31 December 2010

UNWOUND self titled 1995

By request.
Shaun - thanks so much for upping this. I'm glad to get a copy of this too.

LAY QUIET AWHILE Delicate Wire 1993

By request
thanks to Shaun


1 Go Right Through 3:00
2 Wait 4:35
3 Oh Brother 3:37
4 Time Won't Help 4:15
5 Tree Song 3:06
6 Well If It Don't Happen 2:50
7 Sweet Elise 3:35
8 Hunger Of The Ant Mutants 5:00
9 All The Things 3:57
10 Storyteller 4:00
11 Mending You 2:00
12 Boot Lady 4:20
13 Back Here 4:40

COPING SAW Outside Now 1997

By request.
Shaun contributed this to I Hate the 90's so great big thanks goes out to him.



1 Strange Attractors 3:43
2 Sexy And Well-Organised 3:26
3 So Quilted 1:56
4 Boats 5:36
5 Gas Electric 5:49
6 Basket Owl 4:06
7 No Sex In Rock 'n' Roll 1:50
8 Addictionary 2:32
9 New Jazz Century 3:22
10 Betty Don't Do It 4:17
11 Slamina 4:28
12 For L 5:50
13 Roadblock 5:38

28 December 2010

FURNACEFACE Unsafe at Any Speed 1996

I Hate the 90s loyal fan and contributor Martin gives us another obscure upload. Thanks Martin! The guitars and drums on this remind me a lot of Serpico (later known as Sleeper).

TRUCK STOP LOVE self titled 1993

I think this might have been their first release but not positive (in case they had some obscure release on a tiny record label or some demos). Their second album, How I Spent My Summer Vacation, is much more hard rock instead of laid back like this EP. Check 'em out.

MAVIS PIGGOTT You Can Be Low 1996

 Reupped January 2013

27 December 2010

RED HOT AND BOTHERED The Indie Rock Guide 1995

Track listing
  1. "Sensational Gravity Boy" performed by Freedom Cruise
  2. "Still Flat" performed by Built to Spill + Caustic Resin
  3. "The Mirror Is Gone" performed by Lisa Germano
  4. "Mouthwash" performed by Noise Addict
  5. "Indierockinstrumental" performed by Folk Implosion
  6. "Some Fantasy" performed by The Verlaines
  7. "Little League" performed by Liquorice
  8. "Hazmats *" performed by Babe The Blue Ox
  9. "Mainland China *" performed by Juicy
  10. "The Fontana *" performed by The Sea and Cake
  11. "Sotto Voce" performed by Cradle Robbers
  12. "Rex’s Blues" performed by Jay Farrar + Kelly Willis
  13. "Empty Yard" performed by Grifters
  14. "Miracleland" performed by East River Pipe
  15. "Snail Trail *" performed by Heavenly
  16. "Hopeless *" performed by Future Bible Heroes
  17. "Servicing Man *" performed by Flying Nuns
  18. "Quietly Approaching *" performed by Gastr Del Sol

* Tracks only available on CD release.


Thanks goes out to Mark for uploading this.

By request

MOVIOLA Glen Echo Autoharp 1997

By request

SPORTSGUITAR Fade Cliché 1997

Thanks to Martin for another great indie upload!

26 December 2010

THRUSH HERMIT Sweet Homewrecker 1997

Another great upload from our Canadian contributor, Martin.



1 Skip The Life 3:24
2 North Dakota 3:48
3 Noosed And Haloed Swear Words 3:33
4 Without You? 2:05
5 Snubbed 3:37
6 Heart Wrenching Man 2:44
7 Puerto Rico 3:34
8 At My Expense 2:58
9 This Week 3:14
10 I'm Sorry If Your Heart Has No More Room 3:03
11 Strange To Be Involved 2:51
12 Darling Don't Worry 2:17
13 On The Sneak 2:47
14 Came And Went 7:39

24 December 2010

FLAT DUO JETS I'll Have a Merry Christmas Without You 1994

Released on Norton Records and pressed on green wax with a Peter Bagge cover. I bought this for $2.99 at Shangri-La Records, Memphis. Shangri-La always had such great 7 inch records to plunder through. I'm not sure if they are still open or not. If you are ever in Memphis, go check them out.

21 December 2010

THE GOOPS Lucky 1996



1 Change Your Mind 2:54
2 Vulgar Appetites 2:14
3 Yeah, I Know 3:04
4 Matchhead 2:52
5 Hard Candy 3:48
6 One Kiss Left 3:35
7 Don't Wanna Be Like You 2:44
8 You Wish 2:12
9 What Did I Do? 4:15
10 Where The Wild Things Roam 2:15
11 I Want You 2:11
12 Cut The Rug 2:35

EAT Epicure 1993

I don't know why I never bothered to listen to this when it first came out. It's pretty damned good!



1 Belly Town
2 Shame
3 First Time Love Song
4 Tranquilliser
5 Golden Egg
6 Bottle Blue
7 Fecund
8 Baby In Flares
9 Fist
10 Bleed Me White
11 Out People
12 Epicure

DUOCHROME All Day I Dream About Sex 1998

Thanks loads to Jon for upping this for us!


