28 February 2020

DOWNCAST self titled 1991

hardcore on the Ebullition label
This is the second recording/mix of the record, and in my opinion it's got a better hardcore sound.


A1 System
A2 De-Recognized
A3 Paradox
A4 From You And Me
A5 In This Land
B1 Grace
B2 They Are Not
B3 See
B4 Privilege
B5 Hope

THE VSS self titled 7 inch 1995

by request
math rock/hardcore/noise on the Gravity label


A1 "Response"
A2 I Cut My Teeth
B3 Cosmic Retribution
B4 Crawling In Place

VIBROLUSH self titled 1997

by request

Artist Biography by

Alternative rock quartet Vibrolush has been honing its rock & roll dynamics since the mid-'90s when frontman Phil Vassil and guitarist James Mazler began jamming in various session cubbies in the New York music scene. Both musicians had a fondness for '80s new wave and a thirst for classic rock, so naturally Vibrolush molded such influences into the sonic fiber behind the band's own glam-oriented sound.

Touch and Go
Vassil and Mazler hooked up with drummer Tobias Ralph and bassist 'B' to make Vibrolush a solid foursome. They released their self-titled debut on Interscope in 1997, but three years later Vibrolush scored a deal with V2. Touch and Go was the band's sophomore effort released in fall 2000, introducing a tighter pop sound, layered with bits of funk and raw rock riffs.


1 No Regrets 3:33
2 Bridge Over Me 4:03
3 Special 4:02
4 Another Day 4:02
5 Touch Yourself 3:22
6 It's Over 4:33
7 What You See 3:31
8 Sorry 3:54
9 Easy 3:37
10 Kamikazi 3:52

DAMNATION Burn Em Like A Rat 1999

by request

Artist Biography by

The name Damnation has been used more than a few times in the rock world. Damnation has been the name of a California punk band, an Argentinian power metal band, and a Canadian thrash metal/speed metal band, as well as death metal/black metal bands from Poland and Indonesia, and there has also been a German band called Damnation. But the Damnation profiled in this bio is an underground Swedish metal trio, and "underground" is definitely the word to describe the Stockholm-based outfit, which has combined death metal and black metal with thrash metal and speed metal. Despite many years in the trenches, Sweden's Damnation hasn't enjoyed much commercial success -- even by death metal and black metal standards -- and their recordings have been few and far between. The group's obscurity has a lot to do with the fact that Damnation's three members -- Richard Cabeza on lead vocals and guitar, Björn Gramell on bass, and Peter Stjärnvind on drums -- have kept busy with a variety of other bands in the ‘90s and 2000s (some of them much better known). Cabeza has been a part of at least seven other Nordic bands, including Dismember, Unleashed, Carbonized, and General Surgery, while Stjärnvind's affiliations have included Entombed, Regurgitate, and Loud Pipes. Gramell, meanwhile, is perhaps best known for his association with a band called Charred Remains. Clearly, Cabeza, Gramell, and Stjärnvind have regarded Damnation as a side project; nonetheless, Damnation has been active for a long time (albeit in an on-again/off-again fashion). The trio was formed in 1989, and Damnation was still contributing to the Nordic metal scene 15 years later in 2004 (and continuing to fly under the radar). Although not a punk band per se, the Swedish headbangers are certainly punk-influenced, and they obviously identify with the sort of gut-level rawness that characterized old-school punk back in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. There is a very primitive, garage-like quality to Damnation, whose influences (some of them from Western Europe, some of them from the United States) have included Venom, Celtic Frost, Bathory, and the seminal Motörhead, as well as Slayer, Napalm Death, and Megadeth. And their work hasn't changed very much along the way; in 2004, a few reviewers commented on how stylistically, Damnation had maintained their loyalty to the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. Damnation continues to recall an era in which thrash metal was giving way to the more extreme (but equally punk-influenced) death metal/black metal field -- a time when the blistering Slayer was considered both thrash and death metal. Although Damnation recorded some little-known demos in the ‘90s (including 1995's Divine Darkness), it took them 15 years to come out with their first full-length album. Their debut album finally saw the light of day in 2004, when Candlelight released Destructo Evangelia in the United States.


A1 Fucked 2 Death
A2 Racial Retards
A3 Stranger Calls
A4 Speed Teeth
A5 Somebody Who Cares
A6 O Seraphine
A7 Civil Unrest
A8 U Against The World
A9 Far Before Our Time
A10 Swine
B1 Phuckerman
B2 Little Old Man Dog
B3 Hell Race
B4 No New Plan
B5 Getting Evil
B6 My Halloween
B7 Lord Of The Flys
B8 Repossession
B9 Drunk & Stupid

27 February 2020

ECONOCHRIST RuiNation 1990



American hardcore band from Little Rock, Arkansas. They later relocated to San Francisco.
Active from the late 1980s until the early 1990s.


