29 April 2016

TEAR JERKS self titled 1999

by request

Baltimorean side project consisting of Charles Brohawn (The Tinklers) and Asa Osborne (Lungfish). They released a 7" and a full-length CD during the 1990s, from my understanding (not sure on the exact dates, but I think the 7" is from 1992). The music the Tear Jerks play can be described as moody, spaced-out, and lo-fi.


1 Beacon 2:28
2 Walking Girl 3:05
3 Mother's Worry 3:07
4 Lately 3:06
5 Transmission 6:21
6 Orchid 2:43
7 I Look Into Your Eyes, You Look Into My Eyes 3:36
8 No Matter What 2:38
9 It's Friday 1:22
10 Anchored In Love 5:23
11 Siren 3:23
12 He Said, She Said 3:57
13 Bittersweet 2:18

SQUATWEILER Full Bladder 1993

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1 Twofold 3:59
2 Should I 3:28
3 Willie Fight 3:12
4 Full Bladder 3:27
5 Satan Got Two Thang 3:21
6 4th Of July 3:58
7 Art Fag 1:32
8 * 6:17

CORNELIUS Free Fall 1998

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Artist Biography by

Japanese pop-noise savant Cornelius was born Keigo Oyamada in 1969; a self-taught guitarist inspired early on by Kiss and Black Sabbath, his musical alias was later chosen as an homage to the Planet of the Apes film series. A product of the same Shibuya-kei bubblegum scene that also gave rise to Pizzicato Five, Cornelius debuted in 1993 with the EP Holydays in the Sun, the first release from his own Trattoria label. He became a national teen idol in the wake of the release of 1994's full-length The First Question Award and a year later he issued the album 69/96, followed in 1996 by the remix LP 96/69. Released in 1997, Fantasma was his creative and commercial breakthrough, a kaleidoscopic, genre-hopping joy ride through contemporary musical history that became Cornelius' first American release when it was reissued by Matador a year later. Another pair of remix collections, CM and FM, followed in 1999. 2002's Point took Cornelius's sound in a more streamlined yet abstract direction that was echoed by 2006's Sensuous. The album was released in the U.S. in spring 2007. Sensurround, which featured Sensuous' videos and B-sides, arrived in fall 2008. 

1 Free Fall 4:10
2 Clash 5:22
3 Brand New Season (Giant Ear Mix) 5:08
4 Typerite Lesson 12:23

WHIRLPOOL Liquid Glass 1996

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With band members bringing their talents from Sense Field, Final Conflict and Mean Season, Whirlpool hails from the generation that has shaped the Orange County sound. Soft yet hard-edged melodies inspired by bands like the "Pixies" and "X". Lending his polished drum skills is new member Scott McPherson also of Sense Field. 


1 Machine Religion
2 Cindy Crawford Pumpkin
3 Windmill
4 Wasteland
5 Suppositions
6 Rainy Day Schedule
7 Insecurity
8 Liquid Glass
9 Deutchland
10 Between Friends
11 Cult Of Misjudgement
12 Evolver

24 April 2016

TEN INCH MEN Pretty Vultures 1993

by request


1 Crazy Day Dream 3:47
2 Karma 3:18
3 Pretty Vultures 4:47
4 Beautiful 5:21
5 She Comes 3:55
6 Black Tree 3:49
7 Go With Me 3:23
8 Saddest Song 4:30
9 Never Say Hello 4:29
10 Machine Gun Blues 4:26
11 Pieces Of Nothing 4:15
12 Your Eyes Hide 4:54

23 April 2016

THE FLYS Holiday Man 1998

Thanks to Jim


1 She's So Huge 2:38
2 Got You (Where I Want You) 4:01
3 Take U There 2:39
4 Afraid 4:00
5 Holiday Man 3:11
6 Groove Is Where You Find It 3:40
7 The Gods Of Basketball 3:13
8 Girls Are The Cruelest 3:28
9 Give You My Car 2:31
10 The Family 3:45
11 Superfly 2:31
12 Sexual Sandwich 3:55

21 April 2016

THE FELLS The Fells 1997

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Classic '50s and early-'60s rock & roll and pop informs the punk stylings of the Fells on their self-titled debut. 