1 Ice Fishing
2 Cold Cube Racer
4 Song On The Right
5 Huevos
6 Alcohol Spritzer
7 Wyoming
8 Car Culture
9 Astrogurl
10 Maggot Rapper
11 Formica
12 Process Blue
13 Underwire
14 Pretty Girl
15 2x3 5/6
16 Theremin
17 ¿?
18 Sap
19 Screws
20 3•5•3
21 Ohio

THE SEYMORES Blue Star 7 inch

The Blue Star 7 inch was released by a tiny record label, Full City Blend, in the early 1990's. No date exists on the record which by the way was pressed on blue marbled wax. And unfortunately I don't know anything about this band but don't think they ever released a full length CD which was very unfortunate, as they had a catchy sound and could have come up with some great songs for a release.

Full City Blend had on the burner some other releases from Handsome and Vitapup as you can see by the insert enclosed with the 7 inch.
If anyone knows whether these other releases were pressed, let me know. I would have loved to have especially had the Handsome 7 inch.

DANIEL JOHNSTON and YO LA TENGO Speeding Motorcycle 7 inch 1990

Received a promo copy of this while college radio DJing. Best perks in the world!
Side A : Speeding Motorcycle
Side B: Do You Really Love Me? (live)

Recorded in "glorious mono."

Speeding Motorcycle was released on the Singles Only Label with catalogue number SOL-911-7
The cover as you can see reads "Live on WFMU February 4th 1990"
I'm not sure if that means both songs or just side B.

And I almost forgot. My friend Princess Kingry and I performed this one night at Sluggo's with me on guitar and us sharing vocals. Jeff from local Pensacola band Sewerfish let me borrow his guitar. Fun times! But the crowd looked a little puzzled as to why we were singing it the way we were as we chose to sing it exactly the way it was sung on this record. Once you hear this version you'll get what I mean.

20 December 2010

BLUE MOUNTAIN Mary Jane 7 inch

Mary Jane 7 inch record was released by Faye Records in Columbia, Missouri in 1994.
"The Rhinestone Cowboy's Bedroom" photograph on the front cover was created by Tom Rankin.
Fans of Uncle Tupelo, Wilco and Son Volt will like this.
A few years ago, Blue Mountain broke up but they are back together and doing some tours.

Reupped November 2012


Aruca EP

Side A - 1. Aruca
2. Onion Flower
Side B - 1. The Powder
2. World Hello

(The songs The Powder and World Hello run together so you will find 3 tracks, not 4).

I was lucky to get this as a promo when I was DJing at a college radio station.

Her Highness 1995

The Buried Life 1993

19 December 2010

STIGMATA A GO GO It's All True 1994

Thanks Martin for the up!

KNOCK DOWN GINGER Snowman's Land 1995

Thanks goes out to Martin for Knock Down Ginger

PUNCHBUGGY All Nite Christian Rollerskate 1995

Thanks again to Martin for Punchbuggy

THRUSH HERMIT Smart Bomb 1994

Thanks for this upload, Martin!



1 Hated It 3:50
2 French Inhale 3:10
3 All Dressed Up 3:15
4 Pink Is The Colour 4:24
5 Cott 2:12
6 You Got An Answer 3:20
7 Radio Blaster 3:07

18 December 2010

I - 5 KILLERS, Volume 3 Various Artists 1994

1. Gift - What Used to Be
2. Everclear - Blondes Everclear
3. Kpants - Crash Kpants
4. Thirty Ought Six - Punch
5. Kaia - Lines Kaia Wilson
6. Skiploader - Gyp
7. Whirlees - Edward Hopper Song
8. Time Killing Isabel - Jakes Dream
9. The Wipers - Never Win (Remix)
10. Gravelpit - It's a Lie
11. Ice Cream Headache - the Ugly Stick
12. Starlite Trio - Get Outta My Way
13. Oblivion Seekers - Rock Your Baby
14. Anal Solvent - Evil Style
15. New Bad Things - Josh Has a Crush On a Femme From Reed
16. Caveman Shoestore - Metropolis 2664
17. Oswald 5-0 - Aloha Steve & Dan-O
18. Supersuckers - Your Mom Rules

SUGARBOOM 3 Speed EP 1997

Portland, Oregon lo-fi indie band

17 December 2010

KEVIN SALEM Soma City 1994

OPIUM DEN Diary of a Drunken Sun 1993

By request


Opium Den was a 90's gothic rock band out of Boston. They have also described their music as psychedelic rock and art rock. Christian Gilbert's Spanish-classical influenced guitar playing is combined with the poetry of Annette Farrington's lyrics.
It was formed in the early 90's when Christian Gilbert and Mike Demma were looking for a singer for a psychedelic band they wanted to form. Annette was coming off touring with a Boston theater company and soon joined them. They then auditioned John De Gregorio as a bass player and they liked his unique style and musical creativeness. [1]


1 Renaissance 3:41
2 Say It 4:20
3 Found A Way Out 5:26
4 Blind 4:56
5 Radio In My Head 5:38
6 Song For Nelson 3:11
7 Flowers In The Man 7:44
8 The Puzzle 7:32
9 Wishing Tree 7:42


Panic On

Bring it Down

Sounds like: The Sundays meets Mazzy Star

MOLLY MCGUIRE Sisters of 1997

By request

16 December 2010

RED RED MEAT / NUMBER ONE CUP split 7 inch 1996

This came from my personal collection. At the time I was immersed deeply in the music scene and a music director for college radio, station manager and peon at an indie record store where I could pretty much order anything I wanted. No regrets on this purchase which was pressed on red vinyl.

Side A: Red Red Meat "Milk for the Mechanics"

Side B: Number One Cup "The Tongue of 2 A.M."

"This split single is the beginning of an open ended project. Red Red Meat and Number One Cup each started with the same recording of a distorted cowbell and built a song from that sonic foundation."
Released on Flydaddy Records