29 October 2019

8STOPS7 Birth of a Cynic 1998

by request


1 Doubt 3:50
2 Fate 4:34
3 Esteem 4:38
4 Not Alive 3:56
5 Long Distance 2:38
6 Wider 3:24
7 Wait I Swear 3:48
8 What's The Big Idea 4:15
9 Weekend 4:46
10 Disappear 3:51
11 Forget 3:31




1 Fig Dish Nimble
2 Lifter Nova
3 Pee* Icarus The Flat-Footed Pond Bird
4 Chokebore Lemonade
5 Barkmarket Little White Dove
6 7 Year Bitch M.I.A.
7 Treepeople Better Days
8 Further (3) Juniper
9 Pinching Judy Land On Me
10 Lambchop Ovary Eyes
11 Fitz Of Depression Take It Away
12 Foreskin 500 Permatortise
13 Karp I'd Rather Be Clogging
14 Long Hind Legs Slow Screw
15 Clikitat Ikatowi* Transmission

28 October 2019

GLUEGUN Itch 1993

female fronted alternative rock


1 Scratch My Back 3:00
2 You No Understand 2:41
3 Punk Song 2:09
4 Siberia 4:57
5 All That 3:25
6 Adelle 3:38
7 Gone With Bura 3:37
8 Amateur Revolutionary 4:47

21 October 2019

GUMBALL Tokyo Encore 1994

by request


1 Hello There & Depression
2 Gettysburg
3 Alternate Feed
4 Caught In My Eye
5 Upsetters Theme Song
6 Why Don't We Do It In The Road
7 Smoke On The Water
8 Final Upsetters

16 October 2019

CASE CLOSED? An International Compilation of Hüsker Dü Cover Songs 1994



A1 NRA In A Free Land
A2 Terry Hoax Dead Set On Destruction
A3 Sick Of It All Target
A4 Alloy (5) Out On A Limb
A5 Mink Stole Tell You Why Tomorrow
A6 Rubbermaids I Apologize
B1 Jonas Jinx Something I Learned Today
B2 Only Living Witness Too Far Down
B3 Motorpsycho New Day Rising
B4 D.I. Biggest Lie
B5 Upset Noise It's Not Funny Anymore
B6 Brzeszinski Turn On The News
C1 2 Bad What's Going On
C2 Richies Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely
C3 Baysix Hardly Getting Over It
C4 Big Drill Car Celebrated Summer
C5 Balance (12) Makes No Sense At All
C6 Gigantor Green Eyes
D1 The Strangemen Diane
D2 Alison Ate Never Talking To You Again
D3 Vanilla Chainsaws Ice Cold Ice
D4 Engrained I'll Never Forget You
D5 Medfield, MA No Reservations


 power pop


1 Fly My Flag 4:06
2 Never Again 4:14
3 Torn Apart 3:59
4 Save Me 3:16
5 I Have To Go 4:11
6 Remember 3:02
7 I Didn't Ask Ya 4:56
8 The Next Time 5:13
9 Chumboogie 0:43
10 Blue Funk 5:12
11 Untitled 0:37

FIREWORKS Set The World On Fire 1993


Artist Biography by

Playing skronked-up rockabilly and rock & roll (think Jon Spencer as much as Rev. Horton Heat), Fireworks was formed by Dallas musician Darin Lin Wood after his ejection from another area band; before moving to Texas from New York in 1989, Wood had also played in a very early lineup of Cop Shoot Cop, as well as 68 Comeback and Blacksnakes. The first lineup of Fireworks took shape circa 1993, centered around Wood and Chris Merlick, both of whom sang and played guitar and drums. Merlick left and rejoined the band several times over the group's history; a more permanent incarnation featured Wood's girlfriend, drummer Janet Walker, and guitarist James Arthur. Fireworks' debut full-length, Set the World on Fire, was issued in 1994 by Crypt; Off the Air followed in 1996 on the Au-Go-Go imprint. Wood and Walker had meanwhile formed the side project Blacktop with ex-Gories vocalist Mick Collins, which resulted in the LP I Got a Bad Feelin'. After signing to Last Beat, Fireworks released Lit Up in 1997.


1 S' Link 3:36
2 A-Bomb 2:18
3 Watcha Want 2:06
4 Gimme Another Shot 1:54
5 Keep A Shakin' 2:04
6 One Way Ticket 2:14
7 Deep Dark Jungle 2:33
8 Thunder Road 1:55
9 50 Megatons 2:44
10 City Of Assholes 3:23
11 Come On 2:09
12 When She Passes By 2:10
13 Murdered Model 2:44
14 Hey Fucker 1:54
15 Just So You Call 2:34
16 Silver Moon 1:59
17 Set The World On Fire 2:36

