30 October 2011

AGNES GOOCH Blind 1997

By request


by Tom Demalon

The Los Angeles quartet Agnes Gooch's unusual moniker can be traced to an early drummer whose babysitter used to threaten him with retribution at the hands of said character. In actuality, Agnes Gooch is a character from the musical Mame. Finding common musical ground upon meeting in a club, guitarists Nathan Ehrenfeld and Mat Baker chose to form a band, soon adding a bass player going by the name Johnny Lonely. After several false starts, drummer Scott Bushkin completed the lineup and the group began to play out, attracting a following on the L.A. club scene and signing a record deal with Revolution. With a sound that drew as much on traditional, power pop influences as the darker, alternative rock of the period, they released their debut, Blind, in 1997. It would prove to be their only release and, with Baker and Lonely playing in separate bands, it seems likely to remain so.

IDLE Gravity Rocks 1995

By request Info on Idle: http://idlenyc.tripod.com/idlemain.html Thanks to Anonymous for sending me the CD to put on the site!


1 Life In Rock
2 Please Be Quiet Please
3 Feel
4 Rob Says Jazz
5 Girls On Mass Ave.
6 Timebomb
7 June
8 (I'm A) Wreck
9 The List
10 Harbor
11 Alona
12 Revenge Is Karma
13 Light
14 Übermensch

25 October 2011

CUSTOM FLOOR Clear Day 1993

Upped by Buddhaboy

1 Lost And (Never) Found
2 Unreal
3 Glass Bottom Boat
4 Clear Day
5 Teenage Years
6 Justice
7 Media Overkill
8 Virus
9 Super-8 Movies
10 Extinct

HAZEL Wintogreen 1994

7 inch released on Cavity Search
Thanks to Buddhaboy


A Wintogreen
B King Twist

21 October 2011

CLOSER In The Market 1998

THE MUMMIES and SUPERCHARGER Tour Split 7 inch 1993


by Mark Deming

The once and future kings of budget rock, the Mummies did for garage rock what the New Bomb Turks did for punk: stripped it to the frame, made it as raunchy as it deserved to be, and reminded everyone what was cool and crazy about the stuff in the first place. Of course, while the New Bomb Turks were able to build a career out of their roots punk cross-breed, the Mummies achieved their greatest notoriety after they broke up, but it's difficult to imagine the rawest edge of the garage revival bands existing without the guiding influence of the gauze-wrapped foursome.


by Chris Larry

Brought together by a love of rock & roll and a newly purchased drum set Supercharger rocked the early '90s with trashy guitar riffs and a full-throttle misfit punk attack. Based on the cretin hop of the Ramones and the Angry Samoans with a good knowledge of rock & roll's two-minute pop nugget history, Supercharger deconstructed songs till only the essentials of beat and hooks remained. Filling in the gaps with power and volume the music comes across like a cold slap in the face. Teenage mayhem and a general antisocial sentiment cast the band as delinquent savants like those that created the music originally in the 1950s. Calling San Francisco central headquarters, Greg Lowery (bass/vocals), Darin Raeffelli (guitar/vocals), and Karen Singletary (drums/vocals) formed in 1991 and before playing out or … » Read more

HALO OF FLIES Big Mod Hate Trip 1991


by John Dougan

Destructo, psycho-grunge from Minneapolis with big fuzzed-up guitars.


Well, I guess that says it all!




Doris 3:10
Wingwalker 5:00

The Rude Gesture (A Pictorial History)


The Guy Who Invented Fire 1:36
Rambler Song 2:40
Billard Player Song 3:45

20 October 2011

SPELL Mississippi 1994

By request


by Pemberton Roach
One of the more back-to-basics bands to emerge from the early-'90s grunge scene, Spell is a stripped-down power trio with an emphasis on the power. Interspersing huge, Black Sabbath by way of Soundgarden-style riffs with softer Velvet Underground and Nico drone sections, the band keeps things pretty simple. The best songs are the ones on which Chanin Floyd sings. On those tracks, Spell recalls other heavy indie bands with female vocals, such as Royal Trux and Thumper, but with more melodic vocals than the former and more ragged production than the latter. The band plays with pretty ferocious energy throughout, but the formula gets a bit old after the first four or five tunes. 


1 Dixie 3:41
2 Seems To Me 3:21
3 Superstar 3:23
4 More 6:28
5 Straight To Hell 3:17
6 4-b 4:34
7 Hazel Motes 4:28
8 Safe 4:26
9 Mom 3:55
10 Bring The Old Man 4:27

19 October 2011

COME Car 12 inch 1991



by Jason Ankeny
The dark and dissonant blues-rock band Come formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1990. The group was led by singer/guitarist Thalia Zedek -- a recovering heroin addict and veteran of the indie-rock scene whose career included tenures fronting Live Skull, Uzi, the Dangerous Birds and White Women -- and guitarist Chris Brokaw, also the drummer for Codeine. Fleshed out by a pair of Athens, Georgia refugees -- former Kilkenny Cats bassist Sean O'Brien and onetime Bar-B-Q Killers drummer Arthur Johnson -- Come spent its first year of existence improvising and jamming together before recording "Car," a single for the Sub Pop label which made them one of the most highly-touted new acts on the underground scene.


