25 February 2011

DHARMA BUMS Bliss 1990

by request


Artist Biography by

The unheralded college rock band the Dharma Bums garnered a passionate cult of fans, especially in their hometown of Portland, OR, but the group broke up just when the Pacific Northwest was attracting media attention for its underground music scene. The Dharma Bums were essentially a reunion of the Watchmen, a band formed by Jeremy Wilson (vocals), Eric Lovre (guitar), and Jim Talstra (bass) in high school. The Watchmen gained a following in Oregon by covering '50s rock and new wave hits from Elvis Costello, the Jam, and Joe Jackson alongside their own tunes. However, the Watchmen split up when Lovre and Talstra graduated from high school. In 1984, Wilson started another group, Perfect Circle. Unlike the Watchmen, Perfect Circle only performed original songs. A year later, Perfect Circle shared a bill with the Young Fresh Fellows at a club in Portland. Wilson was introduced to producer Conrad Uno and the Young Fresh Fellows' frontman Scott McCaughey; his band was given an offer to record in Seattle, WA, but they splintered before that could happen. After he graduated in 1986, Wilson moved to Portland and asked Lovre and Talstra if they wanted to jam. The trio recorded four songs in one evening at a farmhouse. Originally calling themselves the Afterludes, they changed it to the Dharma Bums and added drummer John Moen from Perfect Circle. The group used money from sold-out gigs in Portland to visit Seattle and see if Uno was still interested. The Dharma Bums' studio sessions with Uno led to a contract with his label, PopLlama. In 1988, PopLlama released the Dharma Bums' first album, Haywire. "Boots of Leather" was a smash on college radio. The band signed a deal with Frontier in 1989. The group recorded two more albums and then disbanded in 1992. Wilson formed Pilot in 1993.


1 Pumpkinhead
2 Higher
3 Plunger
4 Far From Gone
5 20,000 Tears
6 Stayed Up Late
7 Time Together
8 Pigweeds
9 B-Sting
10 You've Seen Fire
11 This Horse Is
12 Gold
13 A Place To Be

SKIPLOADER From Can Through String 1995



1 Unlearned 2:49
2 King Regret 2:44
3 Synonym 3:08
4 Secondhand 2:55
5 Name Dropping 2:40
6 Haste 3:08
7 Psammite 3:01
8 For Holly 4:12
9 Entropy Anthem 2:27
10 Hubris 2:49
11 Another Billy 2:25
12 N2O 3:10
13 [Break]
14 2-17-95 2:59

20 February 2011


Let Them Eat 1997

Who Put Out the Fire 1998

by request


Let Them Eat


1 Chompers 2:21
2 Oral Fixation Anonymous 2:08
3 Controversial Trousers 2:01
4 Bitch Test 2:08
5 This Jazz Ain't Free 2:40
6 Southern Fried Wonton 2:14
7 Midget Housing 2:53
8 Dead Signal 2:38
9 Diet For An Underdog 2:30
10 Poison Test 2:14
11 Distortion 1:56
12 Curse Of The Potty Trained Children 2:01

Who Put Out The Fire


1 X Marks The Spot: Something Dull Happened Here 2:34
2 The Warmers 1:44
3 Alias Directory 2:16
4 Skin Problems 2:38
5 New Tricks 2:37
6 Beard Of Bees 2:45
7 Sink The West Coast 1:05
8 A.P.B. 1:58
9 A Was For Anarchy 2:41
10 What We Need Is More Than This 2:29
11 Abyss 2:35

12 February 2011


Unisex Headwave 


Thanks to Jay Strange!

