18 February 2020

THE GRINNING PLOWMAN Nothing's Ever What It Is 1993

cassette only release

The Grinning Plowman were a post-punk band from Nashville, TN, United States. They had three full-length releases, and disbanded in 1993.


A1 Secret Sugar Frosting 4:00
A2 Nancy's Relish Tray Demonstration 6:37
A3 Hula 2:33
A4 Mainframe 4:02
A5 Pewter Surf 2:04
A6 Functional Design 3:13
B1 Monkey Speed Drome 3:01
B2 Orange Room 4:15
B3 Fool 2:40
B4 The Wonders Of Linoleum 4:55
B5 Telemythos 4:34
B6 Synthetic Flux 5:14

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