14 September 2012

HYPERHEAD Metaphasia 1992

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by Rovi
When the UK band Gaye Bykers On Acid folded, frontman Mary Mary (previously known as Mary Millington, although his real name is Ian Garfield Hoxley) began following a different musical path, working with the experimental industrial collective Pigface, before forming Hyperhead with a long-time friend, American bass player Karl Leiker. Pigface colleagues Martin Atkins (drums, ex-PiL; Killing Joke) and guitarist William Tucker (My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult; Revolting Cocks), along with guitarist Paul Dalloway, contributed to Metaphasia, showcasing an unpredictable hybrid style that drew from hard rock, soul, funk, indie pop and industrial for a diverse and interesting album. Mary, Leiker and Dalloway assembled a touring band with guitarist Oscar, drummer Chin and percussionist Keith, and this line-up recorded the Terminal Fear EP, which actually preceded Metaphasia’s release. Hyperhead established an excellent live reputation, boosted by Keith’s sometimes crazed behaviour on stage, adding to the band’s unpredictable air. Mary went on to work with dance music outfit Apollo 440.

07 September 2012


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I Hate the 90s Forum

Hey folks,
First, I want to say a big thanks and big hug to each and every one of you who have sent me emails and given me such nice compliments on my blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you. There is a possibility I will continue this, just not sure at this point.
I am contemplating having a forum for us to discuss 90's college radio/alternative music (this includes many genres). What do you all think about having a forum to chat with each other and talk about music? Let me know in the comments.
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06 September 2012

Well it was good while it lasted, huh?

Well folks, it was good while it lasted. Mediafire suspended my account again, and I will no longer be re-upping any links, except the first few on the first page, so please do not ask for me to do so.
Suffice to say I'm quite miffed about this. It appears that Mediafire is going around suspending a lot of accounts lately.
You can use the blog as a reference.
Don't use Mediafire, they will turn on you. Be careful out there in blogland!


PATTY GRIFFIN Flaming Red 1998

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by Stephen Thomas Erlewine
Patty Griffin's Living with Ghosts was an impressive debut, but its spare acoustic arrangements occasionally made it sound more like a sketchbook than a completed album. Shortly after its release, her label commissioned a new version of "Let Him Fly," which matched her vocals to a full live band. Satisfied with the results, Griffin decided to flesh out the instrumentation on her second album Flaming Red and the results are revelatory. Griffin didn't stick with traditional rock arrangments -- she also recorded country-rock, folk, catchy pop and even trip-hop songs, as well. Instead of camouflaging her songwriting, it actually reveals the richness of her music and lyrics. Her sonic revision may be more accessible, but it's no compromise -- Flaming Red is evidence that Griffin is one the more talented and ambitious singer/songwriters to emerge in the late '90s.

05 September 2012

HASH PALACE Grit and Bare It 1990

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1 My Daydream
2 The Other Side Of Reality
3 Miss Tormented
4 White Trash
5 Tv Song
6 Let's Get Lost
7 It's Always Me
8 Lookin' For A Handout
9 Biting Nails