24 August 2009

PELL MELL Flow and Interstate



Pell Mell was an instrumental rock combo formed in 1980 in Portland, Oregon.



1 American Eagle 2:23
2 Breach Of Promise 3:56
3 Bring On The China 3:22
4 The Devil Bush 2:19
5 Smoke 4:04
6 Aero 3:55
7 Flood 7:02
8 Little Blue Dance 4:12
9 Signal 3:54
10 Blaming The Messenger 1:53
11 Mopping Up 3:34



1 Nothing Lies Still Long 4:11
2 Revival 4:33
3 Anna Karina 3:02
4 Saucer 3:30
5 Pound Cake 3:43
6 Constellation 4:00
7 Blacktop 3:24
8 Butterfly Effect 4:34
9 Drift 4:10
10 Vegetable Kingdom 6:27
11 Ether 4:39
12 Floating Gate 3:03

21 August 2009

FM EINHEIT [sen'sei∫n deθ] 1997




Artist Biography by John Bush

Stein The "chief machinery operator" for German industrial terrorists Einstürzende Neubauten from the band's inception in 1983, F.M. Einheit has had plenty of time to record side projects between his group's usually relaxed release schedule (one which also permits bandmate Blixa Bargeld to play with Nick Cave's Bad Seeds). Einheit recorded his first project, 1990's Stein, just after the sessions for Einstürzende Neubauten's Haus der Luege. Then he formed a band -- confusingly named Stein -- with Ulrike Haage and Katharina Franck of the Rainbirds; the project released Steinzeit in 1992 and Königzucker two years later; in the meantime, he released his second proper solo album, Prometheus/Lear, in 1993. With poet Andreas Ammer, Einheit recorded the Radio Inferno LP (which also included the talents of DJ John Peel and guitarist Caspar Brötzmann) and recorded again with Brötzmann on the album Merry Christmas in 1995 and left Neubauten during the sessions for Ende Neu due to a lack of creative interest in the project. Einheit returned in 1997 with Sensation Death for Invisible Records. One of his major projects post-Einstürzende Neubauten was forming the band Gry with vocalist Gry Bagøien from Denmark. They released two albums: The Touch of E! (1998) and Public Recording (2000, featuring Pan Sonic and former Neubauten bandmate Alexander Hacke). Crashing Aeroplanes with Andreas Ammer followed in 2002.

Terre Haute Einheit began collaborating, writing and scoring various theater and radio plays over the next four years. He also created his own label, FM 451 to reissue his catalog works. He returned to recording in 2006, releasing Echohce in collaboration with Jamie Lidell, David Link, Saskia v. Klitzing and Volker Kamp, followed by The Sallie House with Michael Esposito in 2008 and No Apologies with Hans-Joachim Irmler the following year. Evol/Ve with Massimo Pupillio was issued in 2010. In 2011, Einheit collaboration with Irmler again. The album, entitled Spielwiese 3 -- a further chapter in the latter's soundfield explorations -- included German multimedia performer Ute-Marie Paul and American composer and bassoon player Katherine Young. Over the next two years, Einheit did the occasional experimental live performance with former Einstürzende Neubauten bandmate Hacke, as well scoring for film and theater. In 2013, he cut the electro-acoustic offering Terre Haute with En Esch (formerly of KMFDM) and Mona Mur. Einheit joined forces with experimental Italian guitarist, electro-producer, and sound designer Eraldo Bernocchi and London-based cellist Jo Quail on Rosebud, issued by RareNoise, delivering a compelling mix of ambient and industrial music.



1 Theme From Death Row 6:49
2 Defending Phrase 8:45
3 6/4 4:51
4 The Hektik 1:32
5 The Switch 1:50
6 The Race 5:45
7 Requiem Für Eine Totgeweihte 6:25
8 Death Row (Reprise) 1:09
9 Adieu Partner 2:15
10 Kompositionsspiel 3:05
11 Fernsehballett 8:53
12 Death Row (Reprise) 0:34
13 Duell 4:27
14 Russisches Roulett 2:17

20 August 2009

GODFLESH Us and Them 1999


Godflesh were an English industrial metal band from Birmingham, England. They formed in 1988 by Justin K. Broadrick (guitar, vocals, and programming) and G. C. Green (bass) and disbanded in 2002. The band is regarded as one of the pioneers of industrial metal and post-metal.[1]

12 August 2009

DIG Runt EP 1993


Dig formed in 1991 in Los Angeles; vocalist Scott Hackwith had previously produced for The Ramones, and guitarist Dix Denney had played with The Weirdos and Thelonious Monster.[1] After releasing an EP in 1992, they signed with Radioactive Records and issued their first full-length in 1993, produced by Dave Jerden. The single "Believe" was played regularly on MTV's Buzz Bin[1] and was their lone charting hit, reaching #19 on the Billboard Modern Rock chart[2] and #34 on the Mainstream Rock chart.[3] The group issued two further full-lengths in 1996 and 1999.


1 I'll Stay High 3:18
2 Groundhead 3:45
3 We Don't Care 3:18
4 Mothership 4:37

SUN 60 self titled 1992


Sun-60 (later Sun 60 without the hyphen) were a Los Angeles Alternative rock band from 1987-1996.

