24 December 2019

13 SODA PUNX A Top Drawer Compilation 1994


1 Bum w/ Kim Warnick Strictly Confidential
2 Mr. T Experience* Hello, Kitty Menendez
3 Sicko Pain In The Ass
4 The Stand GT Corner Store
5 Fastbacks I'm Cold
6 The Stuppes* Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah
7 Old Man (3) History
8 Huevos Rancheros Evacuation
9 The Smugglers Amnesia
10 Young Freshfellows* Bookstore
11 Cub Best Friends Girl
12 The Model Rockets Balcony
13 The Primate 5 Jim Goes To Spain

21 December 2019

ABRIDGED PERVERSION (A Shrimper Compilation Of Shrimper Compilations) 1993


1 Unknown Artist Colonial Awards Of 1984 0:23
2 The Extra Glenns Badger Song 1:32
3 The Bux Holiday 2:07
4 Nothing Painted Blue Big Pink Heart 3:33
5 Sentridoh Certain Dance - Circumstance 2:19
6 Goosewind Manny's Mote 0:53
7 Shoeface Future Shock 2:33
8 Will Simmons 50 Miles 1:35
9 Insect Feelings Zisk 1:35
10 The Mountain Goats The Window Song 2:18
11 Junket Tiresome 3:30
12 Massengil Premature Cheese 2:12
13 Joey Burns (Creamy Original)* Do It All The Time 1:38
14 Wckr Spgt Fluffy Cat 2:20
15 Punk Rock Happiness Is A Warm Gun 1:50
16 Diskothi-Q Pork Chop 2:09
17 Franklin Bruno Clean Needle 3:20
18 Halo (6) Fever Pitch 2:52
19 Paste (2) Hips 2:33
20 Primordial Undermind Delerium Insomniacal 2:54
21 Guffey Creepy 1:02
22 Refrigerator Map To The Stars 1:36
23 Simon Wickham Smith* With Bill* + Karl (16) Finnish But Not Finnished 0:37
24 John Davis (2) I Had A Dream I Was Down By The Ocean 5:02
25 Ah Bus Fisherman's Friend 0:57
26 Buzzsaw Die Rote Luft 0:57
27 Bügsküll You Don't Know 2:05
28 The Jim Bishop Guitar Army Untitled 0:43
29 Carne-a Canker Town 4:04
30 Satnam Puppets Guitar In Room P.7 0:30
31 Jive (5) Old Family Box 2:36
32 Party Of One Throwaway 2:06
33 Lil' Johhny H* Incomplete #1 1:24
34 Lou Barlow Revolution #37 4:05

THE SPACESHITS Winter Dance Party 1997


AllMusic Review by

It's pretty easy to imagine what Winter Dance Party sounds like simply by looking at the song titles the Spaceshits choose: between "Backseat Boogie," "At the Drive-In," "Bacon Grease," and "S&M Girl," you can almost hear the frantic, overdriven punk, the rockabilly and beat-rock touches, and the casually inane lyrics. What's surprising is that the Spaceshits do a somewhat impressive job with such an overdone genre, kicking American "beat-punk" bands like the Hi-Fives to the curb -- this is terrifically unbrilliant material, but it delivers the visceral knocks it's meant to deliver. 


1 By My Side 1:15
2 Backseat Boogie 1:46
3 I'm Dead 1:19
4 Cassie 1:33
5 That's The Way 1:06
6 She's Fine 1:13
7 The Raging Sea 1:37
8 More Abuse 2:00
9 Showdown On 3rd St. 1:37
10 At The Drive-In 1:59
11 Gotta Get It Back 1:20
12 Squarehead 1:46
13 Betty Page 1:58
14 S & M Girl 1:30
15 Bacon Grease 2:26

KLŌVER Feel Lucky Punk 1995

catchy pop punk


1 Our Way 2:42
2 Beginning To End 2:50
3 Here I Go Again 2:57
4 All Kindsa Girls 3:42
5 What A Waste 3:08
6 I Wanna Be 2:09
7 Memory 2:36
8 Brain 3:06
9 Illusions (Make It Go Away) 3:04
10 Sandbag 3:17
11 Building A Wall 2:09
12 Y.R.U. (Still Here) 2:31

THE SPLASH 4 Filth City 1998

by request
garage rockers from France


1 Know It All Doll 2:01
2 Suicide Baby 1:48
3 Cracked 1:48
4 Keep Your Hands Off My Babe 2:22
5 Filth City 1:24
6 (I've Been) Searchin' 2:11
7 Never Change 2:16
8 Drop Out 1:54

BARBARA MANNING One Perfect Green Blanket 1991

by request

Artist Biography by

The idiosyncratic but rewarding Barbara Manning is a little too spiky and odd to fit comfortably in the Lilith Fair crowd, but her best work outshines those of her bigger-selling peers. Manning's artistic restlessness and her tendency to jump in and out of bands and recording situations makes it difficult to follow her career -- her discography must be one of the most confusing in all of the '90s indie scene -- but it also makes her one of the most vital and interesting singer/songwriters of her era.
Born in San Diego and raised in Northern California, Manning's first musical venture was 28th Day, a jangle band the singer/bassist formed with guitarist Cole Marquis and drummer Michael Cloward in 1984. The group's promising self-titled EP was released in 1985 and reissued twice thereafter, on an expanded CD in 1991 and an even more expanded cassette featuring live tracks and outtakes released on Cloward's own Devil in the Woods label. But although Marquis would remain an important musical ally for Manning -- who recorded several of his songs on her solo records -- 28th Day split up in 1986.

