31 March 2015

FORGOTTEN REBELS Criminal Zero 1994

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 punk rock!



1 Criminal Zero 3:45
2 The Hammer 3:36
3 Buried Alive 4:03
4 Asshole 3:42
5 Gangland 3:28
6 Autosuck 2:05
7 Karaoke Nite In Attica 3:00
8 Do It To You 2:13
9 Hard Knox 2:53
10 Prisoners 3:31
11 Next Big Thrill 3:08
12 Views 3:16
13 New Flag 3:07
14 Shit For Brains 3:01

30 March 2015

#POUNDSIGN# Wavelength 1998

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Artist Biography by

#poundsign# are an indie pop group whose drowsy, introspective tunes give a nod to Galaxie 500, the Smiths, and the Field Mice. Stephen Vesnecky, Alicia Vanden Heuvel (who would go on to become a core member of the Aislers Set), and Becky Barron, formed the group in 1993, having met one year earlier at UC-Santa Cruz. "We were all friends and would drive around late at night and hang out at Ferrell's Donuts," Vanden Heuvel explained in an interview with the 'zine Movers and Shakers. "And then we just sort of did what came naturally and started practicing music together." #poundsign#'s first 7" single, "The Almondy Many," was released on the Ann Arbor, MI-based label Fantastic Records in 1996. Another single, "Michigan," came out the following year on Belmondo Discs. Fantastic released #poundsign#'s debut full-length, Wavelength, in the spring of 1998. Jaime Knight (the Guild League) was brought into the fold for the group's second full-length album, Underneath the Marquee, which came out on Fantastic three years later. The band went on hiatus soon after the disc was released, and #poundsign#'s original members busied themselves with other projects: Vesnecky went on to form the likeminded pop group Strega; Barron, who at that point had amicably split with Scrabbel, went on to work with Dressy Bessy; and Vanden Heuvel continued to work with the Aislers Set.


1 Isolation 4:42
2 Da Da Da 3:32
3 Telephone 3:15
4 It's So Hard 4:43
5 Sundried 6:55
6 You're On Your Own 5:28
7 Lou Gehrig 4:54
8 Walking And Talking 2:46
9 Tiny 3:24
10 Carry On 6:57


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Artist Biography

by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Juliana Hatfield is one of the great survivors of the alternative rock era, a singer/songwriter who built a diverse, adventurous discography through steady, consistent work. She began her career in the late 1980s as the lead singer of Blake Babies, a college-rock trio from Boston who counted Pixies, Throwing Muses, and Lemonheads among their peers. Hatfield went solo in 1992, releasing her debut Hey Babe just as alternative rock became a commercial force. She soon had her moment in the spotlight, appearing on the covers of Sassy and Spin, landing in MTV's Buzz Bin, cameoing on My So-Called Life and The Adventures of Pete & Pete, while popping up on the soundtrack to Ben Stiller's Gen-X romantic comedy Reality Bites with "Spin the Bottle." The latter was a grungy pop tune cut with the Juliana Hatfield Three, whose 1993 LP Become What You Are was her first record released on a major label. The 1995 solo set Only Everything, which produced the minor chart hit "Universal Heartbeat," was her last album for a major. Over the next three decades, Hatfield maintained her indie roots, releasing a series of adventurous, emotionally candid albums on a variety of imprints. Although she often recorded solo, she also collaborated with a variety of bands. She reunited both Blake Babies and the Juliana Hatfield Three, teamed with ex-Blake Baby Freda Love for Some Girls in 2003, formed Minor Alps with Nada Surf's Matthew Caws in 2013, and coaxed Paul Westerberg into the I Don't Cares in 2016. As she matured, Hatfield's work grew pointedly political, a shift showcased on 2017's Pussycat and 2021's Blood.



Supermodel 2:52
My Sister 3:22
This Is The Sound 3:01
For The Birds 4:14
Mabel 4:09
A Dame With A Rod 2:55
Addicted 3:16
Feelin' Massachusetts 4:11
Spin The Bottle 2:23
President Garfield 4:38
Little Pieces 3:05
I Got No Idols 2:16

28 March 2015

1.6 BAND Broke Up 1995

Complete Discography of 1.6 Band from 1991 to 1993


1 Pushing Shit Back Into My Ass
2 Bullet To The Brain
3 Back In Church
4 Lollipops
5 These Giants
6 Threads
7 Cancer In My Backyard
8 Keeping My From Killing You
9 Plastic Bags
10 Squelched
11 Throwing Rocks
12 One Eye Open
13 Adult Hitler
14 Trying
15 Sticks To The Skin
16 Let Me Breath
17 Beef Stew
18 Your Restaurant
19 Stomach Pains
20 Wipe
21 Unfriendly
22 Substitute
23 Up For Sale

CHISEL Set You Free 1997


Artist Biography by

Formed in Washington, D.C., in 1990, Chisel was one of the first revivalist bands of the denim-clad mod/punk movement that would inspire the likes of the Mooney Suzuki and the Delta 72. Under the indomitably energetic songwriting of singer/guitarist Ted Leo, the trio included bassist Chris Norborg and drummer John Dugan.

