28 January 2019

ANGELFISH Suffocate Me EP 1993


1 Suffocate Me 3:46
2 You Can Love Her 3:52
3 Kimberly 3:46
4 Trash It 2:55


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GOODBYE MR. MACKENZIE self titled 1991

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The arty British pop band Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie may be best known for the fact that Garbage's Shirley Manson was once a member, but there is more to the group's story, including chart successes and record company conflicts. Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie formed in 1981 out of the ashes of the Clan, which itself was created from the lineups of Lipstick and Irrelevant. The band's first lineup comprised singer/guitarist Martin Metcalfe, drummer Derek Kelly, bassist Jamie Waterson, and keyboardist Ewan Drysdale; Chuck Parker replaced Drysdale within a matter of months.

Face to Face
The band released its first single, Death of a Salesman, in 1984, and added two background vocalists, Shirley Manson (who also played keyboards) and Hilary McLean, in the next year. The Mackenzies' 1986 single The Rattler reached number 13 in the U.K. indie charts, and the group made several TV and radio appearances in the wake of the song's success. On the strength of their 1987 Face to Face single, which was another indie Top 20 hit, Capitol signed Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie in 1988.
Good Deeds and Dirty Rags
The group released a string of singles over the next year (including a re-recorded version of The Rattler), all of which hovered in the mid-regions of the Top 100. Their 1989 album Good Deeds and Dirty Rags fared slightly better, charting at number 27; however, Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie and Capitol parted ways; the Mackenzies signed to Parlophone and Capitol released a B-sides and live collection, Fish Heads and Tails, at the end of the year.
Hammer and Tongs
In 1990, the group toured with Debbie Harry and released two singles, Love Child and Blacker Than Black, that met with indifference: Blacker Than Black topped out at number 62, while Love Child failed to chart at all. With two albums' worth of material recorded and waiting to be released, the Mackenzies left Parlophone and signed to MCA. The newer of the two albums, Now We Are Married, was released in February of 1991, while Hammer and Tongs, which was recorded in 1989, came out the following month. Poor chart showings for the records and conflicts between the label, management, and the group resulted in MCA dropping Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie in 1992.
Live: On The Day Of Storms
The following year the band changed gears, creating the side project Angelfish, which put Manson's smoldering sensuality and vocals at the forefront. The year 1993 also saw the debut of the band's own label, Blokshok, on which they released the live Mackenzies album Live: On the Day of Storms. Angelfish's video for the single "Shock Me" received some airplay on MTV, where famously, guitarist Steve Marker saw it, leading to Manson being asked to join his new project Garbage. After Manson left, the rest of the Mackenzies carried on for two more albums, Five and The Glory Hole, as well as a collection of covers, Jezebel. The group played its final gig at the end of 1995. 


1 Blacker Than Black 3:49
2 The Rattler 4:03
3 Diamonds 4:31
4 The Burning 4:27
5 Now We Are Married 5:29
6 Down To The Minimum 3:56
7 Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie 3:28
8 Open Your Arms 4:22
9 She's Strong 4:00
10 Love Child 2:37
11 Sick Baby 4:38
12 Dust 3:42
13 Goodwill City 6:44
14 Tongue-Tied 6:36

27 January 2019

CHIXDIGGIT! self titled 1996

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Originally using the future band moniker merely as an excuse to sell T-shirts with "Chixdiggit!" in cheesy metal logos, these guys figured that they should at least start a group with that name. So in 1991, without any musical experience or ability to read music, Mark O'Flaherty (guitar), K.J. Jansen (vocals/guitar), and Michael Eggermont (bass) got together with the intention of rocking out Calgary along with the rest of Canada. For the next couple of years to come, Chixdiggit! would go through an array of drummers before settling down with Jason Hirsch the following year.

Born on the First of July
Armed with a bratty Ramones-influenced pop sound, they took their antics across Canada and the northwestern United States for the next couple years before releasing their first album on Sub-Pop in 1996. Even though the self-titled album was a critical hit and gave them worldly recognition, it didn't go along with the musical direction that Sub-Pop wanted to take. Not too long after Chixdiggit! and the label parted ways in 1997, they were immediately signed to Honest Don's Records. Their second album, Born on the First of July, was eventually released the next year. Their sophomore effort, From Scene to Shining Scene, was released in mid-2000. While staying true to their pop-punk roots, the band showed some signs of slowing in the 2000s. After a five year break, Pink Razors appeared in April 2005 on Fat Wreck. Following another hiatus, in 2011, the band regrouped for the Safeways Here We Come EP. 


The Hunt

Spectral Worship

The Hunt

Spectral Worship


1 Spectral Worship 4:38
2 Chereza 3:55
3 Love The Lamp 5:47
4 Wounded Birds And Vampires Own The Edge 4:04
5 Anaphelact 5:26
6 Coozwax 5:36
7 Jealous Girl 3:55
8 Time Rarely Stand Still 4:11
9 Anything 3:28
10 Difficulty In Openness 3:53
11 Someone Else 4:00
12 Spectral Worship 0:52
13 Welcome 4:52

ANGELFISH self titled 1994


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Primarily known as the band that got Shirley Manson first noticed (and eventually recruited) by Garbage, Angelfish was a short-lived project created by former members of the Scottish group Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie. Although Manson played a limited role in that band (consigned mostly to keyboards and backing vocal duties), she quickly assumed the role of lead singer and frontwoman of Angelfish. Meanwhile, guitarist (and former Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie singer) Martin Metcalf, bassist Fin Wilson, and drummer Derek Kelly took somewhat of a back seat to Manson's blooming persona. It wasn't long before her charisma soon became the group's centerpiece; Manson's image alone was featured on the cover of Angelfish's self-titled debut album, and she became the primary subject of the band's music videos. Although wide success escaped the quartet, their videos managed to receive some limited airplay on MTV's alternative program, 120 Minutes. It was on this very program that renowned producers Butch Vig, Duke Erikson, and Steve Marker happened to catch an airing of Angelfish's video for "Suffocate Me." Still needing someone to front the group they were forming, and intrigued by Manson's unmistakable presence, a phone call was soon placed to Manson. During a break on Angelfish's North American tour, Manson took a brief detour to Vig's studio in Madison, WI, to record some tracks with the trio. The success of this tentative partnership soon blossomed into what would become Garbage, and Angelfish was effectively dissolved.

HAGFISH self titled 1998

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1 Anniversary Song 2:25
2 Band 2:28
3 Envy 2:20
4 18 Days 1:04
5 Hand 2:35
6 Doo Doo Noggin 1:48
7 Bop 1:51
8 Closer 2:25
9 Sucker 2:55
10 Twisting 1:48
11 Goes Down 1:32
12 Fruit 2:48
13 100 Percent Woman 2:24
14 Alien 2:50
15 Agent 37 4:27