25 August 2018

ED HALL Motherscratcher 1993


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Motherscratcher was the most focused, least whimsical Ed Hall album issued during the trio's career -- certainly more so than Albert and Love Poke Here -- and it was the first in which Gary Chester's exceptional Paul Leary meets Robert Fripp guitar playing truly sang out. Furthermore, the bottom end, provided by Will Shatter-esque bass player Larry Strub is the perfect architectural framework around which Chester's prickly riffs and trebly, note-driven leads can jab and dance. The opening "White House Girls," with its exaggerated backbeat, and laughing chorus, is a near-perfect example of this. Texturally, Ed Hall, with this album, was beginning to resemble a more cryptic and nuanced, less abrasive version of Flipper, one of the trio's most salient influences. What also distinguishes Motherscratcher from previous Ed Hall efforts is it's more rock-oriented rhythms, perhaps owing to new drummer Lyman Hardy; either way, the approach is more serious, straightforward, and memorable. It is with this album that Ed Hall fully found their voice, even if they had but one album left. "Satori in Manhattan, Kansas" is a strikingly beautiful instrumental, one eclipsed by very little in rock music. Ed Hall's finest album.


1 White House Girls 3:12
2 Big Head 3:58
3 Lungs 4:33
4 Dave The Prophet 4:10
5 Gnomes 6:34
6 Satori In Manhattan, Kansas 3:46
7 Twenty Dollar Bill 3:57
8 Leave Me Alone 5:09
9 Urgent Message For All Mankind 2:46
10 Afghani Harvest Period 7:45
11 Silence 0:05
12 Silence 0:05
13 Silence 0:05
14 Silence 0:05
15 Silence 0:05
16 Silence 0:05
17 Silence 0:05
18 Silence 0:05
19 Silence 0:05
20 Silence 0:05
21 Silence 0:05
22 Silence 0:05
23 Untitled (Hidden Track) 23:55


self titled

Two Beans or Not Two Beans

self titled


Bake Daga 15:13
Desert Bean 14:35
Heintz 1 10:48
Has Bean 22:35
Two Beans or Not Two Beans

24 August 2018

LINT Something's Gonna Change 1999

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THE CAVEDOGS Joy Rides for Shut-Ins 1990

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Soul Martini
Playing smart, enthusiastic power pop that at its best suggested a three-way pileup between the Who, Big Star, and Cheap Trick, Boston's the Cavedogs began life in 1987, when guitarist Todd Spahr, bassist Brian Stevens, and drummer Mark Rivers joined forces and put out a locally released single. A self-released cassette-only album followed in 1989 before the band scored a deal with Restless Records, who released an EP on the group in 1990. The Cavedogs were bumped up to Restless' parent label, Enigma Records, for their first proper album, Joy Rides for Shut-Ins, which was released later the same year. Then, Capitol Records, who had a distribution agreement with Enigma, absorbed the band's contract, and the group now found itself with a major-label deal. The group's second album, the Michael Beinhorn-produced Soul Martini, found the band in considerably more polished form, though the clever songwriting and sharp, tuneful melodies that marked Joy Rides for Shut Ins were still very much in evidence. While both albums received enthusiastic reviews, commercial radio did not embrace the band, and neither album sold well beyond the band's immediate following; in 1993, the Cavedogs split up. Todd Spahr went on to form the Gravy, Mark Stevens joined Poundcake, and Brian Stevens released a solo album. In 2001, the Cavedogs reunited for some live shows, and the group released a CD of rarities and radio broadcasts. 

KILL CREEK Proving Winter Cruel 1996


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Formed in 1986 while founders Scott Born (vocals/guitar) and Ron Hayes (guitar) were both still in high school, Kill Creek took to formation under the post-punk influences of Rites of Spring, Embrace, and Mission of Burma. Accompanied by their own brand of straight power pop in comparison to the likes of Hüsker Dü and the Doughboys, Kill Creek developed a sound of their own, while processing a number of what they call "embarrassing basement demos" between 1986 through 1993. In between contributing a handful of compilations and going through more drummers than Spinal Tap, Mammoth Records took notice and hooked them up with a deal in 1994. With the EP Stretch and their first full-length, entitled St. Valentine's Garage, lots of touring across the U.S. resulted for the next year to come in support of these two releases. After finally settling in with Patrick Grassy (bass) and Matt Gilhousen (drums) completing the Kill Creek lineup, their next album, Proving Winter Cruel, came out in 1996. Plans for a fourth album started taking shape in fall 1999; however, this album, tentatively titled Whimsy, was later scrapped. Some songs did make it on the 2000 release of Colors of Home. The double-disc set Will to Strike followed in 2004.


1 Unsteady
2 All Ears
3 Binky
4 With You Around
5 Dirty Hands
6 The Role Model
7 Biggest Rift
8 Six By Two
9 Lullaby
10 Chromosome
11 Falsified
12 Punishment

TV FIFTY Christopher's Rocket 1995

alt rock band from Kansas City


1 Better 3:47
2 Sadly 2:18
3 April's Confession 3:26
4 Shampoo The Buffalo 2:44
5 Overrated 4:38
6 No Use 2:45
7 Beyond Me 8:33


pop punk



1 You're Nuts
2 Three Cheers
3 Gerdy Gerdy Wow Wow
4 Jenny
5 Watch Out!
6 Where Are You Mr. Dale
7 Joanie's Little Secret
8 Catastrophic Man
9 Forget You
10 Tell Your Friends
11 Just The Same
12 30 Seconds
13 Theme

SUFFERBUS self titled EP 1997

alt rock



1 Wanderlust
2 Wasted St. Of Quietness
3 Letters To The Sun
4 Kismet Says
5 Andromedas Party
6 Half A Mind

TSUNAMI BOMB Mayhem on the High Seas 7 inch 1999

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The Ultimate Escape
Bay Area punk combo Tsunami Bomb was formed around 1999 by bassist Dominic Davi, who was joined by vocalist Agent M, guitarist Mike Griffen, and drummer Gabe Lindeman. With their California punk influences sewed proudly to their sleeves, the members of Tsunami Bomb set about conquering America the old fashioned way -- with incessant touring. Tsunami Bomb was bolstered by the success of early 7" releases on A.F.I. bassist Hunter Bergan's Checkmate label, as well as a fan base built through the band's dogged touring schedule. Impressed with their tenacity, Cali indie Kung Fu (the Vandals, the Ataris) signed them in 2002 and released The Ultimate Escape full-length in September of that year. Tsunami Bomb headed out on the road once again in spring 2003, this time as part of the Warped Tour. Davi exited the band at the summer's end for personal reasons (later going on to form Love Equals Death), and Matt McKenzie joined on in his place. The Definitive Act appeared in the fall of 2004, and shortly after its release, Griffen left and was replaced on guitar by Jay Northington. The band continued to tour over the next year, releasing a live DVD along the way, but it would prove to be the band's last release, as Tsunami Bomb broke up in the fall of 2005, citing problems with the business end of the industry.

KANSAS CITY MISERY Various Artists 1995

22 bands from Kansas City, Missouri