27 September 2011

GUV'NER In the Fishtank 2 EP 1999


by Jason Ankeny

The angular indie rock trio Guv'ner formed in 1993 as an outgrowth of the romance between singer/guitarist Charles Gansa and singer/bassist Pumpkin Wentzel. After the couple moved to New York City, Wentzel gave a demo tape of the group's off-kilter pop to Pussy Galore/Free Kitten member Julia Cafritz, whom she had known since elementary school; Cafritz subsequently passed the tape to Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore, who ultimately issued Guv'ner's debut, Hard for Measy for You, on his Ecstatic Peace label. Following the addition of full-time drummer Danny Tunick, Guv'ner signed to Merge Records, which released the group's sophomore effort, The Hunt (co-produced by Cafritz and Gumball's Don Fleming), in 1996. Spectral Worship followed two years later. (Allmusic.com)

KEROSENE 454 Race 1997

A combination of their early 45s and first record onto one LP. Enjoy.


by Yancey Strickler

Kerosene 454 was a classic D.C. band in the sense that their lifespan was short and prolific. The band formed in 1993, beginning their career with a flurry of 45s followed up by their first LP, Situation at Hand. The early releases were standard D.C. punk: loud, scathing, and with little melody. After the recording of Situation at Hand, Kerosene 454's sound took off with Came By to Kill Me due to the emergence of Darren Zentek's drumming ability. Whereas the early Kerosene 454 catalog was a dull drone, Came By to Kill Me was an ecstatic roar. On this record and its follow-up, » Read more (Allmusic.com)

CHOPPER ONE Now Playing 1997

Upped by Travis. Thanks!


by Greg Prato

Upon hearing Chopper One's full-length debut, Now Playing, you're automatically struck by the similarity to the catchy alterna-pop sounds of Weezer. But there's a reason why both bands sound so similar; singer/guitarist Jason Cropper is an ex-member/co-founder of Weezer. And like Rivers Cuomo, Cropper has the magic touch when it comes to writing sticky-sweet bubblegum rock. Although the two bands boast the same overdriven guitar sound ("Free Lunch"), peculiar humor ("Touch My Fuzz," "Hescher With a Gym Bag," etc.), and song durations of under three minutes, Chopper One isn't as experimental as Weezer. But Jason and bassist Amy Cropper create stirring vocal harmonies, as heard on the standout track "Dynamite," sincerely melodic pop ("Cantankerous"), and AC/DC-like hard rockers ("My Star"). A promising debut, if at times somewhat one-dimensional. (Allmusic.com)

25 September 2011

DRUNK To Corner Wounds 1998




by Gina Boldman
Drunk is comprised of Rick Alverson (vocals), Via Nuon (guitar), J.T. Yost (accordion), and Russell Cook (drums). The band is influenced by singer/songwriters like Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave, and took musical cues from Smog and Sparklehorse. In January 1997, Drunk released its first CD, A Derby Spiritual; To Corner Wounds followed in April 1998. In February 1998, Jagjaguwar issued Raised Toward, and Sickbed was released in June 1999. (AllMusic.com)


1 Carved Slope 2:35
2 Council's Lawn 4:29
3 Andrei Rublev 5:19
4 The Peeled Birch 2:17
5 Epoxy 2:56
6 As We Go Down Together 1:48
7 The Bark Of My Body 3:03
8 Spit 3:27
9 Rake 5:55
10 Bonitov 3:27
11 Montana Daylight 1:26
12 Cold Eel 1917 2:51

24 September 2011




Thanks to Roop S. for the up!


by Mike DaRonco

After departing from Helium and making the environment transition from Boston to Portland, Oregon, singer/ guitarist Jason Hatfield met up with some of the locals who eventually took the shape of Star Hustler. Accompanied by guitarist/ vocalist Andrew Levitt, drummer Mike Clark and bassist Mikhael Bortz, the completed line up released two demos before hooking up with Dirt Records out of New York City. After releasing their first EP entitled Drowning in 1995, many of comparisons to Hatfield's previous band Helium followed before their first album Mandicant came out in 1996. Star Hustler's second album Vapid Drivel was also released on Dirt the next year.

23 September 2011

THE LEMONS Sturdy 1996

by request

The Lemons was an American rock band from Seattle, Washington, formed in 1991. The first lineup of the group consisted of Jimmy Paulson (lead vocals, guitar), Greg Lovell (guitar), Brent Saunders (bass) and Jeff Ramirez (drums). Ramirez was soon replaced by Rob Cunningham and the band released their debut album entitled Marvel in 1993.

After signing with Mercury Records, The Lemons released a self-titled EP in 1994. The same year, Cunningham was replaced by Nabil Ayers, while Paulson departed the band in 1995 and was replaced by Jeff Hiatt, with Lovell taking up lead vocals. They released their second and final album entitled Sturdy in 1995, before disbanding the following year.


