24 July 2019

KEMURI Little Playmate 1997

Japanese punk/ska 


1 New Generation 2:31
2 Knockin' On The Door 2:06
3 Prayer 3:21
4 Workin' Dayz 4:00
5 Rainy Saturday 3:16
6 Circle Of Life 3:41
7 Sun Set 3:20
8 Live Up To Yo Rights! 3:10
9 Don't Know 1:26
10 Ato-Ichinen 3:02
11 Mercy 3:07
12 Givin' Up 1:58
13 Yellow Survivors 3:13
14 On The Street 3:32

WHO COVERS WHO Various Artists 1993


BALLOON GUY Soundbull 1995

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Soundbull is a pretty entertaining record -- its slow rock grind pulses and clicks along on power chords and slanted instrumental breaks, shifting an apparent pop orientation just a few degrees from what would conventionally happen. When the band lowers the energy level on near-minimal tracks like "Minding my P's and Q's," it's clear that there's a definite compositional intelligence behind their off-center approach to rock.


1 Satchel Mouth
2 Resort To A Road Block
3 Populist
4 Minding My P's And Q's
5 I Am Punch
6 Anodized Black Water
7 Full Figure

COLIN NEWMAN Bastard 1997


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Although Colin Newman is most readily associated with Wire, like bandmates Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis he has undertaken numerous additional creative endeavors. Across a range of projects, the Wire guitarist/vocalist has consistently reinvented himself, venturing from post-punk art pop into ambient, electronic territory, along the way producing other artists and setting up his own label.

Newman was born in Salisbury, England, in 1954 and attended Watford School of Art, where he studied under Peter Schmidt. At Watford, he formed Wire with Bruce Gilbert in 1976 and the band quickly emerged as one of British punk's more innovative, intelligent acts. Having evolved at a breathtaking pace over three albums that were among the period's most influential records (Pink Flag, Chairs Missing, and 154), the group went on hiatus in early 1980. 


1 Sticky 5:21
2 May 5:56
3 Slowfast (Falling Down The Stairs With A Drumkit) 5:51
4 Without 6:53
5 G-Deep 4:51
6 Spaced In 3:42
7 Spiked 5:15
8 The Orange House & The Blue House 6:28
9 Turn 6:26

DUBSTAR Goodbye 1997


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The British dance-pop outfit Dubstar formed in Newcastle, England in 1992. Comprised of vocalist Sarah Blackwood, keyboardist/programmer Steve Hiller and guitarist Chris Wilkie, the trio soon recorded a demo containing a cover of Billy Bragg's "St. Swithin's Day," quickly earning a contract with the Food label. After their first single, "Stars," reached the U.K. Top 40 in the summer of 1995, Dubstar issued their acclaimed debut LP, Disgraceful. In the early weeks of 1996, "Not So Manic Now" became the group's breakthrough hit; their sophomore effort Goodbye appeared the following year. In December 2000 it was announced that the band had split, for Hillier said that he and Blackwood's professional and personal relationships had strained, and he had to creatively move beyond that. 

GENEVA Further 1997


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Taking cues from Suede and Smiths, as well as the Byrds and the Lovin' Spoonful, Geneva carved out a distinctive, idiosyncratic niche in the post-Brit-pop territory of late '90s British indie-rock.
Geneva formed in 1992 in Aberdeen, Scotland when Andrew Montgomery (vocals) and Steven Dora (guitar) met and began writing songs together. Montgomery was then working as a journalist for the Sunday Post and Dora was studying marine biology at university, and neither had previously been in a band before. Eventually, they recruited guitarist Stuart Evans and bassist Keith Graham and, after spending some time working with a drum machine, drummer Douglas Caskie. Playing both originals and '60s folk-rock standards, the band began rehearsing under the name Sunfish and started playing Scottish clubs as of 1992. Over the course of the next year, their enthusiasm began to wear out, and they eventually stopped sending out demos. Nevertheless, they continued playing and writing new songs that were more individual than their previous material, using this new material as leverage for a gig in London. One of these new demos made its way toward Nude Records, who signed the band after witnessing one rehearsal. Changing their name from Sunfish to Geneva, the band released their debut single "No One Speaks" to considerable praise in the latter half of 1996. It was followed in early 1997 by "Into the Blue," and by its release, the UK weekly music press had divided into factions that supported Geneva and critics who believed they were a manufactured band.

