25 October 2013


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Be a Girl
The Wannadies are one of Sweden's sweetest secrets, a band that was lucky enough to look beyond the pop sensations of ABBA, Ace of Base, and Roxette to establish a career inside modern rock. Hailing from Skelleftea, The Wannadies formed in the late '80s and brought Sweden's alternative rock scene to the forefront nearly a decade later. Pär Wiksten (vocals/guitar), Stefan Schönfeldt (guitar), Fredrik Schönfeldt (bass), Gunnar Karlsson (drums), and Christina Bergmark (organ) issued two independent albums in the early '90s, but it wasn't until 1995 that The Wannadies truly got what they were looking for. Their sound was more glossy and the U.K. quickly took notice. A deal with Indolent led to the release of a third album, entitled Be a Girl. Singles "You & Me Song" and "Might Be Stars" crashed the U.K.'s Top 20 and became NME favorites. Festival gigs across England also plugged The Wannadies campy rock appeal, allowing the fourth album, Bagsy Me, to also skyrocket in 1996. Drummer Gunnar Karlsson left the band shortly thereafter and Erik Dahlgren stepped in just in time for a joint tour with the Lighting Seeds. The Wannadies seemed unstoppable. Producer Nellee Hooper handpicked "You & Me Song" for the multi-successful Romeo & Juliet soundtrack in 1997, and the band gained college radio play in North America. Success was short-lived, however. The Wannadies constantly battled record labels and contractual responsibilities during the latter '90s. They took a two-year break from the industry and worked with Ric Ocasek for 1999's Yeah. The U.S. finally saw the release of Yeah a year later.  


1 Because 2:17
2 Friends 2:53
3 Someone Somewhere 4:49
4 Oh Yes (It's A Mess) 4:21
5 Shorty 3:30
6 Damn It I Said 3:15
7 Silent People 3:12
8 What You Want 2:44
9 Hit 2:22
10 Bumble Bee Boy 2:57
11 Combat Honey 2:26
12 That's All 8:38

PRUNELLA SCALES Dressing Up the Idiot 1997

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1 Crisp
2 Deadman
3 Freak Machine
4 When
5 Fifty Tons Of Life
6 Don't Let The Flowers Die
7 Toms River
8 TV Is King
9 Had To Look
10 Talk Myself Down

GROOP DOGDRILL Half Nelson 1998

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Discharging energizing concepts within the most extreme grounds of raw heavy rock, Groop Dogdrill seemingly creates a unique brand of unadulterated rock & roll. Founding their compositions on styles like stoner metal united with the rhythmic features of punk, Dogdrill succeeds in providing novel and constant substance for their own musical choices. Groop Dogdrill formed in the early '90s, in Doncaster, U.K., with a lineup consisting of Damo Fowkes (bass), Pete Spiby (vocals, guitar), and Hug Kelly (drums). In 1996, the British trio released its debut record, the single Gentleman's Soiree, and made some of its first live performances. Gracelands, the group's second single, presented the crew with even more media exposure, and within a short while, the band gained a respectable and always growing fan base, along with good reviews within the local music scene. During the time that followed, the squad entered an extensive tour alongside Cable that eventually only ended in 1997. Following one year of studio work, Dogdrill finally issued its first full-length disc, Half Nelson, in 1998. Two years after its debut release, the group decided to record their sophomore studio effort. Every Six Seconds, Groop Dogdrill's second album, hit the record stores in 2001, again receiving enthusiastic praise and considerable results. 


1 Lovely Skin
2 Cocksucker Blues
3 Gentlemans Soiree
4 Lifestyle
5 Oily Rag
6 Southbound Tuxedo
7 Jackie O
8 Gracelands
9 Hessus
10 (That) Texaco Feeling
11 Salt Peter
12 Personal
13 Silver Boots

23 October 2013

BRACKET 4 Wheel Vibe 1995

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4-Wheel Vibe
California-based Bracket -- comprised of vocalist/guitarist Marty Gregori, bassist Zack Charlos, guitarist Larry Tinney, and drummer Ray Castro -- got together in the early '90s and first showcased their power pop and punk sensibilities on the self-released 7" Giant Midge EP. Playing all around the San Francisco area, they signed to Caroline Records and released 924 Forestville St. and 4-Wheel Vibe to a growing fan base. Four tracks left off the latter album were issued on the 1996 EP 4 Rare Vibes, and their catchy guitar-driven punk soon caught Fat Wreck's attention. While the label had previously put out a few of the band's 7" singles, Bracket officially joined their ranks in the summer of 1996. Their first official Fat releases came that same year with the double 7" F Is for Fat and the E Is for Everything CD/EP.
Novelty Forever
Touring all over the world followed, including U.S. dates with SNFU, NOFX, Smoking Popes, MXPX, Everclear, and Tilt, before Bracket issued the full-length Novelty Forever in September 1998. Guitarist Angelo Celli joined on in Tinney's place the following year. When All Else Fails appeared in May 2000; two years later their installment of the Fat Wreck Live in a Dive series surfaced complete with a comic-book booklet and an enhanced CD of videos and interviews. They inked a deal with Takeover in July 2005, and for their next album, Bracket enjoyed a newfound sense of freedom and control by recording in a self-made studio inside an abandoned trailer, producing, mixing, and engineering the record themselves. The resulting exploratory 17-song Requiem was released in February 2006 to rave reviews. 

22 October 2013


Ham Fisted


Feed 2:37

Cynic 5:00

Mayonnaise And Malaise 4:45

User 2:49

Manipulator 4:10

Bag Of Hammers 2:38

Scott-Rock 3:27

Sports Bar 5:38

Chicago Fanphair '93 4:00

Strict-9 6:11

Skid Marks 5:02

Grrrlfriend 1:27

Pack Up the Cats


All-Right (Oh, Yeah) 3:10

"Cha!" Said The Kitty 2:57

Lucky 0:48

Hit The Skids Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Rock 4:39

500,000 Scovilles 1:37

What Can I Tell You? 4:52

Fine And Good 4:09

Lead Pipe Cinch 1:05

Cool Magnet 4:08

She Hates My Job 4:09

Stoney 1:42

Laminate Man 3:17

All The Kids Are Right 3:48

Deep Cut 2:27

Lucky Time 4:59


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Big Wheel 6:03
Wanted It All 3:59
Ways Of Love 3:37
Demon Seed 5:14
How Can Anybody Do This? 5:00
Skybound 4:14
Rainbow's Edge 5:41
Devil's Highway 4:50
Saddest Day 4:35
Magic Dies 6:23

20 October 2013

MY SISTER'S MACHINE Wallflower 1993

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Inside Of Me

Broken Land

This Is Fear

Steamy Swamp Thang


Empty Room

16 Ways To Go


I Slip Away



Cracking New Ground