29 June 2012



by Ron DePasquale
While grunge reigned in the early '90s, New Fast Automatic Daffodils made its mark on the indie rock scene in Manchester, England. Bassist Justin Crawford, guitarist Dolan Hewison, and drummer Perry Saunders got together in 1988, and singer Andy Spearpoint joined soon after. Spearpoint's obscure lyrics spoken over repetitive riffs and beats gave NFAD's music a dream-like quality. While many bands of that era were preoccupied with displaying their angst on the world stage, NFAD was concerned with creating groovy, spacy music you could dance to. And they made plenty of it: three full-lengths, five EPs, and ten singles all in roughly four years.

16 June 2012

JENNIFER TRYNIN Cockamamie 1994

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Jennifer Trynin claims no real influences on her melodic pop songs, which generally examine failed relationships, since the only record she has ever owned is her debut album, Cockamamie. Trynin recorded it on her own Squint label at age 31 while simultaneously running her own desktop publishing business. As the album found its way into the hands of studio executives, a bidding war for Trynin's talents ensued, and she eventually chose Warner Brothers, which re-released Cockamamie as originally recorded. Gun Shy Trigger Happy followed in 1997. 


1 Happier 2:50
2 Better Than Nothing 3:47
3 Everything Is Different Now 3:32
4 One Year Down 3:16
5 Snow 3:47
6 All This Could Be Yours 1:42
7 Too Bad You're Such A Loser 4:04
8 Knock Me Down 3:40
9 If I Had Anything To Say (Don't You Think I Would Have Said It All?) 3:01
10 Beg 3:44
11 Do It Alone 3:03

15 June 2012

12 June 2012

TRAINDODGE Emblem Corners 2001

By request
1990s - 2000s
July, 1996 in Oklahoma City, OK
Group Members

MOTHER MAY I Splitsville 1994

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Poison Dart 4:57
Teenage Jesus 2:38
Painted On 3:21
Something Better 4:21
Birthday Wish 3:36
Dick And Jane 4:14
Meet You There 3:41
In A Box 4:47
Never Ending Riddle 1:41
In Between 2:22
Bastard 3:59
All The Way In 3:18

KEROSENE 454 Came By to Kill Me 1997

By request


Tracer 2:48

All Eyes West 3:43

Closing 3:48

Injection 6:50

Angelic In G# 3:57

T Minus 100 2:40

Farefire 3:07

Worthington 5:04

Four Knots 3:03

Somewalk 4:04

Continued 6:55

KEROSENE 454 At Zero 1998

Anti-Magnet 4:42

Automatic 2:58

Negatives 4:06

Diminishing 5:12

Heroes 4:38

Electrics On The Rise 3:06

In For Even 2:47

On Exit 5:06

Pay Attention 6:26

Spookin The Birds 3:38

THE BUTCHIES Are We Not Femme 1998



[+] by Jason Ankeny
Durham, NC-based queercore trio the Butchies reunited singer/guitarist Kaia Wilson and drummer Melissa York, who previously teamed in the pioneering Team Dresch. Joined by ex-Poor Valentino bassist Alison Martlew, the Butchies signed to Mr. Lady (the independent label Wilson founded with girlfriend Tammy Rae Carlson) to issue their 1998 debut Are We Not Femme?. A year later, the Chris Stamey-produced Population 1975 was released. the Butchies didn't waste much time in between albums; Wilson kept herself busy with Mr. Lady and issued albums by Le Tigre and Sarah Dougher in the early millennium while the band prepared for a third album. Getting back together with producer Greg Griffith, the aptly titled Three appeared in 2001. Stateside dates with The Indigo Girls' Amy Ray followed that summer. A fourth effort, Make Yr Life, was recorded in ten days before hitting shelves in spring 2004. It marked the Butchies' first release with Yep Roc.
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1 To Be Broadcast Live 2:21
2 Everything Electrical Will Stay 2:25
3 So, Goodbye 2:25
4 Madame 2:16
5 Galaxy Is Gay 1:38
6 Ellen D. 4:33
7 Disco 3:19
8 No You Don't Even Know 1:01
9 Salamander 3:17
10 Shooting Star (Thunderwolf Mix) 2:39
11 Heartfelt 2:26
12 Unbroken 1:12


An early demo - don't miss this!

SEXPOD Home 1995

By request


Home 3:13
Heroine 4:02
Foot On The Gas 5:17
Winter 4:05
Circle Of Silver 4:41
A Wedding Song 3:29

KEROSENE 454 / ANGEL HAIR split 7 inch 1995

Side A
Kerosene 454 Some Walk

Side B
Angel Hair  Kisses

11 June 2012

CAROLINE'S SPINE earlier works

 Ignore the Ants
 So Good Afternoon
self titled

Upped by Dsvvsd

CAROLINE'S SPINE later releases

 Attention Please


Upped by Dsvvsd


by Heather Phares
The alternative rock group Caroline's Spine consists of vocalist/guitarist Jimmy Newquist, guitarist Mark Haugh, bassist Scott Jones and drummer Jason Gilardi. The band's consistent touring found them sharing the bill with a wide array of artists, including Catherine Wheel, Better Than Ezra, KISS and Aerosmith. Their 1997 debut Monsoon was released on Hollywood Records, followed by Attention Please two years later.

ANTENNA Hideout 1993

 By request


[+] by Stewart Mason

10 June 2012

HUFFY No High Five 1997

More Huffy for your ears....


1 50-Yard Dash
2 Chopper Pilot
3 Boil
4 Surfcaster
5 Bring It On
6 So Yeah
7 Lemon Lift
8 Punchee
9 Splinter
10 California

POLAR GOLDIE CATS self titled 1996



by Margaret Reges
Experimental/post-rockers the Polar Goldie Cats were a Polvo-esque group that emerged in 1992. They played their first show at the California Institute of the Arts, and their first album, Polar Goldie Cats, came out in 1995. The group went on to release several more albums over the years: Detector came out in 1997, Polar Night Stress arrived in 2001, and Feral Phantasms was released five years later.

09 June 2012

RAILROAD JERK The Third Rail 1996



[+] by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

08 June 2012

SUMMERCAMP Tonight EP 1997




by Jason Ankeny
The alternative rock quartet Summercamp first began to take shape in 1987, when vocalists/guitarists Tim Cullen and Sean McCue first met in high school in their native Santa Barbara, CA; another fellow student, bassist Misha Feldmann, joined after graduation, and with the 1994 addition of drummer Tony Sevener, the group's roster was complete. After signing with Madonna's Maverick label, Summercamp issued their 1997 debut LP, Pure Juice


1 Nowhere Near (Live) 2:15
2 High Horse (Live) 3:14
3 The Bright Side (Live) 4:12
4 Anyone 3:06
5 Miss Leonard 3:04
6 Drawer (Demo) 4:00
7 Tonight! 0:04

SEAFOOD Messenger in the Camp 1999


Scorch Comfort 4:01

Psychic Rainy Nights 5:23

Porchlight 4:33

Ukiah 3:08

Rot Of The Stars (XFM Session) 4:00

Dope Slax (XFM Session) 4:48

We Felt Maroon 2:59

Dig 15:40

(2 Untitled Hidden Tracks)

Levitate Me 4:18