Geneva released their full-length debut album, Further, early in the summer of 1997. Their sophomore effort, Weather Underground, arrived three years later. 


1 Temporary Wings 3:13
2 Into The Blue 3:24
3 The God Of Sleep 3:05
4 Best Regrets 4:05
5 Tranquillizer 3:31
6 Further 4:52
7 No One Speaks 3:35
8 Worry Beads 4:48
9 Fall Apart Button 3:12
10 Wearing Off 3:31
11 Nature's Whore 3:20
12 In The Years Remaining 5:18

GLO-WORM Glimmer 1996

by request

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Glo-Worm began in the winter of 1993 as a two-piece ensemble with Terry on guitar and Pam on vocals. With Dan rounding out the lineup on drums, the Washington, D.C. trio soon embarked on a lo-fi indie pop collaboration and barely left its practice space. Two EPs were released in 1994, but the following year saw the abrupt halt of the Worms after they opened for the Magnetic Fields and the Legendary Jim Ruiz Group. After issuing the goodbye single Travelogue that same year, K Records got together all their odds and ends and concluded the Glo-Worm story with the CD compilation Glimmer.

23 July 2019

PUMPERNICKEL Eponymous 1995

lo-fi indie band from New York state


1 Last Song 3:28
2 Today... Whatever 3:42
3 Goodbye 3:18
4 Sad 3:00
5 Tomorrow 4:21
6 Soap Opera 4:13
7 Ending 6:02
8 Sucker 3:30
9 Simple Things 4:16
10 Mood 5:22

JUNEBUG Ticket To Hell 1995

glam/indie rock

EPPERLEY Sophomore Slump 1999

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Since the "modern rock" of the '90s managed to both make the rock of the '70s sound dated while itself being shallow and devoid of melody, not much is left for the rock fan to listen to except for pop/rock. Which is discontenting, except when an album like Epperly's Sophomore Slump arrives on the scene. Slump contains cheery, upbeat lines delivered with a Pixies guitar sound. Instead of drowning in '80s nostalgia, Epperley is solidly rooted in the '90s, aware of the past but not overawed. In "You're So 1988," the band announces, out of frustration, "It's something I hate/You're so 1988... If I could only wish, I'd make you rock harder." And rock harder they do, while still being more joyous than serious. In "She's a Marine," Epperley reminds us you can be un-PC and honest and still be more fun than rude. Epperley songs boast hooks and the band can even occasionally play without distortion. Tracks like "Crystal" and "Breakups and Shakeups" ring truer then any chart-topper today.

1. Crystal
2. Breakups And Shakeups
3. You're So 1988
4. Chocolate & Banana
5. Oregon
6. Static
7. She's Like A Marine
8. Jenks, America
9. My Weekends Aren't What They Used To Be
10. Canter's Chili
11. You Think Too Much And Then You Die

