25 June 2011

BUFFALO TOM Birdbrain 12 inch 1990

Here was another nice record I received in the mail from back in my college radio days. Birdbrain was a 12 inch promo record with 2 acoustic tracks and the title track, released by Situation Two in the UK.

Side A: Birdbrain
Side B: Reason Why (acoustic)
Heaven (acoustic)

And for those who get titillated at the mention of Dinosaur Jr., this release was produced by J Mascis. Enjoy.

21 June 2011


Speeed King


You're Not My Babylon

Thanks to Martin

Speeed King 7 inch
A Speeed King
B Jobs For The Boys

You're Not My Babylon
A You're Not My Babylon
B Who's The Daddy Now?



LOVE AND A .45 Soundtrack 1994



1 The Flaming Lips Turn It On 4:41
2 Meat Puppets Animal 4:31
3 Mazzy Star Ghost Highway 3:25
4 The Jesus And Mary Chain Come On 2:14
5 Kim Deal & Bob Pollard* Love Hurts 4:12
6 The Reverend Horton Heat* The Devil's Chasing Me 5:12
7 April's Motel Room Black 14 4:48
8 FSK* With David Lowery From Cracker* Unter Dem Doppeladler 3:41
9 Butthole Surfers Who Was In My Room Last Night? 4:08
10 Johnny Cash Ring Of Fire 2:37
11 Courtney & Western Am I In Love 3:06
12Roger Miller King Of The Road 2:27

REGULAR FRIES Free the Regular Fries 1998

Upped by Martin

UFO OR DIE Shock Shoppers 1994

Upped by Martin


A Shock Shoppers
B Zombie Tube

17 June 2011

SISSY BAR Statutory Grape 1996

Uploaded by Martin


1 Wily
2 Sno-Cave
3 Bald Man Be Free
4 Trailer Song
5 Magic Bunny
6 Why? (The Bowling Ball Song)
7 Gin And Juice
8 Sad II Say
9 Punk Fries
10 The Bellman
11 Pear Shaped Girl
12 Do It!!!
13 Drunk With Love
14 Jackie
15 Kra-Z Weed
16 Driftwood Collection
17 (Our Pet Is...) Happy Pet

HURL A Place Called Today 1996

Uploaded by Martin

Artist Biography by

Pittsburgh natives Hurl started out as a trio back in the summer of 1991. Guitarist/singer Matt Daly was the leader of the band, which also included guitarist/bassist Matt Jenick (also a member of the band Don Caballero) and drummer Dave Brunger. Their sound was high-energy, guitar-driven alternative/punk, and was expressed through a series of singles. Soon after, another guitarist (Dan Wilson) was added to make their sound even denser. The more conventional drum stylings of Noah Leger (who has also played with the Speaking Canaries) replaced Hurl's percussionist, solidifying the present-day Hurl lineup. Leger's presence signaled a much more powerful, upfront sound, as evidenced on their debut for Third Gear, A Place Called Today. The album was a delight for fans of tough (and sometimes dreamy) alt-rock and was produced by Shellac member Bob Weston. Hurl embarked on a club tour soon after the album's release. We Are Quiet followed in 1998, and Not a Memory appeared in 1999. 


Four Feet To Infinity 3:40
One Man, Buck 2:57
Motorola! 3:42
No. 11 3:55
Effie 5:31
(The Advantages Of) Temporary Baldness 3:31
Faceman 3:53
Madison Earful 4:16
Radishes 4:17
Slow Learner 6:51

15 June 2011

HOLIDAY Ready, Steady, Go 1996

Upped by Martin

SUGAR SHACK Five Weeks Ahead of My Time 1997

Upped by Martin

Artist Biography by

Pursuing garage rock with the attack of a punk band, Sugar Shack first appeared in 1992 with their independently released Charmer. The Houston-based band prides itself on being part of the trash rock circuit that thrives in the South, releasing three albums since their debut and touring extensively. The band is made up of singer Mark Lockridge, guitarists Andy Wright and Kyle Otis, bassist Johnny Gibson, and drummer Stefanie Paige Friedman.


1 I Can't Satisfy
2 Blabbermouth
3 Chip
4 Thee Crusaders
5 Get Her Back
6 I'm Glad / Your Sad
7 Da Kook
8 Be A Man
9 Five Weeks Ahead Of My Time
10 In The Chump Zone
11 Go! Space City
12 I'm Outta Here
13 All Night Stand
14 She's My Crutch




By request


1 She Won't Get Under Me Till I Get Over You 3:15
2 Bleeder 4:32
3 Kick Between The Knees 4:16
4 Miss Teen U.S.A. 3:45
5 Four Letter Name For Lame 4:05
6 Waltzing 5:13
7 Goddamn 3:52
8 Present At Your Party 2:54
9 Bitch Can't Sing 2:37
10 Bad About The Fact 4:26
11 Letter From You 3:18
12 You Love Sleepin' 5:17

SUPER DELUXE Via Satellite 1997

by request

Artist Biography by

The Seattle-based Super Deluxe is a post-grunge power-pop band that followed in the footsteps of the Posies. The group signed to Warner in 1994, releasing their debut album Famous in the fall of 1995. It received generally positive reviews but few sales. Super Deluxe released their second album, Via Satellite, in the summer of 1997.


1 Your Pleasure's Mine 3:40
2 Lost In Your Failures 2:19
3 Farrah Fawcett 3:48
4 Love Liquid Wraparound 4:36
5 Alright 3:16
6 Common Place 4:49
7 Divine 3:01
8 What's Up With Me 3:19
9 One In A Million 3:34
10 New Variations 2:37
11 Half Asleep 2:44
12 I Can See 2:45
13 Suicide Doll 3:34
14 Years Ago 6:56