14 October 2018

FUEL Timeless EP 1994

by request
 shoegaze featuring Elizabeth Fraser and Robin Guthrie of Cocteau Twins


1 Butterfly Knife 4:23
2 Shiva 6:21
3 Timeless 2:35
4 Candygram 4:49
5 Wildfire 4:39

10 October 2018

THE SUGARPLASTIC Radio Jejune 1995

Artist Biography by

Radio Jejune
Los Angeles-based power-popsters the Sugarplastic comprised singer/guitarist Ben Eshbach, bassist Kiara Geller and drummer Josh Laner; formed in early 1990, the trio spent over a year and a half rehearsing at a local appliance store owned by Laner's father before finally making their public debut, next recording a handful of tracks for release on their 1993 three-single box-set debut Ottawa Bonesaw. The first full-length Sugarplastic effort, Radio Jejune, followed on the indie label Sugar Fix in 1995; the trio's Geffen debut, Bang, the Earth Is Round, appeared three years later. 


1 Radio Jejune 4:04
2 Ways To Save Face 3:43
3 Salmolina 3:41
4 Sun Goes Cold 2:45
5 Skinny Hotrod 2:56
6 Please Mr. B. 5:17
7 Arizona 2:23
8 Sir Sheever 4:30
9 Officer G 1:56
10 Howl A Little 4:43

HELLBENDER self titled 1994

punk rock that reminds me of the punk band Fuel

09 October 2018

SMALL DOG FRENZY Davenport Champions 1993

by request

Small Dog Frenzy was a 3-piece band out of Boulder, Colorado who played together from 1992 to 1994. Members included Aaron Hobbs on vocals and guitar, Hans Buenning on drums, and Tim Nakari on bass. They released several 7"s and a full length CD entitled "Davenport Champions" in 1993. Hobbs and Buenning would go on to form Acrobat Down.


1 Holeshot
2 Jay Road
3 7 Out
4 Wanting
5 Hinges
6 Edge Of A Lull
7 Nutshells For Bombshells
8 Jaywalk Racingstripe
9 Roll Over
10 Toast To The Shined

07 October 2018

SEÑOR NO No Me Hables 1999

some punk from Spain
by request


1 No Me Hables
2 1999
3 Adios
4 We Are Not
5 No Time
6 Shaloney
7 Peroquepasatiodalecaña
8 Loca
9 Viviendo En El Desvan
10 Pues Vale
11 Que No

29 September 2018

JILL SOBULE self titled 1995

by request

Artist Biography by

Things Here are Different
Singer/songwriter Jill Sobule rose to fame on the strength of her 1995 hit single "I Kissed a Girl," a tongue in cheek nod to the media's fascination with "lesbian chic." Born in Denver, CO in 1961, Sobule grew enamored of rock music at a young age, but did not seriously consider a career as a performer until she spent her junior year of college abroad in Spain. Upon her return to the U.S., she dropped out of school to devote her full energies to music, but her work found little success as she battled with depression and anorexia. In 1990, Sobule finally made her debut with Things Here Are Different, which the songwriter recorded with producer Todd Rundgren. The album vanished from sight upon its release, however, and she was dropped by her label, MCA; disheartened and destitute, Sobule moved to Los Angeles and took a job as an assistant to a wedding photographer.
Jill Sobule
Sobule's fortunes turned when her lawyer played her demo tape for an Atlantic Records executive, who was so impressed by the contrast her winsome, folk-flavored pop offered in comparison to the then-current chart dominance of grunge that he quickly signed her to a contract. After the 1995 release of Jill Sobule and the subsequent popularity of "I Kissed a Girl," she scored another hit with the satirical "Supermodel," which was featured prominently in Amy Heckerling's comedy smash Clueless. The LP Happy Town followed in 1997, impressing critics with a new level of depth and maturity; unfortunately, it didn't match Sobule's level of commercial success, and Atlantic dropped her from its roster. She took some time off from her solo recording career to regroup, and joined Lloyd Cole's new backing band the Negatives as a guitarist in 1999. After landing a new recording contract with Beyond, Sobule returned in 2000 with a new album, Pink Pearl. In the years that followed, she dabbled in off-Broadway musicals, made an appearance on NBC's West Wing, composed songs for a Nickelodeon series called Unfabulous, and played a busking musician in the indie film Mind the Gap, a movie that featured songs included on 2004's Underdog Victorious.  