1 In My Way 3:29
2 Shakin' My Head 2:48
3 Alright Already 3:20
4 Circle K Girl 2:46
5 Come Ta Grips 3:18
6 Flack 3:05
7 Wakin' Up 3:12
8 Mudd 3:13
9 Half The Way 2:34
10 Plead The Fifth 3:21
11 Mine 3:13
12 Any Mere Mortal 3:40

21 September 2011

MATT KEATING Scary Area 1994

By request


by Bryan Thomas

New York-based singer/songwriter Matt Keating developed a somewhat minor cult following in the mid- to late '90s. The low-key Keating seems to have failed to connect with a larger audience, and his plucky Americana-tinged reveries and power pop recordings have been overshadowed by those of similar pop iconoclasts like Mark Kozelek (of Red House Painters), Elliott Smith, and Richard Buckner. Well over a decade later, Keating remains relatively unknown, even as he continues to write, record, and perform.

20 September 2011

BIG CAR Normal 1992

Austin, Texas band featuring some later members of Fastball.  


1 Not The Tunnel Of Love 2:30
2 Rosalita 4:14
3 Venus 3:37
4 Get Started 3:30
5 Mad At The World 3:03
6 Amazing Contradiction 3:04
7 Cats 3:45
8 Day By Day 2:49
9 Shut Up 3:02
10 Easy St. 5:31






Artist Biography by

The Primitive Radio Gods' smashing chart debut "Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand" was an unforgettable radio mainstay and MTV favorite during the summer of 1996. It quickly defined the band as another alterna-rock innovator integrating catchy hooks and a hip-hop/new wave mix. The debut album Rocket went gold, and earned the band top spots across the album and singles charts as well. Not too bad for frontman Chris O'Connor. This was a rock & roll fantasy come true for this air traffic controller, whose side gig, the I-Rails, had been struggling for ten years prior. However, the hype surrounding the PRG quickly faded. Music industry politics played into the scheme and before the new millennium dawned, the band's sophomore effort was scrapped and the band was dropped from Columbia. Another quickie deal from Hi-Fi/Sire Records came to the rescue, but that too failed when contractual differences and a shift in bandmates created more chaos for the PRG. A whirlwind time, more than three years since their debut, and the band played on. In early 2000, the PRG resurfaced with a complete roster including Jim Sparks, Tim Laurterio, and Luke McAuliffe. A deal with What Are Records? marked the second coming of this stereotyped one-hit wonder, and the long-awaited follow-up, White Hot Peach, was issued in early 2001. Sparks left the group the following year to pursue other projects, but the remaining members continued on. The independently released Still Electric, which moved the group in a more shoegazey direction, arrived in 2003, followed in 2006 by the like-minded Sweet Venus, and Out Alive in 2010.


1 Women 4:18
2 Motherfucker 5:19
3 Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand 5:39
4 Who Say 3:24
5 The Rise And Fall Of Ooo Mau 3:50
6 Where The Monkey Meets The Man 4:17
7 Are You Happy 5:35
8 Chain Reaction 4:47
9 Skin Turns Blue 4:27
10 Rocket 4:41

100 WATT SMILE And Reason Flew 1999

By request

This is the only release I have of them at this time.

From Wikipedia

100 Watt Smile was an eclectic grunge-styled band with country influences that was founded in 1994 by singer/songwriter Carrie Bradley (formerly of Ed's Redeeming Qualities and The Breeders) and drummer Michael Hart. The band's lineup soon expanded to contain Scott Greiner on guitar and Scott Houston on bass.

The band provided a vehicle for the quirky songwriting that Bradley was known for during her days with Ed's Redeeming Qualities, with her quiet, breathy vocals and signature violin work juxtaposed against heavy electric guitar and bass and driving percussion. Indeed, their 1999 debut album, And Reason Flew, begins with an updated version of Bradley's haunting song New Jersey, which first appeared on the Ed's Redeeming Qualities album Big Grapefruit Cleanup Job.

The band followed up with a second, eponymous album in 2001; after the release of this album, information about the subsequent activities of the band and its members is scarce, at best. Carrie Bradley has recently been spotted as part of the San Francisco musical duo The Great Auk

14 September 2011

LUCY'S FUR COAT How to Survive an Air Crash 1998

Thanks to Buddha Boy

Lucy's Fur Coat Biography

by Bradley Torreano

Alternative rockers Lucy's Fur Coat consisted of vocalist Charles O. Ware, bassist Rob Brown, guitarist Tony Sanfilippo, and drummer Scott Clark. They had barely begun their career when they were swept up in the San Diego signing frenzy of 1993. With every record label in America searching for the next Seattle, any scene with any decent artists became an immediate sensation. San Diego was one of these hotbeds of talent, and Lucy's Fur Coat just happened to be starting their career at the right time. Their first release, 1994's Jaundice, was not the sensation that the label had expected, and they soon found themselves dropped. After a few years, they came out with a second album on Deadline Records, called How to Survive an Airline Crash. The album received good reviews, but the lukewarm reaction it received eventually broke up the band.


