21 December 2010

THE SEYMORES Blue Star 7 inch

The Blue Star 7 inch was released by a tiny record label, Full City Blend, in the early 1990's. No date exists on the record which by the way was pressed on blue marbled wax. And unfortunately I don't know anything about this band but don't think they ever released a full length CD which was very unfortunate, as they had a catchy sound and could have come up with some great songs for a release.

Full City Blend had on the burner some other releases from Handsome and Vitapup as you can see by the insert enclosed with the 7 inch.
If anyone knows whether these other releases were pressed, let me know. I would have loved to have especially had the Handsome 7 inch.


robbbb said...

The Seymores had at least two full lengths and an EP. Their last full length, Treat Her Like A Showcat, was produced by David Lowery (of Camper van Beethoven and Cracker). I think it came out in 1998.

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IHateThe90s said...

Thanks for the info, Rob. :) That's good news.

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