The band was notable for the vocal gymnastics of Joan Jones, the guitar riffs of David Russo, clever song-writing, and an eclectic combination of styles, including folk, alt rock, pop, and blues.

Despite a cult following, considerable commercial potential, and moderate success both as a touring live act and on record, the band never quite caught on, and split in 1996.


1 Out Of My Head 3:25
2 Middle Of My Life 3:27
3 Kiss The Train 4:52
4 Cold Water 4:04
5 Landslide 4:39
6 Many Miles 3:01
7 Runaway Jane 3:07
8 Should Have Been The Moon 3:38
9 Too Much Tube 3:11
10 Responsible 3:45
11 Take Me Home 5:04


10 August 2009

LINDA PERRY After Hours 1995

Linda Perry was lead singer of 4 Non Blondes, who released one album then took off for greener pastures. In 1995, Perry released After Hours which remains my favourite solo release. She really put her soul into this and her voice is just as strong as ever. Perry is also well known as a talented producer, sound engineer, musician and songwriter, having penned songs for such artists as Pink and Cristina Aguilera. I don't really think there is much that this woman cannot do. 
1 The Garden 4:37
2 Jackie 5:11
3 Sunny April Afternoon 3:59
4 Lost Command 5:09
5 Get It While You Can 4:29
6 Bang The Drum 4:00
7 Some Days Never End 3:27
8 New Dawn 5:14
9 Fly Away 5:39
10 Let Me Ride 3:47
11 The Cows Come Home 4:23
12 Carry On 3:58
12.1 (Untitled Interlude) 0:33
13.1 (Untitled) 3:58
13.2 (Silence) 0:04

09 August 2009

DIVINYLS Underworld 1996

In 1991, the Divinyls received international acclaim with their hit I Touch Myself. However, long before that hit, where many Americans finally "discovered" the band, the Divinyls were ripping up the stages all around the world and had released 4 prior albums, all unfortunately ignored by American rock radio. After their self titled release in 1991, it was another 5 years before the Divinyls released their last full length CD, Underworld.
The Divinyls regrouped in 2007, did a mini-tour of Australia and released a single, "Don't Wanna Do This."



1 Hard On Me 4:35
2 Sex Will Keep Us Together 3:56
3 I'm Jealous 4:16
4 For A Good Time 5:07
5 Open Windows 4:51
6 Bleed 0:53
7 Underworld 3:53
8 Human On The Inside 4:13
9 Come Down To Earth 4:39
10 Spook 0:42
11 Sorry 4:52
12 Heart Of Steel 4:45
13 Save Me 5:37
14 Black Magic 5:38

TOASTED HERETIC Another Day Another Riot video and MP3

Toasted Heretic band history from IrishRock.org

Here's a video of Toasted Heretic's Another Day Another Riot

Toasted Heretic video download

INSANE JANE Each Finger 1993

Insane Jane released 2 albums and then sadly disbanded. If you didn't get a chance to check them out the first time around, here's your chance. Yellow - wow, what a voice she has.

Insane Jane's singer's website here



1 Daisy 3:17
2 I'm Flying 2:39
3 Each Finger 3:16
4 I Won't Stand 4:13
5 Father Time 2:55
6 Harri Faith 2:40
7 Anymore 3:43
8 Hate 2:57
9 Lollipop Serenade 2:46
10 Sister Sue 3:01
11 Brought Again 2:23
12 So Long 1:47
13 Latter Train 2:41
14 3-D Jesus 12:02
15 American Standard 3:22

04 August 2009

MORDAM RECORDS In Store Play Sampler 1995


Mordam Records In Store Play Samplers were sent to radio stations and record stores to promote the bands and labels that were distributed by the Mordam Records Distribution Company in San Francisco. They were housed in cardboard sleeves. The track listing for this sampler is incorrect. The 22nd song is by El Vez "Esta Bien Mamacita" and the 23rd song is Pop Defect "Bob Says No!"
The sampler includes bands on Sympathy For The Record Industry, Estrus Records, Lookout, Kill Rock Stars, Allied Recordings, Alternative Tentacles, Vinyl Communications, Hell Yeah, Flipside Records, Seeland (that's Negativland's own record label), Dr. Strange, Dionysus, Shredder, Kirbdog, Wrong, Jade Tree and Empty.

1. Alice Donut - Magdalene
2. Naked Agression - Out of Control
3. Strawman - Sioux City Debutante
4. Humpers - Hey Shadow
5. Bratmobile - Panic
6. Spitboy - Ultimate Violations
7. Tit Wrench - Rock and Roll, Man
8. Zipgun - Together Dumb
9. Butt Trumpet - I Left My Flannel in Seattle
10. Paper Tulips - We Never Close
11. Show Business Giants - Teeny Weeny Man
12. Tilt - Addiction
13. Buzzoven - Frayed
14. Negativland - The Gun and the Bible
15. Ill Repute - Not That Way
16. Man or Astroman? - Invasion of the Dragon Men
17. Victims Family - Balderdash '93
18. Witchdoctors - I'm So Restless
19. Swiz - Nine
20. One Man Running - Windfall
21. Parasites - I Don't Believe You
22. El Vez - Esta Bien Mamacita
23. Pop Defect - Bob Says No!
24. Crackerbash - Shoe-In
25. Unwound - Rat Bite
26. Mono Men - Wrecker!
27. Screeching Weasel - Goodbye To You