14 December 2010

SATISFACT self titled 1997


1 Misprint 3:01
2 Demonstration 2:39
3 How Things Work 3:05
4 Are You Gifted 3:16
5 Building Tall Buildings 2:02
6 Relay This 4:19
7 Perfect Sleeper 2:28
8 Moods For Moderns 1:36
9 Accent The Motion 2:43
10 Four Sided 8:00
11 Untitled 0:48


Justin Crash said...

been so long since i listened to this. thanks so much for reminding me. maybe i should bust out some red stars theory to go with it...


standard marc ablasou said...

thanks so much, got a lot of my collection way back. satisfact were great. still have a lot of stuff thought in your wishlist . feel free to email me, don t know how it works to upload you cd,s

IHateThe90s said...