22 September 2018

PIPE 6 Days Till Bellus 1993

Artist Biography by

Formed in that music crucible, Chapel Hill, Pipe forged a ragged rock sound that drew on both the raw garage of '70s bands like the Sonics, punk's irreverent attitude and the post-punk/indie rock attack of the '80s underground. In 1992, with a lineup of Ron Liberti (vocals), Mike Kenlan (guitar), Dave Alworth (bass), and former Superchunk drummer Chuck Garrison, the band released the six-song Ball Peen EP (Sonic Bubblegum). But Kenlan, who with Garrison also played in Small (later changed to Small 23), left Pipe to concentrate on his other band. Clifton Lee Mann, the bassist of the area's legendary '80s punkabilly band, Bad Checks, was recruited to play guitar until a permanent replacement could be found. But Mann and Liberti found they worked well together splitting the music and lyric writing duties, so Mann stayed on as the full-time guitarist, and the band's new lineup recorded their first single, "You're Soaking in It," in 1993 on Amish Records, followed by their first full-length, Six Days to Bellus (Jesus Christ) in 1994. A riotous album of rumbling rock, it had a lot more in common with the Dead Boys than Nirvana and grunge. The band toured with Bad Brains, and upon returning home, began work on their second full-length. International Cement (Jesus Christ) was released in 1995, along with the "Raceway Park" single, again on Amish Records. The band toured with local faves Polvo and Archers of Loaf, but upon returning home, Alworth quit the band and moved to Seattle. Greg Adams replaced him on bass and they started work on their third album, Slowboy, released on Merge in 1997. (Merge then also re-released their two earlier albums and several singles.) A fully realized effort, Slowboy puts the sludge, motor oil, and road dirt back into garage rock. However, their tour with kindred spirits the New Bomb Turks proved ill-fated. Playing in Louisville, Garrison broke his hand signaling an early end to the tour. During Garrison's recovery, Mann crushed the tip of his left ring finger, sidelining him for six months. With the band's momentum flagging and nursing his injury, Mann quit and was replaced with original band guitarist Kenlan, but this lineup only survived a few shows before collapsing in the fall of 1999. Liberti and Mann reunited in 2000 with the Ghost of the British Soldier Who Loved to Rock (shortened to the Ghost of Rock). Kenlan joined Ashley Stove on guitar in 2001.


1 Bowling For Fuckers
2 Breakfast In Veronica
3 Glide
4 Captain Jack (Crunch)
5 El Camino
6 You're Soaking In It
7 New Chop
8 Broken Hips
9 All Eyes
10 Scabby
11 Andrews
12 Hammer God
13 The Metal Bus

14 September 2018


some hard rock in the vein of New Bomb Turks


11 September 2018

THE HOOKERS Satan's Highway 1998


Artist Biography by

The Lexington, Kentucky hardcore band the Hookers was led by singer Adam Neal, an alumnus of Nine Pound Hammer and Nashville Pussy. Also featuring guitarist Noel Reucroft, bassist Pat Smith and drummer Paul Bishop, the Hookers issued their debut LP Satan's Highway in 1998. Black Visions of Crimson Wisdom followed a year later.


1 Satan's Highway
2 Get Fucked
3 Hometown Slut
4 Baby, You'll Regret Me
5 Back Alley Trash
6 Potwhore
7 Tear You Apart
8 12 Gauge Reaction
9 We Don't Fuck Around
10 Take You Down With Me
11 Welcome To The Beast
12 Rock-N-Roll Riot
13 Soul Taker

NEW BOMB TURKS Pissing Out The Poison (Singles & Other Swill '90-'94) 1995

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