16 February 2020

TELEVISION PERSONALITIES Paisley Shirts & Mini Skirts 1995

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...And Don't the Kids Just Love It
Over the course of a long career that led them from wide-eyed shambling pop to the outer reaches of psychedelia and back, Britain's Television Personalities influenced artists as diverse as feedback virtuosos the Jesus and Mary Chain, twee pop titans the Pastels, lo-fi kingpins Pavement and neo-psych oddballs MGMT. Led by the alternately whimsical and devastating songwriting of Dan Treacy, the band began recording in the late '70s with an off-kilter take on punk, the band followed a winding path that resulted in a long string of songs (from 1978's "Part Time Punk" to 2010's "A New Tattoo") and albums (classics like 1981's ...And Don't the Kids Just Love It and 2006's wrenching My Dark Places) that were always hooky, emotionally powerful and beloved by those who understood Treacy's outsider vision and unique voice.  


1 Anxiety Blocks 2:16
2 Away Day To Brighton 3:11
3 God's Got A Grudge On Me 3:04
4 "Hello Edward" 3:32
5 I Don't Know What To Say 2:47
6 I Remember Bridget Riley 2:49
7 It Had To Happen 2:48
8 Girl On A Motorcycle 2:48
9 La Grande Illusion 3:57
10 Magic Playground 4:00
11 Part-Time Punks 4:00
12 I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives 3:56
13 Red And Purple Flashes 2:39

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