30 July 2018

SKA KING CRAB Mission To Mars 1996

thanks to Jim

HELL NO ¡Adios Armageddon! 1995

New York hardcore

SHALLOW High Flyin' Kid Stuff 1997

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Not to be confused with other 1990s bands named Shallow, this Shallow is a distinctive and risk-taking alternative rock unit that was formed in the small Kansas town of DeSoto in the early 1990s. The group has thrived on contrasts; lush melodies and the waifish, girlish singing of Julie Shields contrast with dissonant and noisy guitars--and yet, Shallow hasn't had a problem making it all fit together nicely. For Shallow, the first pieces of the puzzle started falling into place in 1988, when bass guitarist Jason Shields and guitarist Ryan Newton were both 14 and started playing together. Several years later, Jason met and married Julie, and Shallow was born when Jason and Ryan hired her as a lead singer. Shallow became a quartet when Stephen Kretsinger was hired to play drums. Playing around Kansas, Shallow started to acquire a small following. The band recorded two EPs before providing 1995's 3-D Stereo Trouble and 1997's High Flyin' Kid Stuff for Zero Hour Records.


1 Missile Command 3:32
2 Light Saber And The Video Game God 2:57
3 You Give Me Butterflies 4:13
4 Studio 54 (It Must Be Nice) 3:49
5 Slowdrone 4:20
6 Birthday 4:25
7 Straight Away 4:21
8 Wash, Dry, Fold 4:16
9 Smile 2:53
10 The Strangest Thing 3:34
11 King Of The Wide Eyed Girls 6:09


THE SILOS self titled 1990

Artist Biography by

One of the pioneering bands of the early alternative country scene, the Silos were the brainchild of vocalist, songwriter, and bandleader Walter Salas-Humara, who was born in Florida to parents who were exiled from Cuba. Salas-Humara began writing songs while he was a student at the University of Florida in Gainesville in the early '80s (where he played in an early version of the Vulgar Boatmen), and by 1985 he had relocated to New York City and was eager to record an album. Salas-Humara began working with bassist and guitarist Bob Rupe, another former Floridian. Calling themselves the Silos, the pair recorded -- with the help of a few friends -- a low-budget album called About Her Steps. Released by a small New York independent label called Record Collect, About Her Steps earned a number of rave reviews, and Salas-Humara and Rupe assembled a touring version of the Silos to support the release on the road.

In 1987, the road-tested Silos went into the studio to record Cuba, which added a tougher and more confident tone to the debut album's blend of jangle and fuzz; the album became another critical favorite, and the band signed a major-label deal with RCA, who released the band's self-titled third set in 1990. A more delicate and carefully crafted effort than its predecessors, The Silos was lovely but a tough sell, and sold poorly by major-label standards (though it moved significantly more copies than Cuba or About Her Steps). RCA dropped the band, and Rupe parted ways with the Silos; Salas-Humara opted to continue without him, and the Texas-based independent label Watermelon Records issued Hasta la Victoria! in 1992. After 1994's Susan Across the Ocean, the Silos tool a break for several years, but with 1998's Heater, the group began to solidify with a new lineup -- Salas-Humara, bassist and pedal steel player Drew Glackin, and percussionist Konrad Meissner -- and a series of strong albums followed, including 2001's Laser Beam Next Door and 2004's When the Telephone Rings

24 July 2018

ORANGE 9MM Pretend I'm Human 1999

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1 When You Lie 3:01
2 Lifeless 3:41
3 Facelift 4:11
4 Touching Skies 4:57
5 Pretend I'm Human 3:48
6 Dragons (You Know I Love You) 5:33
7 Innocence 7:01
8 Alien 3:30
9 Tightrope 5:11
10 Day One 1:44



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America's Newest Hit Makers
 How To Know The Butterflies of Love


1 Mt Everest 2:53
2 Serious 3:28
3 Horrible 2:54
4 Wild 3:25
5 Floating 2:11
6 Love May Be Possible 6:16
7 Rob A Bank 3:44
8 Shame 2:17
9 Amethyst 2:40
10 Assassins 4:14
11 Swollen Eyes 3:02
12 Leaving When I'm Done Drinking 1:54



Thanks to Meg

The Soul of a New Machine


1 Introduction (Part 2) 1:59
2 Monopoly Of Your Mouth 2:37
3 Floorboard Shake 3:20
4 The Cut 2:09
5 I've Dreamt Of Leaving Ever Since You Told Me 5:04
6 It's Alright 3:54
7 Scratch 4:24
8 Up In The High Numbers 2:11
9 Blow Out 2:25
10 Go Go Kitty 2:07
11 We Hate The Blues 10:50

Sorega Doushita

1 Pleased And Honored Pt. 1 2:33
2 Pleased And Honored Pt. 2 4:20
3 Green Eyes 5:35
4 Mainline Pt. 2 3:58
5 Wiretapping 1:14
6 The Take Down 2:03


14 July 2018

MONSTER MAGNET self titled 1990

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Artist Biography by

Retro-rock visionaries Monster Magnet spent much of the 1990s struggling against the prejudices imposed upon image and sound by alternative rock fashion nazis. In fact, it wasn't until that movement's late-'90s decline that the band's dogged persistence finally paid off and their fourth album, Powertrip, catapulted to gold sales status on the strength of its massive hard rock hit "Space Lord." In the meantime, Monster Magnet had managed to become one of the most successful and influential bands associated with the so-called underground "stoner rock" scene. And yet their influences span much further than that scene's foundations in '70s hard rock and metal, delving into space rock, psychedelia, and beyond. 

THE HELLACOPTERS Disappointment Blues 1998

by request
 Australian version (with track 2 Freeway To Hell)

11 July 2018

SPORE Fear God 1993



by request


1 Under The Sheltering Sky
2 Your Daughters And Your Sons
3 Pearls To Swine
4 Hard Times
5 Sweet Redemption
6 Loneliest Road In America
7 California
8 Sarah
9 Broken Spirits
10 Saddled By Idiots

09 July 2018


punk/garage rock



1 Anthem
2 It's All Right
3 Alien
4 Fix Me
5 Ready
6 My Life
7 Friends
8 No More
9 Come On
10 Streeter
11 Bellingham Beauty
12 Countdown

TOP Emotion Lotion 1991

from that Manchester sound



1 Number One Dominator 4:00
2 Buzzin 3:41
3 Soul Magic 4:30
4 Hi Baby Hi 4:12
5 Goodnight 3:07
6 Feel Good 3:07
7 Love By Demand 3:32
8 Easy 3:05
9 As Far As I Can See 2:44
10 She's Got All The World 3:34
11 Life's Only Dreaming 4:19