31 July 2010

HEADSWIM Despite Yourself 1997

by request



1 Tourniquet
2 Hype
3 Years On Me
4 Clinging To The Wreckage
5 Better Made
6 Wishing I Was Naïve
7 Old Angel Midnight
8 Holy Ghost
9 Burnt Out Shell Of Bliss
10 Devil In My Palm
11 Moving On
12 Brother

POSSUM DIXON self titled 1993

by request

Artist Biography by

New Sheets
First used as an outlet for relieving job anxieties among friends, Possum Dixon ballooned into the big time when Interscope signed them on the strength of their L.A. club tours. The band's neo-new wave pop style first appeared in early 1993 on their self-titled debut. Rob Zabrecky was the vocalist and bassist, Robert O'Sullivan handled the electric piano, Celso Chavez played guitar, and Richard Treuel was the drummer. The band's third full-length album, New Sheets, appeared in 1998.


1 Nerves 2:27
2 In Buildings 2:44
3 Watch The Girl Destroy Me 3:44
4 She Drives 2:21
5 We're All Happy 2:35
6 Invisible 5:33
7 Pharmaceutical Itch 3:22
8 Executive Slacks 2:14
9 Regina 2:30
10 John Struck Lucy 0:55
11 Elevators 3:08




By request

30 July 2010

LOTION Full Isaac 1996

By request


1 Tear
2 Dr. Link
3 Paas
4 La Boost
5 Long
6 Pajamas
7 Around
8 Head
9 Dock Ellis
10 She Is Weird City
11 Love Theme From Santo Gold

29 July 2010

GIGOLO AUNTS Full On Bloom EP 1993

HOG Nothing Sacred 1996

by request

Not a very flattering review....

AllMusic Review by

Hog is the kind of band that gives youth-culture movements a bad name. Green Day may not be the most original band on the planet, but you can believe they at least come by their Clash/Jam influences second-hand. Most everything on Nothing Sacred smells of third-hand thrift shops. As a matter of fact, if the Green Day boys weren't so busy ducking Joe Strummer's lawyers, they might want to have their own legal eagles turn a close ear to Hog's "Get a Job." For variety, the group lurches into unconvincing rockabilly ("Don't Say Nothin' Bad About My Baby") and hillbilly ("You and Me"). Only moody vengeance ballad "Medicine" shows any depth at all. I suppose for your early-teen fanatic who will absolutely "die" if Green Day doesn't release a new album soonest, Nothing Sacred could serve as an emergency placebo. 


1 Shut Down
2 Don't Know Why
3 Junk
4 Not Perfect
5 Get A Job
6 Medicine
7 Aching
8 Walls
9 You Don't Know Me
10 Nothing Sacred
11 Don't Say Nothin' Bad (About My Baby)
12 Something For Nothing
13 You & Me

27 July 2010


Mack Avenue Skullgame

Platinum Jive


While we listen to Big Chief and remember the good ol' days, let us not forget the side-splitting magazine, Motorbooty, that poked and prodded at the fumbling and fickle music industry of the 90's. If you never got to read a copy of Motorbooty, you still have a chance. Three issues are available from Mark Dancy's site, Illuminado. Dancy has left his mark in graphic arts and you will see his artwork gracing the covers of Big Chief releases as well as posters, stickers and comics and the cover of Soundgarden's Badmotorfinger release.
If you happen to be a veteran of 90's college radio, hilarity will ensue as you read quips and inside jokes about bands, record labels and the dynamic music scene that gave us something to look forward to besides AOL and a 9600 baud modem.