Unisex Headwave


1 Unisex Headwave 3:37
2 Nilla Wafer 3:44
3 Cha Cha 0:48
4 Screw 2:54
5 Surfin' Le Charles 2:49
6 "Hey Rod, What's The Word?" 2:59
7 Tattoo 3:48
8 Bad Mood 3:46
9 Freakin' In Calistoned 4:01
10 Veenus 3:31
11 untitled 3:31

Dope Box
1 Debutante 3:51
2 Psycho Clogs 3:50
3 Seem So Tired 4:33
4 Dope Box 4:01
5 Sinner's Delight 2:24
6 Surfin' The Charles 3:25
7 Where Are We 3:15
8 Tall Buildings 2:11
9 Best Friend 3:57
10 Distorto Toy-Drum Love 0:55
11 I Feel Really O.K. 3:23
12 Kung Fu Dub 5:48

XC-NN Lifted 1995

By request



1 Lifted 3:37
2 5th Force Guru 4:35
3 All Over The Place 4:29
4 Marlboro Lights 4:06
5 Tin Star 4:12
6 Get Off 3:36
7 Move On 2:19
8 Naive Jesus 4:10
9 Bad Skin 3:09
10 Love Sick 4:07
11 Dark Streets 4:07


10 February 2011

WICKED DELUXE A Stereo Compilation 1996

1. No Good Nothing - The Sterlings
2. Image - The Incorruptibles
3. Black Box - Trona
4. Rich Creamy Nougat - Obey
5. Ven A Mi - Big Monster Fish Hook
6. Velour - Jack Drag
7. Turn Down - Veronica Black Morpheus Nipple
8. Mudslide - Jack Frosting
9. She's All Yours - The Pills
10. Hearts & Stars - Mother Jefferson
11. 51 Pegasi: Rocketship Version 1 - Mistle Thrush
12. Randy Bean - Fidel
13. Circus Is Alright - The Red Telephone
14. Black Car - Quintaine Americana

Many thanks to Keith R. for this!

Keith said, "Wicked Deluxe was a great compilation put out by Newbury Comics in 1996. For those of you who don't know what Newbury Comics is, it was (and still is) the only place to great great music in New England.

This comp features a bunch of bands that should have made it big (The Sterlings, The Incorruptibles) and one that almost did (Quintaine Americana)

There is one great song after another, especially The Incorruptibles "Image" which remains my favorite song of the 90's, period."

08 February 2011

NO TREND Tritonian Nash Vegas Polyester Complex 1987



1 One Under Parr
2 Copperhead
3 Without Me
4 Fred Reality
5 Space Disco
6 Cry Of The Dirtballs
7 Angel Angel Down We Go
8 Overweight Baby Boom Critter
9 Choc-O-Jet
10 Freak
11 Bel-Pre Rising

07 February 2011

D.Q.E. Masturbation Made a Mess Out of Me 1992



A1 Make The World Go Away
A2 Masturbation Made A Mess Out Of Me
B Rain

When I ripped this, the first song on Side A ran into the second, so it's one track.

DQE was from Atlanta, Georgia. I remember a friend and I going up to see a record rep buddy of mine in Atlanta. After a night of partying and bar hopping to pop in and see the Flat Duo Jets and Monster Magnet, we all went to a practice space in a very bad area of downtown Atlanta at about 2 a.m. At the practice place was the drummer from D.Q.E. and a couple of other people. I already had a copy of the 7 inch so it was pretty cool to meet the drummer. Jim wanted to stay and keep drinking and my friend and I wanted to go back to his place and get some sleep. He let us use his car to get back to his house but when I tried to get in the car, the alarm started going off and here we are in a bad part of Atlanta with a car alarm going off and upstairs they are playing so they can't hear us and the door is locked. We just wanted to get the hell out of there! Finally we got the alarm off and sped out of there pretty fast. Even Jim warned me about the neighborhood. Now I look back and think the whole thing was pretty darned funny. And that's my story of D.Q.E. Sort of.

CARNIVAL ART Welcome to Vas Llegas 1992

by request





Welcome To Vas Llegas1:41
Shit Thick5:07
Sucker Punch3:24
Which Is Wig3:34
Dread Full Head3:56
Blue Food5:48
Gold Plated Crazy4:37
Bullet Surprise3:23
Little Elvis3:41
Pill Bugg6:06



HELIOS CREED The Warming 1991

Helios Creed 7 inch on Amphetamine Reptile Records

Side A
The Warming

Side B
Your Spaceman

THE SEYMORES Piedmont 1995



1 Red Snapper
2 Sidewinder
3 Kronkite
4 Cannot Tell You
5 Interlude
6 Bonecrusher
7 Arcade Boy
8 Blue Star
9 Pinhead
10 Marilyn's Child
11 Drywall