25 May 2020




1 Butterglory Flooded 0:51
2 Moped Vague 3:01
3 The Cannanes Land Of The Long Weekend 2:54
4 Molasses (3) Nervous 2:03
5 Tullycraft Pink Lemonade (4-Track Version) 1:34
6 Nothing Painted Blue Passing Up A Kiss 3:35
7 Kickstand (2) Consolation Prize 3:20
8 Thermos Cardy Coffee Shop 2:38
9 The Northerns Rope 2:56
10 The Receptionists Stamp Song 1:15
11 Clag Santa's Shell Suit 2:11
12 Sulk (2) I Wish I Couldn't Live Without You But I Can 3:25
13 Ben Lee Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) 2:43
14 Ashtray Boy Kev & Pauline 2:10
15 O! Narwhal 3:55
16 Simon Joyner Hold Onto Your Breath 3:32

ODA KING MADE THIS DRESS Various Artists 1998


1 The Iditarod NYC Lights Song
2 Ashland (2) Thaw
3 Mike Appelstein Central Station
4 Metronome (4) 3-D Movies
5 Winterbrief A Tour Of The Insides
6 Mumbly The Empty Room (Alternate Version)
7 The Boy Wonder Jinx Second Wind
8 Metronome (4) Before
9 Class (3) Feeling Fine Remix 2.1
10 B'ehl Tag
11 The Boyish Charms Around The Corner
12 The Boyish Charms Willful Submission
13 Watoo Watoo La Fuite En Arriere
14 Half Calf Eno, I Know
15 Tiara (2) Headlights
16 Birdfeeder Blanket
17 Civic (2) Blue Serge Suit
18 Science Kit Spider
19 Type 40 Doctor Who Theme
20 Lonely May I Walk
21 Broken Tree Fort The Time Of Day
22 Echolalic Phoeff Mosaic Endeavors

THE MARTINIS self titled 1998


Artist Biography by

Formed in the wake of the Pixies' breakup, the Martinis feature Joey Santiago and his wife Linda Mallari as the group's creative core. Santiago was born in Manila, Philippines, and when he was seven, moved to Yonkers, NY with his family. However, he spent most of his childhood in Massachusetts and went to college at U. Mass Amherst. This was where he met Charles Thompson (aka Black Francis and later, Frank Black); during this time he also met Mallari, who was studying Communications and Music at Emerson College. Classically trained in voice and piano since grade school, Mallari came from a music-loving family and had been performing in some fashion since childhood. Mallari offered to sing backing vocals for the Pixies (who had not performed any shows at that time), but since the band already had bassist/singer Kim Deal, Mallari didn't join the group. However, when the Pixies split in 1993, Santiago and Mallari began working on their own music as the Martinis. For a time, Pixies' drummer David Lovering played with the band, appearing on the group's song "Free," on the Empire Records soundtrack, but left to become the touring drummer for Cracker. The Martinis had a revolving rhythm section on their subsequent releases, including that dog's Rachel Haden on bass for the group's 1998 self-titled, self-released debut album. Around this time Santiago's career as a composer began to take off; he wrote the score for 2000s Crime and Punishment in Suburbia, a project that Frank Black also contributed to, and also wrote music for the cult TV show Undeclared. 2004 was a big year for both Santiago and the Martinis: along with the hotly-anticipated Pixies reunion tour, the Martinis released their second album, Smitten, on the Artist Direct label.


1 Free 4:08
2 Paper Doll 3:25
3 It's Over Now 3:15
4 Flyer 1:44
5 Drip 3:22
6 Cry 3:04
7 Bbq 3:06
8 People In The World 2:58

NIP DRIVERS Pretty Face 7 inch 1990

punk band from Torrance, California


A1 Pastimes
A2 Pretty Face
B1 Never Was
B2 Under My Thumb

24 May 2020

HELLMENN Electric Crazy Land 1991

Australian skate-punk/hardcore band, active since 1986. The Hellmenn came blasting out of Sydney's northern beaches skate punk scene like a rocket from the tombs of hell. The bands fierce sound mixed Black Flag with Black Sabbath by the way of an environmental manifesto. The Bands original image was of a drug-crazed surf punks looking for good times and loud rock'n'roll, which said more about a desire to create mayhem as opposed to creating great art. On the otherhand, singer Ben Brown was also well known for his grotesque, demented artwork which was an extension of the bands frantic approach to music making.
The Hellmenn signed to the label and issued the hardcore mini-albums Herbal Lunacy (December 1987) and Barstard Sons of 10 000 000 Maniacs (November 1988). The second was populated by such unhinged characters as the 'Tripping Priest' and 'Sluggo'. Yet, among the chaos, there was some semblance of order. The title Herbal Lunacy for example reflected the band's interest in herbal medicine (Hopkins is a qualified naturopath). The band contributed a cover of 'Search and Destroy' to Au-go-go's Stooges tribute album Hard to Beat (1988). 