The Land of Thirst
Starting the attention-deficit-disorder-like pattern that would remain her usual practice for the next several years, Manning's next move was to simultaneously join her friend Brandan Kearney's band World of Pooh and start her solo career. Manning's "Lately I Keep Scissors," possibly her best song, was both a highlight of World of Pooh's 1989 debut The Land of Thirst and the title-track to Manning's powerful solo debut, which had been released the year before. Though World of Pooh broke up in 1990, Manning continued with her solo career, releasing the lengthy EP One Perfect Green Blanket in 1991. That EP's title illustrates Manning's baseball obsession, which also fostered her next band, the SF Seals, whom she named after a defunct minor league team. The SF Seals, which also included drummer Melanie Clarin (ex-Cat Heads; she had also played on Manning's solo debut), guitarist Lincoln Allen, and secondary singer/songwriter Michelle Cernuto. The quartet debuted in 1993 with the brilliant EP The Baseball Trilogy, two old baseball-themed novelty songs, and Manning's own "Dock Ellis," a suitably psychedelic groover about the first man to pitch a no-hitter while tripping on acid. 1994's disjointed Nowhere was very much a group effort, but by the time of 1995's Truth Walks in Sleepy Shadows, the SF Seals were firmly under Manning's control; it's indistinguishable from her solo records.
Wasps' Nests
Also in 1995, Manning sang a terrific song on Wasps Nests, the first album by Stephin Merritt's all-star side project the 6ths, and recorded a brief but powerful album, Barbara Manning Sings With the Original Artists, in collaboration with former Young Marble Giants leader Stuart Moxham that nicely slots Manning into the jazz-tinged minimalism of Moxham's own work. Finally, in this exceedingly productive year, Manning released Northern Exposure Will Be Right Back, an experimental tape loops and noise collaboration with zine publisher/performance artist Seymour Glass under the name Glands of External Secretion. (Manning and Glass had recorded a pair of singles under this name earlier in the decade; though two more Glands of External Secretion albums were released, Manning's role in them was sharply curtailed.)
1997's 1212, named after Manning's birth month and day, was originally planned as the third SF Seals album, but Manning decided early on to retire that conceit. Her strongest work since Lately I Keep Scissors, the album features "The Arsonist's Story," a complex, side-long suite that's one of Manning's most richly satisfying efforts. By contrast, the 1999 EP In New Zealand features Manning recording with a Who's Who of Kiwi musicians in a loose, live-sounding setting.
Under One Roof: Singles and Oddities
After a closet-cleaning set of singles and loose tracks, Under One Roof, Manning formed a new band, the punk-poppish Go-Luckys, and recorded 2000's Homeless Is Where the Heart Is and 2001's You Should Know by Now.  


1 Straw Man
2 Smoking Her Wings
3 Don't Rewind
4 Sympathy Wreath
5 Green
6 Lock Yer Room (Uptight)
7 Someone Wants You Dead
8 Sympathy Wreath (Demise)

Includes 10 Additional Tracks From "Lately I Keep Scissors"
9 Scissors
10 Breathe Lies
11 Somewhere Soon
12 Talk All Night
13 Make It Go Away
14 Never Park
15 Every Pretty Girl
16 Mark E. Smith & Brix
17 Something You've Got (Isn't Good)
18 Prophecy Written

16 December 2019

DADAMAH This Is Not A Dream 1995


AllMusic Review by

While Dadamah is often seen as another step along the way in the artistic path of Roy Montgomery, he'd be the first to agree that does a disservice to his equally talented bandmates. Singer/bassist Kim Pieters writes the fascinating if sometimes hard to read liner notes for this complete career overview, while there's also keyboardist/backing vocalist Janine Stass as well. Together the trio continued the by-then well-established Kiwi underground music tradition of shadowy, haunting music and production, helped by noted figure in said scene Peter Stapleton, who also took care of drumming as needed. Unless the consistently aggro noise fests of, say, the Dead C or Gate, Dadamah also draw on a generally more spare but no less compelling approach, often building up arrangements and then settling back again, or else maintaining a continuing steady, gently addictive pace. There's the roots of Montgomery's work in the Pin Group, naturally, with its own echoes of Joy Division and early Cure, but there's also a very strange, folky vibe as well that at points suggests the work done half a world away by Dave Pearce in Flying Saucer Attack. Both Pieters and Montgomery's singing draws on the more idiosyncratic post-punk approach to vocals, eschewing technical skill in favor of just getting it out. Whether it's Pieters' higher, sometimes wailing approach or Montgomery's stern, strained and reflective singing, though, words and music almost always go very well together throughout. Stass' keyboard work, meanwhile, adds even more of a strange, odd edge to proceedings. Sometimes the tone is almost a bit jaunty, as the swinging skip and burbling keyboard notes of the lengthy "Too Hot to Dry," sung by Pieters, shows, even with the usual murky production style. With highlights like the Montgomery-sung "High Tension House," where the title phrase comes from, and the truly tripped, Pieters-sung "Radio Brain," This is Not a Dream is well worth investigating. 


1 Limbo Swing 6:20
2 Papa Doc 3:32
3 Too Hot To Dry 9:23
4 Prove 4:19
5 Brian's Children 5:00
6 High Tension House 9:10
7 Nicotine 4:09
8 High Time 5:22
9 Scratch Sun 7:05
10 Radio Brain 5:52
11 Replicant Emotions 0:59