09 December 2010

CHUNE Burnt 1993

I used to have a copy of this CD and played it a lot on my radio show. Wish I could find that band Onion who released a CD on this same label.

San Diego's Chune merged the seemingly incompatible sensibilities of emo and stoner rock. Their music usually drew comparisons to the art-punk dissonance of fellow SD natives Drive Like Jehu, whose drummer Mark Trombino served as their producer. However, they were also given to hypnotic, meandering pothead jams, which erupted without warning into blasts of noise in keeping with the loud/soft dynamic shifts favored by post-Nirvana emo outfits. Initially, Chune was composed of singer/guitarist Andy Harris, guitarist Lance Martineau, bassist Mike Truffa, and drummer Rich Niwbsi. This lineup recorded the band's debut album, Burnt, which was released on the San Diego indie Headhunter in 1993. Niwbsi was subsequently replaced by Art Viola III, who debuted on the 1995 EP Nine Ways to Sunday. A second full-length, Big Hat, No Cattle, followed in 1996 before the group went its separate ways.


IHateThe90s said...


meesta oreeree said...

Those fucking cunts stole a sleeping bag from my friends in Vancouver. I'll fight them anywhere, anytime.

We love drugs and stuff said...

I ended up buying both albums today. I really am looking for that 10" though. I dig the stoner jams