18 September 2019

OUR BAND COULD BE YOUR LIFE A Tribute To D Boon And The Minutemen 1994



1 Sparkalepsy King Of The Hill 3:37
2 Seam This Ain't No Picnic 2:40
3 Overpass Fake Contest 1:49
4 Hazel (4) Storm In My House 2:04
5 Nuzzle Futurism Restated 0:58
6 Oswald Five-O Tony Gets Wasted In Pedro 1:48
7 Joe Boon & Tony Platon Sickles & Hammers 0:49
8 The Brain Surgeons Tour-Spiel 2:53
9 The 3M Company Search 0:58
10 Treepeople Shit From An Old Notebook 1:54
11 Vida '99 1:06
12 Ethan James & Cindy Albon Themselves 2:41
13 Tsunami (6) Courage 2:27
14 Cellophane (6) More Joy 1:15
15 Strawman Untitled Song For Latin America 2:14
16 Meat Puppets Price Of Paradise 3:19
17 Crackerbash The World According To Nouns 2:50
18 Nels Cline Trio Self-Referenced / West Germany 3:37
19 Dos (4) Do You Want New Wave Or Do You Want The Truth? 2:01
20 Experimental Pollen #68* Games 1:04
21 Overwhelming Colorfast Corona 3:08
22 Free Kitten Party With Me Punker 0:56
23 Jawbox It's Expected I'm Gone 2:28
24 Locos Borachos The Product 2:41
25 Thurston Moore Shit You Hear At Parties 1:32
26 Joe Baiza 9:30 May 2 0:58
27 67 Riot Case Closed 1:33
28 Kaia Stories 1:29
29 Unwound Plight 1:55
30 The Meices Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing 1:32
31 Blowout (2) Times 0:49
32 Corduroy (2) Cut 2:06
33 Lou Barlow Black Sheep 1:24
34 D Boon* Interview 8:13
35 Minutemen Badges 0:45

WALLEYE Familiar, Forgotten 1995


Throughout the early to mid-'90s, Walleye was a regular in the NE hardcore scene. Based out of Delaware, the quintet was a neighbor to Jade Tree and a staple in shows from New England to the Carolinas, making itself a natural match for the label. As time would prove, the band wound up serving as something of a lightening rod for fellow Delawarians such as Boy Sets Fire. The band's debut full-length marks one of Jade Tree's first collaborations with graphic designer/artist John Yates (Stealworks). Of course, Familiar, Forgotten, like the rest of Walleye's work with the label, is more than a sterile history lesson. In its relatively unsung life span, the band created an oft- overlooked take on personal hardcore, free of the saccharine trappings of some of the genre's future.

17 September 2019

PUSHMONKEY self titled 1998

thanks to J.T. for the reminder about this band

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The Austin, Texas hard rock band Pushmonkey debuted in 1994 with the independent release Maize, a major hit on local radio; a year later they released a three-song cassette highlighted by the track "Caught My Mind," which topped playlists in the Houston area. Signing to major label Arista, Pushmonkey resurfaced in 1998 with a self-titled LP. 


1 Lefty 4:23
2 Now 5:12
3 No Dumb Wrong 3:52
4 Cut The Cord 4:30
5 Handslide 3:25
6 Caught My Mind 3:56
7 Ashtray Red 3:42
8 Spider 3:11
9 Limitless 5:50
10 Loner 4:14
11 Maybe 4:24

16 September 2019

SIDDAL The Pedestal 1995


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The Crossing
The ambient dream pop of Siddal began in 1991 when four music fans came together for a love of art, poetry, and culture. However, constant lineup changes plagued the group and by 1992, Siddal consisted of Elaine Winters and Richard Brinkley. The duo, who took their name from the 19th century activist Elizabeth Siddal, incorporated elements of space rock, trance, and darkwave, and they were frequently compared to the likes of the Cranes, the Cocteau Twins, and the Sundays. Bedazzled issued their first single, "Frozen Garden" in 1992 and subsequent tracks and albums followed throughout the decade: Pedastal was issued in 1995 and the sophomore effort The Crossing followed a year later. By the close of the '90s, Winters and Brinkley married and had a son. They were also writing songs and playing gigs around the East Coast. 