12 October 2019

BEN & JASON Emoticons 1999

by request

Artist Biography by

The fey acoustic sound favoured by Ben Parker (b. Surrey, England) and Jason Hazeley (b. Essex, England) drew inevitable comparisons to the work of legendary English singer-songwriter, Nick Drake. Hazeley and Parker met while both were working for the same sheet music company. They soon bonded through their mutual love of Drake’s music and their distaste for the day job, but it was several years before the duo began writing songs together. They recorded several tracks during a free recording session at the BBC’s Maida Vale studios, leading to a contract with Go! Beat Records. The duo’s eight-track mini-album Hello was released to great acclaim in early 1999. The opening track, ‘Joe’s Ark’, featured a string arrangement by former Drake collaborator Robert Kirby. Hazeley and Parker had traced Kirby, who had long ago retired from the music scene, to persuade him to arrange their track. In a busy year, the duo finished preparations on their debut album while pursuing a lucrative sideline writing songs for EastEnders actress turned pop singer, Martine McCutcheon. Emoticons was another impressive collection of elegantly crafted folk pop. The innate strength of songs such as ‘What I Meant To Say’ and ‘Air Guitar’ enabled the album to rise above the inevitable Drake comparisons, although this time around critics also noted similarities to Radiohead and Jeff Buckley. In September, Parker and Hazeley appeared at The Tribute To Nick Drake concert at London’s Barbican Centre.
Critically fêted but commercially undervalued, Ben And Jason completed a second album for Go! Beat that failed to match the excellence of their previous recordings. The duo elected to call it a day after being dropped by their record label. Goodbye was belatedly released by Setanta Records.


1 Widow's Walk 4:10
2 Air Guitar 3:30
3 Smiling Shy 4:17
4 Cartoon Heart 4:16
5 Say Come 4:08
6 What I Meant To Say 2:58
7 Emoticons 4:26
8 Trapped Behind The Glass 4:38
9 Halfway Up A Tree 3:36
10 Romeo And Juliet Are Drowning 5:18
11 Dear Sally 4:02
12 I'll Always Want You 4:29
13 Play For Today 3:40

SPATULA Medium Planers and Matchers 1996

by request



1 Zero Trail
2 Service Entrance Fiasco
3 Adhesive Sky
4 Hardwick Range
5 The Profundity Requital
6 Dover Downs
7 Pari Passu
8 Coupon Waxer
9 Defenestration
10 Resolute

10 October 2019

BOMBSHELL self titled 1993

 punk rock on the Allied Recordings label

GIRLY MACHINE self titled 1994


AllMusic Review by  

Unlike Ohio's other favorite group of Brit rockers, Dayton's Guided by Voices, the English accent heard on songs by Columbus' Girly Machine is the genuine article (sorry, Bob) as frontman Andy Spencer hails from across the pond. However, rather than fully embracing his potential as a Brit popper, Spencer opts for a vocal style that generally leans more toward singspeak and an overall air of at least mild creepiness. Rounded out by phenomenal guitarist Robert Petric (later the metal-riffing axeman for Ron House-fronted noise punk icons Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments), drummer Dana Marshall (most well known for his time in superb Scrawl), and bassist Jeff Plavcan, Girly Machine buzzes, rattles, and chugs their way through songs that strike a balance between ominous and poppy, bringing to mind acts like Bauhaus and the Psychedelic Furs. The music is dark, with traces of old-school goth (minus the sort of cartoonish, middle school black t-shirt anguish that sometimes entails), yet rooted in rock and truly quite catchy. While the entire album is first rate, "Vancouvre" is among the standout tracks, as it finds Spencer naming places he'd like to go (Vancouver, the Louvre, and Mother Russia make the list) with an almost Fred Schneider cadence.


1 Strange 3:46
2 Jihad 4:06
3 Friend 3:49
4 Diamond Mine 2:33
5 Under The Bombs 3:02
6 Hole 2:15
7 Ode To The King 4:02
8 Snipe Hunt 1:42
9 1978 3:18
10 Sister 4:38
11 Heart Attack 1:56
12 Vancouvre 3:34
13 Crime 4:20
14 Final Kiss 3:25

THE VEGAS BEAT self titled 1996

 Featuring 2 members from Team Dresch

09 October 2019

BLEED Tales of the Handsome Creep 1997

by request


1 Untitled 0:35
2 Tortured Youth 2:06
3 Let Me Go 2:36
4 Let's Get Wet 1:34
5 No Greater Love 2:36
6 The Untamed 3:51
7 Untitled 0:14
8 Flat Tire 2:25
9 Untitled 0:40
10 Dragster Man 2:59
11 Untitled 1:11
12 Turn Me On 2:40
13 Riot Girls 2:43
14 Maybe I Was Wrong 3:22
15 Speed Kills 2:04
16 Untitled 0:16
17 The Phantom 3:29
18 Ultra Violet 2:41
19 Untitled 0:30
20 Wild Wild West 2:37
21 Doctor Speed 2:55
22 Untitled 25:01

MOLEST Tep Zepi 1997

by request


1 Untitled 0:12
2 G-Song 4:13
3 S.O.A.K 4:48
4 Morning Man 5:39
5 Untitled 0:08
6 Bob Morton Made A Mistake 2:16
7 Erehwon 3:38
8 Wok 8 3:35
9 Stolen 3:00
10 About Faces 3:06
11 Helm's Deep 4:28
12 Sandkings 2:57
13 Influenza 1:17
14 Kaaiman 6:08
15 Hospshop 4:05