A1 Comabox 4:03
A2 More To This Life 2:41
A3 Misspent 2:27
A4 On One Day 3:11
A5 The Exception 4:02
B1 Behind Vanity 3:19
B2 Tunnelvision 2:17
B3 Fights That Solve Nothing 3:46
B4 Bullet With No Name 1:42
B5 Weak Inside 6:14

23 February 2020

CUPID CAR CLUB Join Our Club... 1993


AllMusic Review by  

After the breakup of Nation of Ulysses, Ian Svenonius, Steve Gamboa, and James Canty returned in a number of guises, Cupid Car Club, M.P. being one of them, before settling into the Make-Up. This 7" adds vocalist Kim Thompson to the mix; her presence revives this moribund way station featuring not just one revolutionary (once) subcultural teenage identity creation song but four! Four chances for kids to join the club. "Edge of the Envelope" is a cryptically angry tune saved by the interplay between Svenonius and Thompson. Is this what they mean by a call to action? The ultra-catchy "Vapor Rub Out" positions Svenonius as a kind of Screaming Jay Hawkins figure, substituting the "in" knowledge for personal magnetism but still working to cast a spell of sexual attraction. On the flip side, "Child Custody" touches on incendiary male/female relationships and "Grape Juice Plus" joins the long line of mystical revolutionary (twice) songs about soda. Although you gotta give props for the fourth Horseman being Fever and the outro chorus, "That's, that's, that's what I'm waiting for," which perfectly crystallizes the mid-'90s frozen revolutionary (three times!) impulse of punkish white youth. A group that will give you an identity in the name of a highly xenophobic (sub) culture -- yeah, that's what you're waiting for.


A1 Edge Of The Envelope
A2 Vapor Rub Out
B1 Child Custody Commandos
B2 Grape Juice Plus

ROCK STARS KILL Various Artists 1994


1 Tourettes (4) Horse Girl 0:51
2 Cupid Car Club M.P. Skulkers 2:53
3 Starpower Megablot 4:01
4 Boredoms Pukulee & Rikulee 4:36
5 Helium (3) W/ The Bird Of Paradise Puffin Stars 2:13
6 Spinanes* Stupid Crazy 2:35
7 Team Dresch Seven 1:47
8 Mukilteo Fairies We Are Not Your Entertainers 0:38
9 God Is My Co-Pilot Anatomically Correct 1:19
10 Severed Lethargy Rev 2:36
11 Rancid Brixton 3:05
12 Free Kitten Feed The Tree 1:54
13 Universal Order Of Armageddon Painfully Obvious 2:20
14 The Pee Chees* Patty Coahuila 2:52
15 Starpimp Roche Limit 4:00
16 Pell Mell Don The Beachcomber 3:33
17 Smog 37 Pushups 2:18
18 Star Sign Scorpio Eskinaut 1:14
19 The Hattifatteners North Pole 1:24
20 Grouse Mountain Skyride Pretty Polly 2:38
21 Fifth Column Detox Killer (Erotic Thriller) 1:55
22 Fleabag Pusdog 4:32
23 Kathleen Hanna I Wish I Was Him 2:59

19 February 2020

RAFR Volume 2 1997

by request


1 The Humpers Amemia 2:36
2 The Pleasure Fuckers Schizophrenia 2:33
3 The Hellacopters Lowdown 1:59
4 Cash Registers Flirt 1:04
5 Sluts For Hire Bitch (Demo Version) 1:07
6 The Chicken Hawks They Want To Fight 2:09
7 ADZ (3) Get Bent 1:31
8 Thankless Dogs The Unknown Stone 2:57
9 The Wretched Ones Move On 2:27
10 The Crowd (4) Run For The Money 2:39
11 Limecell Rosy Palm 2:13
12 Damnation (9) Frankentard 1:16
13 Cocknoose Take That To The Bank 1:33
14 The Nomads (2) Party Till I Die 2:29
15 Rik Slave & The Phantoms Trace Of Love 1:48
16 Ff Happy 2:54
17 22 Jacks Sea 2:27
18 Chemical People The Last One 3:16
19 Mildred Pierce (3) D.O.M. 1:52
20 The Coffin Cheaters* Kids Are Gonna Fight 2:29
21 Electric Frankenstein I Wish I Could 3:36
22 Campus Tramps* Spread It Around 2:32
23 Throwrag* 3-D Cross 2:25
24 The Turbo A.C.'s Puff Of Smoke 2:04
25 The Choice (5) Last Moped Ride 1:49
26 Twister Naked Bearded Venus Flytraps 1:55
27 Bad Karma (2) Pirate Song 2:14
28 Brandon Cruz Band Superman 2:30
29 Mars Needs Women (2) New Boy 3:38
30 Spent Idols* Can't You See 1:57