THE FLAMING STARS Sell Your Soul To The Flaming Stars 1997

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22 July 2019

SEÑOR NO Mira Mi Dedo / Está Bien 7 inches

Mira Me Dedo

Está Bien
by request

Mira Mi Dedo 7 inch
Está Bien 7 inch


A Mira Mi Dedo
B Had Enough Of You

20 July 2019

THE HEADS The Time Is Now! 1998


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Relaxing With...
Arising from the relatively quiet music scene in Bristol, England, the Heads comprise singer/guitarist Simon Price, lead guitarist Paul R.A. Allen, bassist H.O. Morgan, and drummer Wayne C. Maskell. On the surface, their independent 1995 debut, Relaxing With the Heads, seemed to slot right into the mid-'90s bustling stoner rock scene, built upon predominant Sabbath and '70s hard rock influences. But upon closer inspection, it soon became clear that the Heads never even made it that far. Instead, the band draws most of their inspiration from the late '60s, combining the sounds of proto-punk Detroit and post-British Invasion psychedelic bands with the acid trips typical of U.K. space rock pioneers like Hawkwind. Approached by the Man's Ruin label (company owner and legendary artist Frank Kozik often claimed that they were his favorite band), the Heads spent the next three years participating in the odd stoner rock collection and issuing a wealth of 7" singles and split E.P.s, most of which were eventually compiled onto 1998's The Time Is Now! Personal differences and university studies drove the band apart for the next couple years, but they eventually made an unexpected return in the year 2000 with their second/third album (depending on who you ask), the critically acclaimed Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere.

18 July 2019

CITRUS Splash 1999


Citrus was a Japanese indie-pop band on the Trattoria Records label founded by Oyamada Keigo (aka Cornelius). It was formed in 1990 by Takeaki Emori (江森丈晃, Emori Takeaki) and Michiko Endō (遠藤倫子, Endō Michiko). They released a number of cassette tapes and EPs before they broke up in 2001 without releasing an album.

FARFLUNG So Many Minds So Little Time 1997

Really far out space rock from Los Angeles. This band is still active today and continuing their journey into trippy space rock/stoner music.

SENSER Asylum 1998


Artist Biography by

In the early '90s, when the cross-pollination of rock, rap, and electronica swept through the popular music industry, Senser emerged as one of the more promising groups, garnering plenty of attention and hype before the London band's lineup splintered following only one album. Began in South West London in the late '80s, Senser boasted a large and diverse roster of musicians: Andy Clinton (DJ), Heitham Al-Sayed (vocals), Kerstin Haigh (vocals), James Barrett (bass), Nick Michaelson (guitar), John Morgan (drums), and Haggis (producer/engineer/programmer). These artists would integrate numerous styles -- hip-hop, hard rock, dance, psychedelia, electronica, and more -- into their music, drawing comparisons and affiliating themselves with other bands who took a similarly eclectic approach such as Ozric Tentacles. An appearance at the 1992 Glastonbury Festival was the culmination of Senser's early gigs. Soon, the press began championing, or at least hyping, the band, and a record deal soon followed.
Senser's first single, "Eject," went straight to number one in the NME independent singles chart in early 1993 and went on to become the NME independent single of the year. Two more singles followed "Eject" -- "The Key" and "Switch" -- along with the band's first full-length, Stacked Up, which entered the national charts at number four. The band toured Europe behind the album, making a sincere effort to bring such issues as racism to the fore, expressing its sentiments with both the lyrics of frontman Heitham Al-Sayed and the band's support of such organizations as the Anti-Nazi League. The band toured through 1993 and much of 1994 as well, following its high-profile appearance at the Reading Festival with another European tour, this time in support of the Rollins Band.
After so much touring, tension began to take its toll on Senser. There was a brief sabbatical from touring before Moby invited the band to support him in the U.S. and the band accepted the offer. This stateside visit proved to be the band's breaking point, and several members -- John Morgan, Heitham Al-Sayed, and Haggis-- parted ways in August 1995.
Despite these major losses to the band's ranks, Senser continued with Haigh as its sole vocalist. There was yet more touring in 1996 and a new album in 1997, Asylum, recorded with producer Arthur Baker. However, during the album's recording, Haigh became pregnant, ending any possibilities for touring. Showcasing yet again its resilience, Senser soldiered on as De-Senser, an electronica off-shoot experimenting with strictly electronic music. One drum'n'bass-styled single appeared in summer 1997, "Om." After this brief venture into dance music, Haigh returned to the fold, and Asylum was finally released in summer 1998, followed by a two-month tour of the U.K. and Europe.


1 Book Of Flies 5:14
2 Charming Demons 3:33
3 Adrenalin 5:48
4 Strange Asylum 5:34
5 Burn Out 4:27
6 Desensitised 6:13
7 Breed 4:58
8 Lizard 6:10
9 Oyster 5:07
10A Weatherman 6:05
10B Untitled 16:49
10C Untitled 2:04