18 November 2019

BIS This Is Teen-C Power 1996

by request


1 Kill Yr Boyfriend 2:07
2 School Disco 2:38
3 Kandy Pop 2:48
4 This Is Fake D.I.Y. 2:14
5 Burn The Suit 2:48
6 Teen-C Power! 2:41

16 November 2019

THE WANNADIES self titled 1990

 by request


1 Together 2:58
2 Heaven 3:15
3 My Home Town 3:22
4 Things That You Love 4:35
5 How Beautiful Is The Moon 3:46
6 Innocent Me 2:56
7 So Many Lies 3:06
8 Smile 3:08
9 Anything 3:19
10 Black Waters 3:09
11 The Beast Cures The Lover 3:41

DAMAD Rise And Fall 1997


Damad was an American Sludge Metal / Punk band from Savannah, Georgia, formed around 1994.


1 Addict Arcade 2:17
2 Waste 4:10
3 Order In 2:32
4 Second Hand 5:38
5 Dementia 3:57
6 Slip 2:03
7 Out From Within 4:14
8 Toe Tag 2:30
9 2 Slow Heal 5:00

15 November 2019

COMPULSIVE GAMBLERS Gambling Days Are Over 1995


Artist Biography by

Bluff City
Folding together equal portions of greasy '50s pop, Memphis-style rhythm & blues, and a punk rocker's sense of casual experimentation and musical cross breeding, the Compulsive Gamblers were at the forefront of the Memphis roots punk scene, alongside such bands as the Gibson Bros. and '68 Comeback, creating a sound that was at once sinister, comical, and full of potent groove. The Compulsive Gamblers were formed in Memphis, TN, in 1990 by Greg Cartwright and Jack Yarber, two friends who had played in a number of rough and ready punk bands in the deep south. Originally calling themselves the Painkillers, by 1991 guitar maulers Cartwright and Yarber were joined by Philip "Flipper" Tubb on keyboards, drummer Rod "Bushrod" Thomas, and fiddler Greg Easterly, and the new handle the Compulsive Gamblers was adopted. Hitting the Memphis club circuit, the band recorded a four-song EP, Joker, in someone's kitchen in late 1991; released a year later, the record helped to win them a local following, and two more discs, Church Goin' and Goodtime, followed in 1994. However, while the singles did reasonably well and the band began developing a powerful reputation on the road as a first-class live act, after Thomas and Easterly relocated to New Orleans, it became difficult for the band to hold together, and in 1995 the band broke up, with their recordings compiled on a CD released by Sympathy for the Record Industry, Gamblin' Days Are Over. Cartwright and Yarber almost immediately re-emerged with a new group, the Oblivians (in which they renamed themselves Greg Oblivian and Jack Oblivian), but after the Oblivians folded in 1997, Greg and Jack opted to give the Compulsive Gamblers another try, this time as a three-piece with Thomas back behind the drums. The new Compulsive Gamblers trio released an album, Bluff City, in 1999, and added bassist Jeff Meier for a European tour later that year. Brendan Lee Spengler signed on as keyboardist in time to record the Crystal Gazing Luck Amazing album, and a live set followed in 2003. The Compulsive Gamblers also had the honor of backing up R&B legend Andre Williams on several cuts on his album The Black Godfather


1 Telstar
2 Bad Taste
3 Way Down In The Hole
4 Dead Waltz
5 Sour And Vicious Man
6 Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right
7 Walking The Balustrade
8 Scaring Myself
9 Capone's Finest
10 Name A Drink After You
11 Quit This Town
12 They Call Me Names
13 Phoney Lesbians
14 Gamblin' Days Are Over
15 I See You Everywhere
16 Handful Of Burning Sand
17 Devil In My Back Pocket
18 Feel Good Music
19 Good Time
20 Mind In The Gutter

NAUSEA Extinction 1990

crust/hardcore punk on Profane Existence label

Artist Biography by

Long before the endless stream of grindcore bands emerged in the '90s, N.Y.C.'s Nausea was delivering a relentless, ear-splitting, and politically charged fury that none of them ever equaled. Formed in the squats of the Lower East Side in 1987 by bassist John John Jesse, they would go on to influence countless numbers of anarcho-crust bands worldwide with their music and lyrics alike. Victor Venom, originally the bassist in Reagan Youth, was brought in on guitar while a nondescript English punk named Neil took on vocals. Amy Miret, the wife of Agnostic Front vocalist Roger Miret, was subsequently recruited as a second vocalist and after several different drummers, they finalized the lineup with Roy Mayorga. Their songs dealt with issues like vivisection, class struggle, the displacement and gentrification that was prevalent throughout New York's Lower East Side, and often played benefit concerts for these causes. Neil left the band in 1989 to form Jesus Crust and the Tribal War Records label, at which point Al Long from Minneapolis' Misery came in to take up the vacancy. Extinction would come out a year later, their only full-length release, which was well-received by anarchist punks worldwide despite the fact that it sounded more like Slayer than Crass. After traveling abroad and releasing various songs on a number of compilations, they recorded the Cybergod EP, at which time Miret left the band. They recorded one EP after her departure before breaking up altogether in 1992.