18 February 2020

MIDNIGHT OIL The Green Disc 1990

Promo only compilation


Artist Biography by

Head Injuries
Australia's Midnight Oil brought a new sense of political and social immediacy to pop music: not only did incendiary hits like "Beds Are Burning" and "Blue Sky Mine" bring global attention to the plight of, respectively, Australia's indigenous people and working class, but the group also put its money where its mouth was -- in addition to mounting benefit performances for groups like Greenpeace and Save the Whales, frontman Peter Garrett later became a member of the Australian House of Representatives on the Labor ticket. Early on, Midnight Oil's music was rough-hewn hard rock with a punky vibe (this side of the band can be heard on 1979's Head Injuries), while they began taking on more adventurous melodic constructs and angular arrangements that sounded smart without slipping into pretension (their high points in this era were 1983's 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and 1984's Red Sails in the Sunset). The group adopted a slightly more accessible approach and more dynamic arrangements with 1987's international hit Diesel and Dust, and they kept up this engaging if less aggressive attack on 1990's Blue Sky Mining and 1993's Earth and Sun and Moon. 2002's Capricornia found them beefing up their sound again before the group went on hiatus, only to return for live work in the 2010s.  


1 King Of The Mountain 3:51
2 Brave Faces 4:46
3 No Time For Games 4:33
4 The Dead Heart (Long Version) 6:07
5 Kosciusko 4:40
6 Don't Wanna Be The One 3:02
7 Power And The Passion (Remix) 6:43
8 No Reaction 2:57
9 Powderworks 5:37
10 Best Of Both Worlds 4:04
11 Beds Are Burning (Tamarama Mix) 8:02
12 Gunbarrel Highway 3:40
13 Hercules 4:28
14 Blue Sky Mine (Food On The Table Mix) 6:34
15 Stand In Line (Live) 5:52

MISS MAY '66 Self Tilted 1995

Sound level is low on this record.

Female fronted alt rock


1 Quan Yin 2:50
2 Ball Park Rage 3:26
3 Hour Glass 3:01
4 My Husband's A Drag Queen 2:34
5 You Think 5:20
6 Ker Plank On Ramseyer Hall → Jaded Fuck 6:19
7 Life Span Of A Monarch 3:08
8 Miss Little Shit Talker 1:48
9 Pent Up Aggression 1:46
10 Best Friends 3:59
11 Satchel 3:43

THE GRINNING PLOWMAN Nothing's Ever What It Is 1993

cassette only release

The Grinning Plowman were a post-punk band from Nashville, TN, United States. They had three full-length releases, and disbanded in 1993.


A1 Secret Sugar Frosting 4:00
A2 Nancy's Relish Tray Demonstration 6:37
A3 Hula 2:33
A4 Mainframe 4:02
A5 Pewter Surf 2:04
A6 Functional Design 3:13
B1 Monkey Speed Drome 3:01
B2 Orange Room 4:15
B3 Fool 2:40
B4 The Wonders Of Linoleum 4:55
B5 Telemythos 4:34
B6 Synthetic Flux 5:14

GUNBUNNIES Paw Paw Patch 1990


Artist Biography by

Southern pop combo the Gunbunnies was formed in Little Rock, AR; led by frontman Chris Maxwell, the group relocated to Memphis before issuing their lone LP, 1989's Paw Paw Patch


1 Put A Tail On Your Kite 3:51
2 Down In The Dark 2:55
3 Stranded 3:20
4 Big Talk 2:31
5 The Killing Frost 5:50
6 Can I Follow You? 3:45
7 3 Days Behind 3:36
8 Break My Fall 4:14
9 Little Drops Of Water 5:00
10 Drinking Days 2:45

BIDI BIDI BIDI Bananafish Compilation 1999

compilation of noise/avant garde/experimental music released by Bananafish zine, published in the 90's


1 Frank De Quengo*, Marcel Perrin and Pakito Bolino L'Oeil Du Cyclone 3:05
2 Solid Eye No Pause If Possible 5:45
3 Nigel Bunn The Doggeral Muse 6:14
4 AZ* "Whats The Scoreamigo?" 4:16
5 Universal Indians Message 4 Madman 7:51
6 Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase Teal Ted Stares At The Last Deer State 4:25
7 Challenge (2) Recorded At Mills College 10/11/86 8:00
8 İlhan Mimaroǧlu* Prelude No. 24 For Magnetic Tape ("Doomsayer's Doomsday") 5:10
9 Idea Fire Company Frozen Diamond 3:27
10 Diesel Guitar Venus 5:39
11 irr. app. (ext.) 3 Afflictions For The Wretched (And Otherwise): Silk Sow With Pursed Ears / Loxosceles: A Gift Of Necrotic Ulcers For The Stupid Mammal / Identity Crisis: Not A Bad Thing 5:20
12 Witcyst Magic Moments 4:58
13 Nautical Almanac Live At Gravy Jelly 5:36