1 Circus Fire 6:56
2 The Pedestal 6:23
3 Hiding Home 4:29
4 When The Wolf Comes 5:29
5 Frozen Garden 4:36
6 Treasures Of Sleep 6:08
7 Leaving 4:45
8 Lighthouse Wreckage 4:54
9 Italiano 3:09
10 Fairbanks 7:10

HERE Swirl 1993

shoegaze from the Czech Republic


1 Ravens 7:35
2 Lanes 4:21
3 For My Star 5:32
4 Haze 6:10
5 Scars In Days 4:33
6 Flower Rain 6:11
7 Take My Hands 3:06
8 Somewhere 1:51
9 Now 7:08

THE TEARAWAYS See The Sound 1993

really good power pop!

BRAINDEAD SOUND MACHINE Come Down From The Hills And Make My Baby 1991

by request
industrial music on the Wax Trax! label

DEADGUY Screamin' With The Deadguy Quintet 1996



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Fixation on a Co-Worker
Screaming vocals are set to discordant guitars by New Jersey-based hardcore band Deadguy. Named after the late comedian John Candy, the group adopted an extremely dark and somber approach with such tunes as "Running With Scissors," "Die With Your Mask On," and "Makeshift Atomsmasher." Despite losing their two chief songwriters, one who sang lead and the other who played guitar, they reorganized with second guitarist Pops assuming lead vocals and two guitarists added shortly after releasing their first full-length album, Fixation on a Coworker, in 1995. Although this revamped lineup released an EP, Screamin' With the Deadguy Quintet, featuring such tunes as "Human Pig" and "(Escape From) The Fake Clink," in 1996, the hard-edged sound of the original band was missed. Formed in New Jersey in June 1996, Deadguy was originally comprised of former members of Rorschach, Lifetime, and No Escape.  

11 September 2019

RIG King Of The Soft Serve (With A Semi) 1996

by request (from a long time ago - finally just found it!)

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California industrial-punksters Rig first appeared on a split 7-inch single with Oiler on the flipside. Mr. Ibarra (megaphone vocals), Mr. Wabschall (bass, vocals, programming) and Mr. Palacios (guitar, programming) were then signed to Cruz Records; their full-length debut, Belly to the Ground, was produced by Greg Ginn. King of the Soft Serve followed in 1997.


1 American Guey 1:14
2 Bleak 3:22
3 Ton Of Bricks 2:20
4 I'm Through 3:28
5 Homo Cholo 4:10
6 Sharp As A Marble 2:53
7 Harvesting Catastrophe 3:30
8 Going Under 3:37
9 My Island 3:53
10 Soft Mouth Vagina 4:31
11 My Uriah Heep 18:17
12 Going Under [Sharp Mix] 5:09


SPATULA Under The Veil Of Health 1996

by request


1 Moretti 1:02
2 Empire Of The Sun 4:00
3 Quibell 2:21
4 Trailblazer 1:04
5 VFW 3:28
6 Trick Knee 2:44
7 King George Island 8:18
8 Service Entrance Fiasco (Wollensack Mix) 3:30

EXCUSE 17 Such Friends Are Dangerous 1995

by request

10 September 2019

MYRACLE BRAH Plate Spinner 1999


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Plate Spinner continues Myracle Brah's talent for straight up power pop; still heavily influenced by Big Star and the Beatles, Myracle Brah honors the bands well with plenty of bouncy, endearing songs and jangly riffs that sound familiar enough to be comfortable but different enough to stand out. The aptly-named album effortlessly achieves a delicate balance of heartfelt melodicism and simmering frustration combined with candid vulnerability and somber lamentation. The aching "Drowning," the pleading "Treat Her Right," and the rollicking "The Seeds Keep Growing Faster" are highlights on an album that's easy to like and hard to dismiss.


1 Isn't It A Crime
2 Albert S. Hand
3 Does It Even Matter
4 Drowning
5 The Seeds Keep Growing Faster
6 Mr. Tuesday Man
7 Hearts On Fire
8 Faux American
9 Dead Overnight
10 Eleven
11 Treat Her Right
12 Slip Away

THE ORANGE HUMBLE BAND Assorted Creams 1997

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Assorted Creams
Through their combination of folk, country and bluegrass with a synthesis of delicate pop, The Orange Humble Band debuted this musical hybrid to their headquarters of Sydney, Australia upon their 1995 formation. Consisting of Ken Stringfellow (formerly of The Posies), Anthony Bautovich (formerly of the Lonely Hearts), Daryl Mather (formerly of the Lime Spiders) and American indie producer Mitch Easter, the quartet eventually captured this sound in 1997 with the Half-A-Cow release of Assorted Creams