8 A.M. All Day
Chisel built a strong fan base before they had a sizable discography by touring with a host of popular indie bands -- including Blonde Redhead, Karate, and Fugazi -- through the early '90s. Their first official single releases -- "Sunburn," "Nothing New," "The Guns of Meridian Hill" -- were released on Gern Blandsten records and were critical successes, combining the legendary garage sound of the '60s with Ted Leo's complex, melodic ideas. In 1996, Chisel's debut full-length, 8 A.M. All Day, took these combinations further and solidified their underground cult following. Following the 1997 release of Set You Free (also on Gern Blandsten), Chisel disbanded. 


1 On Warmer Music 3:11
2 All My Kin 4:10
3 It's Alright, You're O.K. 4:06
4 The Mutable Mercury 3:43
5 The Town Crusher 2:45
6 The Unthinkable Is True 3:40
7 River High 4:01
8 Every Is A Good Trip 1:42
9 Do Go On 5:22
10 Privileged & Impotent 2:55
11 Oh Dear Friends 4:00
12 An Amateur Thief 1:46
13 In Our Time 2:21
14 Morley Timmons 3:12
15 The O.T.S. 3:39
16 Rip Off The Gift 1:56
17 The Last Good Time 4:15

TALL STORIES self titled 1991

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Artist Biography by

Hailing from New York City, the band Tall Stories consisted of lead singer Steve Augeri, guitarist Jack Morer, bass player Kevin Totoian, and drummer Tom DeFaria. The band was generally dismissed as another slick, corporate-style rock act and had the misfortune of releasing their self-titled debut as grunge acts were breaking. The ill timing resulted in an album that sank without a trace despite garnering fairly strong support from the fading AOR format. Augeri went on to join Tyketto, but by the late '90s, he had retired from music and was working in the maintenance department for the Gap chain in Manhattan. In 1998, he was tapped to replace Steve Perry as the lead singer for Journey


1 Wild On The Run
2 Chain Of Love
3 Crawling Back
4 Sister Of Mercy
5 Stay With Me
6 Somewhere She Waits
7 World Inside You
8 Restless One
9 Never Enough
10 Close Your Eyes

27 March 2015

THE DAMBUILDERS Islington Porn Tapes 1993

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1 Copsucker
2 Louisiana
3 Heather
4 Idaho
5 Colin's Heroes
6 Smell
7 Shrine
8 Candyguts
9 Dose
10 Montana
11 Pennsylvania



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The Sonora Pine were an indie rock band formed in New York in 1994 by Tara Jane O'Neil (vocals, guitar) and Sean Meadows (vocals, guitar) in 1994. The duo soon added Samara Lubelski (violin) and played a few shows around NYC before re-convening in O'Neil's native Louisville, Kentucky and adding drummer Kevin Coutlas to the group. The band released their first album in 1996. Meadows dropped out afterwards and the band appeared as a trio on their second, and final album, "II", released in 1997.

23 March 2015


self titled



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Ottawa’s Three Penny Opera started in early spring of 1997 in the basement of Adam and Hayden Menzies (who are identical twins, born two and a half years apart). Rounding out the band were Shawn Stapleton and Brian Martin. At this point Three Penny Opera were one player short of a hockey team and had several instrumentals in the can. They ran into Matt Deline (ex-Shotmaker, ex-30 Second Motion Picture) at a basement punk show and asked him to sing (and play nets). This was during the waning of 30 Second Motion Picture and Matt was a little unsure of starting something new. In the end everything worked out quite nicely. Three Penny Opera’s first match was on May 24th 1997 in Quebec City where they lost a close game to hometown favorites Fifth Hour Hero. Their first home game saw them defeat Chicago’s Braid, 5-2. Since then, Three Penny Opera’s 1986 GMC Vandura 2500 has traveled over 40,000 kilometres and the band has played 82 shows and 213 street hockey games. 3PO have replaced virtually every major part of the van except for the engine itself. They have also gone through three bass players. Brian Martin returned to the band on a free agent deal in the first round of the 1998 draft. Besides the two spectrasonicsound releases, two songs from countless trips appear on District Skateboards No Time To Heal video.

Keep your stick on the ice, and no raising the puck.

Matt went on to play in Slow Parker and makeshift and currently plays with Hayden in The Grey. They released a CD entitled Open Credit on spectrasonicsound. Brian played in Slow Parker and he plays in a new band with Okara’s Andy Cant. 

22 March 2015

THE BADLEES Up There Down Here 1999

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1 Don't Let Me Hide 4:37
2 Luther's Windows 3:56
3 Thinking In Ways 4:52
4 Which One Of You 4:23
5 Little Hell 3:19
6 34 Winters 4:56
7 Middle Of The Busied Road 4:50
8 Cellarbird And Zither 0:48
9 Running Up That Hill 4:27
10 Love All 3:09
11 Silly Little Man 4:18
12 The Second Coming Of Chris 4:36
13 A Little Faith 2:22

18 March 2015

NAKED TRUTH Fight 1993

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 funk metal



1 The Door
2 Tormented World
3 Downtown
4 Lovejoy
5 Black
6 Read Between The Lines
7 I Am He
8 Fight
9 Telepathy
10 Third Eye Spy
11 Red River