28 February 2020

VIBROLUSH self titled 1997

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Alternative rock quartet Vibrolush has been honing its rock & roll dynamics since the mid-'90s when frontman Phil Vassil and guitarist James Mazler began jamming in various session cubbies in the New York music scene. Both musicians had a fondness for '80s new wave and a thirst for classic rock, so naturally Vibrolush molded such influences into the sonic fiber behind the band's own glam-oriented sound.

Touch and Go
Vassil and Mazler hooked up with drummer Tobias Ralph and bassist 'B' to make Vibrolush a solid foursome. They released their self-titled debut on Interscope in 1997, but three years later Vibrolush scored a deal with V2. Touch and Go was the band's sophomore effort released in fall 2000, introducing a tighter pop sound, layered with bits of funk and raw rock riffs.


1 No Regrets 3:33
2 Bridge Over Me 4:03
3 Special 4:02
4 Another Day 4:02
5 Touch Yourself 3:22
6 It's Over 4:33
7 What You See 3:31
8 Sorry 3:54
9 Easy 3:37
10 Kamikazi 3:52

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