:34
10 What I Will Be 2:54
11 Know This 3:28

DOG EAT DOG All Boro Kings 1994


Artist Biography by

Comprised of a few ex-members of New Jersey hardcore metallists Mucky Pup, Dog Eat Dog was one of the first hard rock outfits to follow the cue of Anthrax and experiment with fusing metal and rap together -- a style that would later become commonplace. Founding members Dave Neabore (bass, vocals) and Sean Kilkenny (guitar) have proven to always be at the core of the lineup, despite numerous other members coming and going over the years. Starting out just playing in friends' basements (and without a name at the time), the group steadily built a following. They eventually played in local clubs, which led to the recording of a five-song demo that landed in the hands of Biohazard's Billy Graziadei, who then passed it on to an A&R man at Roadrunner Records. It wasn't long before the group signed to the label, resulting in the 1993 six-song EP Warrant (the glam metal Warrant had issued an album titled Dog Eat Dog one year earlier, so this was Dog Eat Dog's chance to return the favor).
1994 saw the release of Dog Eat Dog's debut full-length, All Boro Kings, as the group supported the album by opening a tour for their friends Biohazard (the group enjoyed quite a bit of success in Europe, where MTV Europe voted the band Breakthrough Artists of the Year in 1995). The band's next release, 1996's Play Games, featured several tracks produced by renowned rap producers the Butcher Brothers (Cypress Hill, the Fugees), with guest appearances by Ronnie James Dio and Wu Tang Clan's RZA included as well. A massive world tour followed, as the group opened shows/festivals for the likes of Rage Against the Machine, No Doubt, Sepultura, Kiss, Ozzy Osbourne, and Metallica. It wasn't until three years later that Dog Eat Dog would issue their third full-length, Amped, but when the album failed to break the band commercially, the group left Roadrunner for greener pastures. 2001 saw the release of a compilation issued by their now-former label, titled In the Dog House: The Best and the Rest.


1 If These Are Good Times 3:08
2 Think 3:06
3 No Fronts 4:36
4 Pull My Finger 3:34
5 Who's The King? 3:55
6 Strip Song 2:44
7 Queen 2:24
8 In The Doghouse 5:49
9 Funnel King 2:41
10 What Comes Around 3:23

27 November 2015


Trim the Fat
Ule Tide

Thanks to ArtLover

Nastasee was a hardcore band formed in Bergen County, New Jersey, by former Mucky Pup, Dog Eat Dog, Murphy's Law guitar player, Dan Nastasi. Nastasee recorded two albums featuring collaborations with members of Mucky Pup, Dog Eat Dog, Non-Fiction, Hades and Murphy's Law.

Trim the Fat
Music For The People 4:04
Trim The Fat 3:51
Why Cant We Be Friends 4:43
Can You Feel It? 4:39
Neck Deep In Shit 5:06
The Real Deal 4:12
Get It Together 4:19
2 Pops 2:27
Your Breath Could Kill Flies 2:36
Steady, Steady, Crack Pipe Edy 2:45
Throw You Around Some 3:46

Ule Tide

Ule Tide
Hardcore Pop
We All Belong
Everybody's Lit
Gonna Get Yours
One Nation Under A Groove

26 November 2015

GEM Hexed 1995

Artist Biography by

Gem is a guitar-driven pop-rock band with explicit connections to Cobra Verde and Guided By Voices. After launching Cobra Verde (out of the ashes of the Cleveland group Death of Samantha) with singer/guitarist John Petkovic and Dave Swanson in the early '90s, guitarist Doug Gillard formed the side project Gem with Prisonshake drummer Scott Pickering and Four Coyotes guitarist Tim Tobias. The group debuted with the album Hexed in 1995. In 1997, Gillard and the rest of Cobra Verde backed up Robert Pollard as a de facto Guided By Voices lineup for the Mag Earwig album. Gillard would remain with Guided By Voices in subsequent years, with Gem member Tim Tobias joining up with Pollard as well (on bass). The two Gem members were important components of the relatively stable GBV lineup that existed from the late '90s and on into the new millenium (and that played on the landmark Isolation Drills album). In 2001, Tobias and Gillard once again turned their attentions to Gem with the album Sunglare Serenades. 


1 Sheep
2 Your Heroes Hate You
3 Only A Loan
4 Failed To See
5 Suburban Girl
6 Little Star
7 I Hate It
8 Any Trepidation
9 Like This
10 Many Moons Break
11 Yeahya
12 2 Me Now



Ghetto Speak
 by request


Artist Biography by

Led by the multi-talented Joe Cassidy (the only constant member), a native of Belfast, North Ireland, Butterfly Child burst onto the music scene in 1991 with two well-received EPs on A.R. Kane's Hark label. Signing to Rough Trade in 1993, Butterfly Child released both the brilliant Ghetto Speak EP and equally wonderful Onomatopoeia album. It was obvious upon release that Butterfly Child would be hard to classify. Their visionary sound was not unlike Brian Wilson trapped inside a Cocteau Twins recording session while John Cage battled with John Cale over production. Lost in a world of fads and short-lived music scenes (Madchester, shoegazing, and grunge), Butterfly Child received kudos from the press but failed to set the world on fire, sales-wise. Signing with Dedicated Records, Butterfly Child released their second album, The Honeymoon Suite, in 1995. More kudos followed ("the record the term 'perfect pop' should have been invented for" said Melody Maker) but Butterfly Child still remained just outside the mainstream, adored by their fan base (which was growing bigger with each release). By the time the second album had been released, Chicago's Hit It! Records had released the first album in the U.S., followed by a release of the second album in 1996. Joe Cassidy relocated to Chicago in 1997 and began work on Butterfly Child's third album and masterpiece, Soft Explosives, which was released on Hit It! in late 1998.  

DROP ACID Making God Smile 1991

for the grunge fans


1 Reunion
2 Choke
3 Sometimes
4 Around The Bush
5 Mother Wheel
6 Whisper Hard
7 Dirt And Strain
8 Bluesy
9 Yeah
10 Pilgrim Zero
11 Dirge Two
12 Knew

VOLUME Stampone 1995


1 Acknowledgements 2:29
2 Ardently Wishing 1:15
3 Seedy Presence Revealed 3:18
4 Bionic Hemisphere 4:34
5 The Lure Anglers 0:41
6 Virtuous Caucus 9:48
7 Polemical Ties 1:16
8 Reclusive Bedsitter 1:09
9 Picking Huckleberries 2:14
10 Generally Broken 4:05
11 Founder Of A Fortean Institute 0:52
12 Enormous Chagrin 2:16
13 Famous Long Ago 2:06
14 Never Really The End 6:36
15 Rainbow From Atoms 2:03
16 Protean Relapse 2:17

18 November 2015

THE DANDYS Symphonic Screams 1998

by request
 Brit pop


1 Intro 1:26
2 Merry Go Round 3:41
3 Drag Queen 2:54
4 You Make Me Want To Scream 4:42
5 English Country Garden 4:14
6 Dirty Weekend 3:47
7 All That You Do 3:40
8 I Wanna Be Like You 3:04
9 Walter Ego 4:44
10 Long Live The King 3:03
11 The Butterfly Song 3:17
12 Johnny Foxtrot 10:27