A1 Tech-No-Logic-Kill
A2 Inherit The Wasteland
A3 Johnny Got His Gun
A4 Self Destruct
A5 Butchers
A6 Sacrifice
B1 Godless
B2 Clutches
B3 Extinction
B4 Battened
B5 Blackened Dove
B6 Void


Last of the Big Game Hunters
 thanks to Bob J. for the suggestion


Artist Biography by

The rock band Barstool Prophets formed in the late '80s, consisting of songwriter and bassist Glenn Forrester, guitarists Graham Greer and Al Morier, and drummer Bobby Tamas. The group released a couple of singles and music videos together, and three full-length albums, then seemed to fade away before the new millennium rolled around.

Good friends, Tamas and Forrester, began performing together in their early teens. Later, while still in high school, Greer joined up with them. The threesome landed local gigs as often as possible, using the name Wallflowers. By the time the next decade started, the band had a new member, guitarist Al Morier, a fuller sound, and lots of experience behind them. As word of mouth spread about the indie rock group, and fans increased, the members ran into a small problem -- another band with the same name. In 1993 the Wallflowers became the Barstool Prophets, a name the guys pulled from the lyrics of one of their own songs. A year after the name change, Barstool Prophets released its first album, Deflowered. For an independent recording, the debut sold reasonably well. By 1995 the band signed with the Mercury Records label. A sophomore album was soon born, Crank, and a couple of singles appeared around the same time. It took two years for a third offering to arrive, Last of the Big Game Hunters. It was also the last of Barstool Prophets. Some of the tracks indie lovers can sample from the band's recordings include "Mankind Man," "The Ledge," "Beat My Brain," "Wasted," and "Paranoia." 


1 Mankind Man 4:18
2 The Ledge 3:26
3 Little Death 4:19
4 Paranoia 3:37
5 In The Way 4:44
6 Birdman 3:56
7 Wasted 3:52
8 Good Neighbours 3:56
9 Short & Curlies 4:17
10 Beat My Brain 3:00
11 Robin's Song 5:05
12 Sunshine So Fine 4:08

Last of the Big Game Hunters


1 The Expedition (Intro) 0:30
2 Last Of The Big Game Hunters 2:36
3 Upside Down 2:42
4 Vigilante 3:33
5 Weird & Wonderful 2:30
6 Running Out 3:41
7 Friend Of Mine 3:36
8 All Tangled Up 4:23
9 Five Wheel / Highway 9 4:59
10 More 2:59
11 Hungry Joe 3:22
12 Get Along 3:56
13 Thrusters 5:02

IT'S FINALLY CHRISTMAS! Various Artists 1994

compilation on the Tim/Kerr label


1 Swoon 23 Merry Christmas To Me
2 Pond (2) Gloria In Excelsis Deo
3 Dandy Warhols* Little Drummer Boy
4 Dead Moon Christmas Rush
5 Meg Hentges Christmas Time Is Here
6 Poison Idea Santa Claus Is Back In Town
7 Oblivion Seekers Christmas In The City
8 Caveman Shoestore The Grinch
9 Hitting Birth Little Drummer Boy
10 Ray & Glover I'm Mad At The Fatman
11 Iceberg Slim Christmas Dressed In Blue
12 Flaps Down Hey Santa
13 Svelt I Wonder As I Wander
14 Calamity Jane Hannakuh Song
15 Sugarboom Ave Maria
16 Smegma Happy Holiday
17 The Violets (2) Rebel Jesus
18 New Bad Things Shoplifting You Something For Christmas
19 Whirlees The Grinch

SIRENSONG The Cruelty of Children 1994

indie rock/shoegaze



1 Time Can't Have Me 4:58
2 Let Me Sleep Beside You 5:21
3 Wayward Girls Go To Town 4:30
4 Litany 7:53
5 Stone Undone 6:47
6 Man In The Moon 5:04

12 November 2019

PILOT When The Day Has Broken 1996

 alternative rock from the Pacific northwest on Tim/Kerr Records

More on the band here


1 Cloud Covered Figure 8
2 Belong
3 Cheers, Disappear
4 Asunder Various
5 Distant Star
6 Guitar Store
7 No Seperation
8 Full Of Sunshine (This Ain't The Day)
9 When The Day Has Broken
10 Don't Want To Lose You
11 Zoom
12 Crazy Sleeper
13 Making My Way Back To You
14 Be

SURPRISE YOUR PIG A Tribute To R.E.M. 1992

thanks to Lou A. for the suggestion!



1 Just Say No Radio Free Europe 3:12
2 Band Of Susans 1,000,000 4:26
3 Gumball (2) Stumble 6:20
4 Steelpole Bathtub* We Walk 3:40
5 Samson & The Philistines Talk About The Passion 4:07
6 Jawbreaker Pretty Persuasion 5:36
7 J-Church* (Don't Go Back To) Rockville 3:40
8 Phleg Camp Feeling Gravity's Pull 3:03
9 Mr T. Experience* Can't Get There From Here 2:51
10 Flor De Mal Good Advices 3:06
11 The Punchline* Bandwagon 2:20
12 When People Were Shorter And Lived Near The Water I Believe 2:39
13 Vic Chestnutt* It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) 4:04
14 King Missile Get Up 2:32
15 Tesco Vee's Hate Police Losing My Religion 3:05
16 Jawbox Low 4:03
17 Mitch Easter Shiny Happy People 3:28