1 Inside Out 1:19
2 Do The Dance 1:39
3 Get Uptight 2:20
4 You're Making Me Sick 3:16
5 Hung Up 1:53
6 Let's Go 2:53
7 She's Alright 2:07
8 Pay Any Price 2:19
9 I Want You To Come Over 1:32
10 Driving Me Insane 1:27
11 You Can't Bring Me Down 2:38
12 It's Not Alright 2:20

18 April 2016

MOLER Golden Duck 1997

by request
Aussie rock


1 Infatuation
2 Mustang Bass
3 Psuedoephedrine
4 Invite Me To Your Party
5 I Do, I Do
6 Red Light Disco
7 Warning Sign
8 Death Collector
9 Up-Tite
10 Dirty Dishes
11 Puff
12 What A Shame
13 Cat Walk Kid

14 April 2016


self titled

 Thanks to Pete


self titled

A1 Find Time
A2 Rapejacket
B1 Easterman
B2 Ninefourth
B3 Purring Not Laughing


A1 How Do I Breathe
A2 Here Comes Ambrose Beasley
A3 Security
B1 Accident Ahead
B2 Yabba Yabba Yes Yes
B3 Crying


ASH Trailer 1994


Artist Biography by

Northern Irish punk-pop trio Ash were tentatively formed in 1989, when childhood mates Tim Wheeler and Mark Hamilton received guitars for Christmas and established a metal act named Vietnam. Following a handful of shows, Vietnam adopted the Ash moniker in 1992 and added Rick "Rock" McMurray on drums. The musicians shared a love for the raw British punk of the Buzzcocks and crafted their musical talents to take the Brit-pop scene by storm at the start of the decade. NME was soon swooning over these "teen punkers from Belfast," and by 1994 Ash had signed with Infectious Records and issued the Trailer EP.
Ash's glossy youth was undoubtedly alluring, yet the band's Irish roots exuded a bit of American flair similar to the likes of Pavement and the Lemonheads. Wheeler, Hamilton, and McMurray weren't even out of high school before three of their singles hit the Top Five in the U.K. indie charts. A year later, Ash made their full-length debut with 1977 and set their sights on America, having inked a deal with Reprise Records. Named in honor of the year Star Wars was released, 1977 displayed Wheeler and Hamilton's full-fledged love for all things extraterrestrial and science fiction-related; the record also flaunted sharp guitar hooks and exact production work by Owen Morris (Oasis, New Order, Paul Weller). Ash took to headlining major festivals -- T in the Park, Glastonbury, Roskilde, and Reading -- and playing club dates across the globe. In fall 1997, female guitarist Charlotte Hatherley was added to the previously all-male lineup, marking a change in the band's sound and image.
Nu-Clear Sounds
With a new bandmate aboard, Ash matured during the late '90s, as their sound featured heavier guitars and a gritty lyrical shift. The band's sophomore effort, Nu-Clear Sounds (1998), featured the work of Garbage's Butch Vig (Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana) at the mixing board, but it also resulted in mixed reviews. NME turned on the band, criticizing Ash's new sound as "terrifying ghoulrawk thrashnik, deathcore noiseterror sultans of satanic verse" in August 1998. Harsh words and reviews notwithstanding, Ash forged ahead with Free All Angels (released in April 2001, although it didn't even see a U.S. release until the following summer) and 2005's Meltdown, which marked the band's first stateside release for the Record Collection label. They closed the year supporting U2 on their third world tour and soon after, Wheeler and Hamilton decided to relocate to New York while the band went on a six-month hiatus. Charlotte Hatherley announced her departure from the band one year later, having logged nearly a decade with the group.
Twilight of the Innocents
Ash forged ahead as a trio and released Twilight of the Innocents in 2007, claiming that the album would be their last. Interestingly enough, they also assured their fans that they were not breaking up; instead, the group would only release singles in response to consumer trends. Starting in 2009, the band began the A-Z Series, releasing a new single every two weeks until all 26 singles were released. The following year they released A-Z: Vol. 1 -- which compiled singles A through M -- while A-Z: Vol. 2 completed the collection with songs N-Z a few months later. In 2011 they were reunited with guitarist Hatherley for a short U.K. tour where they performed fan-favorite Free All Angels in its entirety.
Ash marked their 20th anniversary in 2012 with a sold-out show at the Garage in London, and they released an EP to coincide with the impressive milestone. Titled Little Infinity, the record consisted of cover versions, including the Beach Boys' "Do You Wanna Dance" and ABBA's "Lay All Your Love on Me." They continued their resurgence into 2013 with their first appearance in seven years at industry showcase SXSW in Texas, and they also played a handful of U.S. headline shows. Their busy touring schedule continued with a set of intimate shows in the U.K. before appearing at festivals at home and as far away as the 280 Festival in Jakarta. The trio kicked off 2014 with a string of shows on the West Coast of America before setting sail to perform on the Weezer Cruise. The following year they announced the release of their first full-length studio album since 2007's Twilight of the Innocents, despite their promise that it would be their last. Titled Kablammo!, the record appeared in May 2015. 


1 Season 3:00
2 Jack Names The Planets 3:10
3 Intense Thing 4:34
4 Uncle Pat 3:12
5 Get Out 1:29
6 Petrol 4:23
7 Obscure Thing 4:19
8 Hulk Hogan Bubblebath 5:04
9 Different Today 2:50
10 Punk Boy 2:09
11 Day Of The Triffids 3:33