1 Broker
2 Window
3 Touch
4 Longarm
5 Loaded
6 Whirlwind
7 Possums
8 Dawn Patrol
9 Lost
10 Foxy Lady
11 Sluggo
12 Tomorrow
13 The Tripping Priest
14 So Bad
15 Out Of Control
16 Manly
17 Locked In
18 Wicked Brew
19 Bobby's Butcher Boys


 experimental/drum and bass on the Lo Recordings label


1 Barbed Vibrators 2:23
2 Luke Vibert Controlling Transmission 6:12
3 Sycophants* Second 1:05
4 Springheel Jack* Sweep 5:20
5 Ui Out 1:31
6 The Mellowtrons I Want You So Mad Because You're Bad 3:58
7 Wormhole* Headbanger 2:35
8 David Kristian Strange Mountaineers 4:07
9 Tortoise Why We Fight (D Version) 5:50
10 Margoo Villain 5:03
11 Sycophants* Fourth 1:11
12 Thurston Moore / Infrastructure (2) Yvonne/Thaw 4:47
13 Ui / Luke Vibert Unknow 5:20
14 Echo Park Razor Kiss 5:26
15 Newt Epsilon Boot 4:49
16 Sycophants* First 1:43
17 Mike Flowers Pops vs The Aphex Twin* Debase 5:47
18 Stick Basin Pin 5:29
19 Sycophants* Third 0:52

SEMISWEET Hajiime 1997



Features Gilly Ann Hanner who was also in Calamity Jane, Starpower, and No. 2.


1 Girlhead Neurosis
2 Captive
3 Dare You Touch It
4 Jigsaw
5 Passion Fruit
6 Square Root Of One
7 Torn Apart
8 Pretend You Like It
9 Prooduct
10 Blessed Are The Meek

METRONOME Invisible Friends 1997

AllMusic Review by  

Columbus, OH's Eric Rottmayer's solo project was known as Metronome early on. He later released music as Eric Metronome when it became clear that another group had dibs on the Metronome moniker first. As Metronome, Rottmayer released the incredible Invisible Friends CD in 1997 on the California label Blackbean & Placenta. The disc starts off with "Waltz of the Z's," a keyboard-and-synthesizer-based number which immediately showcases Rottmayer's unique vocals. His voice is high-pitched in a way that's different from the best of Elliott Smith or Unbunny, yet compelling and beautiful in its own way. Track four is a certain highlight. Entitled "Maybe Sometimes," the synthesizer and guitar work are simple, laying a foundation for Rottmayer's constrained vocal attack. As Metronome, Rottmayer was able to perform music differently than he does with his band, Tiara. Some of the songs are simple acoustic guitar-based gems, like "Happy 4," "Wanted to Wait Too," and "Please Girl." Track ten, "Touch Sensitive," is a synthesizer-laden instrumental. The title track chimes in at number 13, and it might be the most complex song, with waves of clanging drums and moments of quietude where Rottmayer's vocals are at the center. The song hits its climax when most of the music stops and he sings, "Where did all my friends go/What happened to them I need to know." The next-to-last track, "I Hate Small Talk/Onions," is unique in that it's virtually two songs written in equal parts by Thom Lessner and Nick Should, but it's assembled seamlessly as one song. "Something Even 1/2 As Real" chimes in as the final track at number 15. It's one of the most serene and sublime ones of the bunch, with Rottmayer's vocals (his strength) recorded on top of a series of intricately blended guitars and synthesizers. As a whole, the disc is a solid effort. It's garnered deserved praise in the indie pop community.


