12 August 2018

OH GOD! MOTHER BLOOD! Various Artists 1997

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ONE KING DOWN Absolve 1995


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One King Down was an Albany, NY, based metallic hardcore band that played crunchy, danceable metalcore heavily influenced by such scene contemporaries as Snapcase and Earth Crisis. The group formed in the mid-'90s, centered around the brotherly team of bassist Bill Scoville and guitarist Mike Scoville, along with guitarist Matt Wood and drummer Derrick Van Wie. With their original singer, they crafted a CD EP for Trainwreck Records, but it was with energetic frontman Rob Fusco, and Equal Vision Records (for whom Bill worked for a number of years), that One King Down really made their mark on the international hardcore punk scene. The diminutive Fusco's growl and lyrical espousing of the vegan straight-edge lifestyle (not all of the band's members were vegans, or even vegetarians, but they were all drug-free) garnered them attention from all over the U.S. and Europe. Coupled with the band's stop-and-go rhythms and dancefloor-moving heavy groove, Fusco's vocals were put to tape for the Bloodlust Revenge EP, released by Equal Vision in 1997 and still regarded by most fans as the band's finest recorded hour. The group toured with Erie, PA's Brothers Keeper and other bands, selling several thousand copies of the record at shows and through major independent distribution channels. They also released a split EP with Spirit of Youth through Europe's Good Life Recordings. Internal friction caused the ousting of Fusco shortly before the band was to embark on a national tour supporting Earth Crisis and Madball, to be followed by another trek with Hatebreed. One King Down scrambled to find a replacement, inviting then Burn It Down vocalist Ryan Downey to fill in for them. This union only lasted for two shows before the singer-less One King Down returned home to regroup. Eventually, they teamed up with Syracuse native Jon Peters, who lent his vocals to the band's debut full-length album, 1998's God Loves, Man Kills. After subsequent touring, Peters left the band and they split up for a short time. Mike Scoville auditioned for the Foo Fighters, but the job ultimately went to someone else. One King Down re-formed and Fusco was eventually invited to rejoin. They played a few shows before Van Wie left the group, with Wood switching to drum duties as the Albany band pared down to a four-piece. One King Down released the Gravity Wins Again EP in 2000, a collection of newly penned songs together with older, previously recorded tracks. In 2001, after skipping an appearance at Syracuse, NY's Hellfest, it appeared that the band was done once and for all.


1 Nine Eyes
2 Bleeding
3 Reawakened
4 The Killing Fields

SINKHOLE Groping for Trout 1993

pop punk


math rock

REMY ZERO Villa Elaine 1998


1 Hermes Bird 3:56
2 Prophecy 3:24
3 Life In Rain 3:36
4 Hollow 6:20
5 Problem 3:29
6 Whither Vulcan 4:12
7 Gramarye 5:16
8 Yellow Light 4:02
9 Motorcycle 3:37
10 Fair 3:56
11 Goodbye Little World 13:29

11 August 2018

SPIDERBAIT Grand Slam 1999

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Three-piece thrash pop group Spiderbait are one of Australia's most distinctive and popular bands of the '90s and 2000s, a group that almost has to be seen live to appreciate their uniqueness. Drummer Mark Maher (or "Kram") is the group's main vocalist. His drums are never set up on a rise, but sit on an equal level with the other bandmembers, bass player Janet English, who shares some of the lead vocals, and guitarist Damien Whity ("Whit").
All three hail from Finley, a small town with a population of about 2,200 located in Southern New South Wales. Kram and Whit began jamming together at school before Kram enrolled in the Victorian College of the Arts School of Music in Melbourne, studying percussion and guitar. He also plays guitar, bass, and a bit of keyboard. Kram quit the course in his third year and returned to Finley to form Spiderbait. At that point he had the choice of either teaching Whit and Janet English what he knew about music, or forgetting everything to learn from scratch with the other two. He chose the latter course. As a result, their music follows no traditional line, shifting easily from jazzy instrumentals to frantic distortion based rock/pop.

Their early performances were rough and chaotic. Their first indie albums, 1992's P'tangYangPipperBangUh!! and 1993's Shashavaglava (Yugoslavian for dickhead), were roller-coaster listening. By the time they picked up a major deal in 1995, Spiderbait had found their way to a richly adventurous and confident style. Their first Polydor Australia release, The Unfinished Spanish Galleon of Finley Lake, was followed by two Top Ten albums, Ivy & the Big Apples and Grand Slam, as well as tours of Canada, America, and Japan. Janet English has formed a splinter group Happyland, with Quan Yeomans from Regurgitator.


1 Cracker 3:06
2 Glokenpop 3:19
3 Shazam! 2:03
4 Dinnertime 2:11
5 Plastic 2:31
6 Bessy's Last Journey 3:17
7 Daisy May 1:58
8 White Trash Superstar 3:27
9 Buster 2:13
10 By The Time I Get To Howlong 1:59
11 Stevie 3:00
12 Jellybean Drifter 2:45
13 King Of The Northern 2:12
14 Tallygaroopna 1:13
15 Ultralite 4:01
16 Lickety Split 2:45
17 Lost In Adelaide 3:22

THE IDEA Picturesque 1995

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Here's some power pop

05 August 2018

THE DUKES Harbour City 1992

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from Australia
This is the 10 track release.


1 Faith 3:29
2 Crocodile Tears 3:24
3 Sex 3:30
4 Beat This Rap 3:34
5 Nothing Can Bring Me Down 4:41
6 Gonna Get High 5:04
7 Talkin' My Language 3:05
8 Gun In My Hand 4:27
9 I'm A Saxophone 4:57
10 Joyeux Noël 5:01

01 August 2018

HELL BRAINS The Best of the American Food 1999

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garage rock

ICEBURN Hephaestus 1993

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Iceburn and their later incarnation as the Iceburn Collective is one of a handful of groups in the genre of math rock. The group move in between soft passages and abrasive, dissonant music that incorporates elements of jazz, heavy metal, punk, and classical.
Formed in Salt Lake City, Iceburn's first release was Firon (1992), which was later re-released on Caroline Records. Signing to Revelation Records, the group released the double-LP Hephestus in 1993, which consisted of four tracks. After an EP, split with Engine Kid in 1994, they returned with Poetry of Fire that same year. Renaming themselves the Iceburn Collective, they released Meditavolutions in 1996. The tracks on 1998's Power of the Lion were conceived of as a modular music system which could be played in numerous combinations or in a collage. Partly inspired by quantum mechanics, the group experimented with the music as collage on their subsequent live dates. In 2000, they released Polar Bear Suit on which the band expanded to a small orchestra with the addition of two upright basses, bass clarinet, and bassoon.


1 Fe 0:33
2 I 4:03
3 Caravan 8:54
4 I' 0:42
5 Fuse 0:40
6 Still 0:40

7 Whirlpool 6:20
8 Building 1:16
9 Red Sea 1:48
10 Wall 4:16
11 Birds 2:40
12 Thoughts On Flight 1:28
13 Decent 2:55
14 Deconstruction 3:26
15 Rubble 0:55

16 Swarmrise 2:31
17 Swatter 6:02
18 Swatting 1:35
19 Swatted 3:43
20 Swarmrest 0:59

21 Creation 1:50
22 Hammeranvil 4:28
23 Creation 7 4:06
24 Only 5:06
25 Creation 13 1:36
26 Smash 1:59
27 Creation 23 3:12
28 Fe 1:15