1 Light Sensitive 3:16
2 Magic 3:12
3 El Cajon 3:57
4 Second's Rest 3:40
5 Mary Jane 2:16
6 Shame 3:51
7 Water Gun 3:09
8 Myself 3:03
9 Shapely 4:06
10 Wake Up Call 0:53

100 WATT HALO The Steady Continental Seventy 1996

100 Watt Halo was from San Diego. Just get it, you'll like it!
Upped by Buddha Boy.



A1 Cut With Diamonds
A2 Grim And Sexy
A3 Dead Air Radio
A4 Resonate
A5 Blue Sky Stereo
B1 From Arizona With Love
B2 Set Controls For Hyper Speed
B3 Death Of Cupid
B4 Magic Missing Song
B5 The Uninstrumentaal

HEMLOCK Give Kids Candy 1997

Upped by Buddha Boy

RADIO WENDY Tune In Tokyo 1995

Upped by Buddha Boy

San Diego punk


School Vehicle


Well Behaved


(No artwork available)

Upped by Buddha Boy

HELICOPTER self titled 1999

Upped by Buddha Boy

Emo out of San Diego, I believe. I used to have this CD but traded it in long ago and glad to see Buddha Boy upped a copy of this!

11 September 2011

CATFISH JENKINS Normaltown 1994

Check this out! Thanks to CW for the up!


1 Entrance
2 The Wishing Time
3 8:31 Am
4 While You're Sleeping
5 Underground
6 There Comes A Day
7 At Hodgson St
8 When The Sun Shines
9 Life In The Machine
10 The Hungriest Wolves
11 Caught
12 Weeds
13 Dakota


This is the only release by them I have available at this time.


09 September 2011

GO KART GO Run For Tin 1999

Some good pop punk rock from San Francisco with a bit of the Fretblanket's singer's voice style thrown in.
Ripped by me at 320 kbps


1 Camera
2 Nirvana (The State)
3 Once Valentine
4 Faking
5 Bike Messanger
6 My Plan
7 Ending My 205
8 House On The Hill
9 Decide
10 Nice Isn't It

05 September 2011

BECKETTS Myth 1992

Upped by Valium & Cheesecake


Upped by Valium and Cheesecake


1 Intro (Excerpt From Klezmer Dreams) 0:58
2 Bring Me Home 3:46
3 Riding On A Dead Horse 5:09
4 Turn Around 4:21
5 Don't Slow Down 3:50
6 Around My World In 80 Days 3:22
7 Afternoon In The Cemetery 4:10
8 In Love With A Clown 3:58
9 Enough Is Not Enough 4:32
10 Brilliant Thieves 3:09
11 Bar Des Boulistes 2:48
12 My Little World 2:51
13 Gero Hat Geburtstag 0:20
14 Ship Of Fools 3:05
15 Out On The Weekend 4:34

DAVY JONES LOCKER self titled EP 1991

Upped by Valium & Cheesecake

KATYDIDS The Boy Who's Never Found EP 1991

Thanks to Valium & Cheesecake




by Stewart Mason
A very nice, but unfortunately short-lived, south London acoustic pop quintet, the Katydids shared an affinity with contemporaries like Fairground Attraction and the Bible. American-born singer Susie Hug and guitarist Adam Seymour met in 1987 when both were working as session musicians for the short-lived duo Big Bam Boo; the pair's rapport was obvious, and they were soon working together. Adding acoustic guitarist Dan James, bassist Dave Hunter, and drummer » Read more

The Boy Who's Never Found
Charity Power
Faith To Change (Demo Version)
Almost And Nearly (Acoustic Version)

HEADS UP Soul Brother Crisis Intervention 1990

Upped by Valium & Cheesecake

04 September 2011

VARIOUS ARTISTS International Hip Swing 1993

Track listing

  1. Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet - "Rusty and Rover"
  2. Melody Dog - "Tomorrow's World"
  3. Some Velvet Sidewalk - "Apple"
  4. Thee Headcoats - "Shouldn't Happen To A Dog"
  5. Lois - "Long Time Gone"
  6. Gravel - "Yesterday"
  7. Brief Weeds - "(It's So Hard Not To) Say Hello"
  8. Tiger Trap - "Hiding"
  9. Snuff - "Den Den"
  10. Mecca Normal - "Man Thinks 'Woman'"
  11. Girl Trouble - "Tarantula"
  12. Heavenly - "Escort Crash On Marsten Street"
  13. Unrest - "Yes She Is My Skinhead Girl"
  14. Duck Hunt - "Vacation"
  15. Teenage Fanclub - "Free Again"
  16. Cannanes - "No One"
  17. Seaweed - "Deer Trap"
  18. Beat Happening - "Look Around"
  19. Fifth Column - "All Women Are Bitches"
  20. The McTells - "Clean"