Mack Avenue Skull Game


1 Skullgame No. 3, Take 3 1:56
2 My Name Is Pimp (Mack's Theme) 4:16
3 Let's Do It Again 1:06
4 One Born Every Minute (Doc's Theme) 5:27
5 Sonica 1:53
6 No Free Love On This Street (Sonica's Theme) 4:44
7 Soul On A Roll 0:50
8 10 Karat Pinky Ring 4:53
9 Have Another Glass Of Brandy, Baby 1:19
10 Gaiety Lounge Punk 0:40
11 Cop Kisser (Mack Fucks Up The Scene At The Freezer) 1:26
12 If I Had A Nickel For Every Dime 6:58
13 Mixed Jive 1:33
14 He Needs To Be Dead/Ten Easy Pieces (The Power Of Ginsu) 2:57
15 Cut To The Chase 2:32
16 Meet The Man Day 1:28
17 O Woman (Mack's Lament) 3:52
18 Skullgame (Reprise) 1:47

Platinum Jive


1 Lion's Mouth 3:49
2 Takeover Baby 2:29
3 John's Scared 4:25
4 M.D. 20/20 1:53
5 Map Of Your Failure 3:15
6 Bona Fide 3:19
7 Armed Love 5:07
8 Philly Nocturne 0:32
9 Locked Out 3:32
10 All Downhill From Here 3:32
11 The Liquor Talkin' 3:13
12 Sick To My Pants 1:19
13 Your Days Are Numbered 4:15
14 Clown Pimp 0:53
15 Simply Barry 3:13
16 Lot Lizard 14:40


1 Fresh Vines
2 Drive It Off
3 The Ballad Of Dylan Cohl
4 Desert Jam
5 Honey-Legged
6 500 Reasons
7 Reduced To Tears
8 Who's Gonna Do All That?
9 Lie There And Be Good
10 Wasted On B.C.
11 Fresh Vines (Fresh Flavor Remix)

24 July 2010


Found this Friday at a Goodwill thrift store. Never have seen a copy of this anywhere. It's a UK import "limited edition individually numbered digipak" CD. My copy says on the front of the digipak that the "...booklet includes the wit and wisdom of John Lydon." I suspect that few people didn't even care about a P.I.L. release that was numbered and limited edition when it was released almost 20 years ago. And I doubt most of you are hanging on the edge of your seat waiting for me to pound out some text of Lydon's quotes and thus will be spared his cynical twattery.

1. Cruel
2. Love Hope
3. Rise (live)
4. Home (live)


Miss Happiness

Bareback Ride

Miss Happiness


1 Miss Happiness 3:26
2 Chowdertown 3:02
3 Love You Better 3:56
4 Showers Down 4:09
5 Quiet Time 3:33
6 Pink Moon 3:16
7 Smoothing The Ride 3:10
8 Croton-Harmon (Local) 3:32
9 Twinkle & Shine 3:03
10 Factory 5:51

Bareback Ride


1 Subway 2:18
2 Shine 4:06
3 Zero Day 1:59
4 Disappear 2:49
5 Sunnymede 3:49
6 Frail 3:42
7 Turn 2:31
8 Fragile 3:02
9 What A Day 3:00
10 Tree In Orange 3:32



New Disease

By request and kindly given to I Hate The 90s blog by Mark. Thank you Mark!

Artist Biography by

The lineup for L.A.'s 1000 Mona Lisas coalesced in 1993 around vocalist/guitarist Armando Prado (b. Glendale, CA), bassist Gianni Neiviller (b. Hollywood, CA) and drummer Rocco Bidlovski (b. Brazil); Bidlovski had previously played with the South American band Tokyo before coming to the U.S. The group's California punk/hardcore attitude and style is laced with melodic power-pop on two releases, the Slammin' EP and 1995's debut album New Disease, produced by Geza X (Black Flag, Dead Kennedys). 

The EP


1 How Would You Know 2:29
2 Green Light 2:41
3 Maybe It's All Forgotten 1:38
4 My Embarrassing Suicide 3:25
5.1 Instilled And Lost 6:57
5.2 You Oughta Know 2:11

New Disease

1 Dog
2 Maybe It's All Forgotten
3 New Disease
4 Girlfriendly
5 Clarke Nova
6 Terranian
7 Vile Of Blue
8 Wet
9 In The Red
10 I'd Rather Die Than Have To Touch You
11 Tom N° 9
12 How Would You Know?
13 What's The Line?
14 Change & Decipher