1 Waltz Of The Z's 3:37
2 What I Feel 2:19
3 Aphids Among Us 1:46
4 Maybe Sometime 2:59
5 Happy 4 1:39
6 1st Flight 2:36
7 Wanted To Wait Too 1:09
8 Neverless 5:04
9 Gemini 3:01
10 Touch Sensitive 1:33
11 When You're Away 4:36
12 Please Girl 3:49
13 Invisible Friends 2:34
14 I Hate Small Talk/Onions 1:50
15 Something Even 1/2 As Real 2:03


 for the grunge fans



1 Super Fishy All
2 Abstract Hand
3 The Hunted
4 Genodemocracide
5 Crooked Smile
6 Unblossomed Flower
7 Temples Of Asia
8 Livers
9 Strung Out On The Road
10 The Stillest Hour

GIRL MONSTAR Monstereo Delicio 1992

Australian all female pop rock


1 Are You Ever? 3:14
2 Teenage Dinosaur 3:01
3 Higher Than High 3:25
4 Jason, Please 4:38
5 Don't Blame Me 3:39
6 Johnny 3:05
7 Maneater 3:06
8 He's So Cruel 2:51
9 My Baby Makes Me (Stay Up All Night) 2:35
10 Headbanger - I Luv U 3:24

Bonus Tracks
11 Joe Cool 3:23
12 Egomaniac 3:38

D.Q.E. But Me I Fell Down 1993

Atlanta, Georgia band playing garage/lo-fi/indie rock with female vocals.


1 Intro (Funny Thing)
2 Twister
3 Beestung Me
4 S For Psychotic
5 Shakey Sugar
6 Breeders
7 Don't Touch Me
8 Carnival
9 Oyster
10 He Axe Alone
11 Psychic Dream
12 Jehosephat

CHEMICAL PEOPLE The Right Thing 1990

Formed in 1986, Chemical People were a melodic pop punk band who hailed from Beverly Hills and who made records for nearly 2 decades on a small, southern California record label, Cruz Records as well as their own 2" Pecker Records.
They released records centered around pornography, food and fun with little consideration for anything Politically correct. But with the passing of the years, the band changed considerably, a little older, a little wiser, Chemical People's roots of singing about sex, donuts, and super heroes seemed long gone. In August of 1997 they released their fifth 'proper' album to date, 'Arpeggio Motorcade'. With this album, Chemical People followed up their 1992 self-titled album with a similar, better produced sound that, with the addition of Dave's sax as well as keyboards and a slew of guest musicians, had a far less raw feel when compared to the early years. It did, however, stay true to the pop/punk sound the bands on Cruz are famous for.
The band members have since parted ways and gone on to pursue their own interests leaving a wealth of punk rock history in their wake.  


1 Captain 2:16
2 The Right Thing 2:35
3 A Pornography 1:43
4 Duck Song 2:13
5 A Different Scene 4:04
6 Some Other Time 2:47
7 Unanswered Question 2:25
8 Aqua II 1:20
9 Overdosed 1:18
10 Nutro 0:42
11 Cheri Love Affair 2:23
12 The Jam 2:12
13 ? 5:33

18 May 2020

RUSTED ROOT When I Woke 1994


Artist Biography by

Cruel Sun
Multi-instrumentalist group Rusted Root integrate the Grateful Dead's jam-heavy rock with percussion influences based on the music of Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. The six-piece formed in Pittsburgh in 1990 with Michael Glabicki (vocals, guitar), Liz Berlin (vocals, percussion), Patrick Norman (bass, vocals), and Jim Donovan (drums, percussion) as the initial lineup, though John Buynak (percussion, winds) and Jim DiSpirito (percussion) joined later that year. In 1992, Rusted Root released its debut independent album Cruel Sun. However, it was the band's 1994 sophomore album, When I Woke, that garnered the band national attention. With support from college radio and a good buzz from the band's entrancing live show, When I Woke became quite successful in alternative circles during 1995-1996, especially with singles such as "Send Me on My Way" and "Ecstasy." In mid-1996, Rusted Root released the Evil Ways EP, a compilation of live tracks with the band's contributions to the movies Twister and Home for the Holidays. The group's second album, Remember, followed in October. Produced by Jerry Harrison, it reached the Top 40 in its first week of release. A self-titled LP followed in 1998. After some time off, Rusted Root returned with Welcome to My Party in 2002 before leaving the world of major labels behind and releasing the 2004 album Rusted Root Live on their own indie imprint, Touchy Pegg. Breaking the seven-year wait for a new studio album, Stereo Rodeo landed in 2009. Following near constant touring for a couple of years, the band went into their studio and emerged with Movement in 2012. 


1 Drum Trip 3:45
2 Ecstasy 5:02
3 Send Me On My Way 4:19
4 Cruel Sun 8:00
5 Cat Turned Blue 3:42
6 Beautiful People 4:08
7 Martyr 4:26
8 Rain 3:43
9 Food & Creative Love 4:13
10 Lost In A Crowd 3:58
11 Laugh As The Sun 5:58
12 Infinite Tamboura 1:53
13 Back To The Earth 5:27