21 December 2010

DANIEL JOHNSTON and YO LA TENGO Speeding Motorcycle 7 inch 1990

Received a promo copy of this while college radio DJing. Best perks in the world!
Side A : Speeding Motorcycle
Side B: Do You Really Love Me? (live)

Recorded in "glorious mono."

Speeding Motorcycle was released on the Singles Only Label with catalogue number SOL-911-7
The cover as you can see reads "Live on WFMU February 4th 1990"
I'm not sure if that means both songs or just side B.

And I almost forgot. My friend Princess Kingry and I performed this one night at Sluggo's with me on guitar and us sharing vocals. Jeff from local Pensacola band Sewerfish let me borrow his guitar. Fun times! But the crowd looked a little puzzled as to why we were singing it the way we were as we chose to sing it exactly the way it was sung on this record. Once you hear this version you'll get what I mean.


Warren Wheeler said...

sweet! Thanks.

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