1 Car 6:04
2 Last Mistake 5:42
3 Submerge 4:21

TIGER TRAP Supercrush 1993



by Jason Ankeny
Though sadly short-lived, Tiger Trap emerged as one of the most beloved indie-pop bands of the 1990s. The group was formed in Sacramento, CA in 1992 by singers/guitarists Rose Melberg and Angela Loy, schoolmates who soon recruited bassist Jen Braun and drummer Heather Dunn to complete the lineup; within weeks of their formation, Tiger Trap -- so named in reference to a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip -- issued their debut single "Words and Smiles," a split release with Bratmobile which appeared on the Four Letter Words label. Jumping to K, the band issued the "Supercrush" … » Read more


A Supercrush
B1 You And Me
B2 Hiding

15 October 2011

DIMMER Crystalator 1995 7 inch

7 inch
released November 7, 1995

Track listing:
Side 1: Crystalator
Side 2: Dawn's Coming In

13 October 2011

X-TAL Everything Crash 1992

By request


by Steven McDonald

Rough-edged guitars, electric folk elements, and a cynical vocalist spitting out literate, ironic lyrics that tell stories, air concerns, and come up with surprises in terms of content. It was too musically and lyrically smart-ass to appeal to the mainstream programmers, which is a bummer. The band had an agenda, talent, and brains, and the result is an excellent album that makes the brain dance. Unfortunately, barring an EP in 1993, this was the last hurrah for X-Tal.

WATER Nipple 1995

By request


Thoughts 3:44
Deep 5:02
Spin 4:02
Seeds 3:46
Amoon's Afterlife 5:47
Strained 5:00
Under My Skin 4:09
Hobo Junktown 2:45
Oven 4:38
Spirit Room Lady 5:14


By request
(no info available on this band)


Synaptic Hardware

Hypersonic Hyperphonic


by Heather Phares

California's electronic/modern rock quartet Tinfed consists of vocalist/guitarist/programmer Rey Osburn, guitarist/programmer Eric Stenman, drummer/percussionist Matt McCord, and bassist Rick Verrett. The group formed in the mid-'90s and released two indie-label albums, 1994's Synaptic Hardware and 1996's Hypersonic Hyperphonic before they signed to Third Rail/Hollywood Records, where they appeared on the Mission: Impossible 2 soundtrack and released their third album Tried + True.


By request

THE RAKE'S PROGRESS Cheese Food Prostitute EP 1994

By request


The Lemons EP


by Stewart Mason

A lot of bands change a lot between their indie debut and their first major-label release, but few as much as the Lemons. The group that recorded 1993's Marvel is almost entirely a different band than the group who signed with Mercury Records in 1994; unfortunately, the indie group was the better one.

The first lineup of the Lemons formed in 1991 consisting of guitarist and primary songwriter Greg Lovell, singer and lead guitarist Jimmy Paulson, bassist Brent Saunders, and drummer Rob Cunningham. The quartet gigged around Seattle during the immediate post-grunge era, finally releasing their debut album, Marvel, on the local indie Macola Records in 1993. A speedy album that owed more to the … » Read more

12 October 2011

CHER U.K. Go-Go Fish 1994

By request


by Stewart Mason

Deserving massive praise for their brilliantly smart-alecky name alone, Missouri punk-pop trio Cher U.K. never quite delivered on the sarcastic promise of its handle, but the band's signature mixture of loopy lyrics, surprisingly catchy hooks, and noise rock interruptions -- like a mutation of the key attributes of the Meat Puppets, the Young Fresh Fellows, and the Butthole Surfers -- is entertainingly unpredictable.

Singer/guitarist Mike McCoy, bassist Heather Grehan, and drummer Lisa McKenzie formed Cher U.K. in Kansas City, MO, in 1991. After a 1992 debut single on the redoubtable Fist Puppet label, "Janitor in a Drum" backed with "Disaster," Cher U.K. signed with Twin/Tone's Red Decibel subsidiary and recorded their full-length debut, 1993's She's a Weird Little Snack. A surprisingly poppy follow-up, 1994's Go-Go Fish, was a bit more refined and less noisy, with the Velvet Underground homage/plagiarism "Baldie" among the standouts. Cher U.K. split up shortly … » Read more

10 October 2011

SOLAR RACE Homespun 1997

By request

DODGEBALL Hooray for Everything 1999

By request


By request

Track Listing:

1. Bone Dry

2. Bass Hump

3. Superball

4. Rot Gut


Side 1
Heavens to Betsy "My Secret"

Side 2
Bratmobile "Cool Schmool"




1 Splat
2 Retro
3 At Five We Drive
4 Fascination

2 FOOT FLAME self titled 1995

By request


by Mike DaRonco

Taking a break from her full time gig singing for Mecca Normal, Jen Smith got together with Dead C guitarist Michael Morley and drummer/ pianist Peter Jefferies to form 2 Foot Flame in 1995. Jokingly dubbed as an "experimental super group, " the band took a hold of as many noises they could grasp and beat out of their instruments to record their self-titled album not too long after getting together. Their second full-length "Ultra Drowning" followed in 1997.

08 October 2011

SOLID FROG Supercoat 1995

By request


by Steve Bekkala

By melding together a tightly wound post-grunge sound with the decidedly more unpopular flavor (for the time) of late-'70s/early-'80s hard rock, Solid Frog was one of the most inimitable groups to arise from the Ann Arbor area in the early to mid-'90s. Comprised of guitarist/lead vocalist Andy Patalan, lead guitarist Kyle Neely, bassist Jeff Hayes, and drummer Mike Purcell, the band released their first album, Supercoat, on the local Overture Records label in 1995. Assisted by regional radio support for the single "Standard Day," the group began to build a following and gig steadily in the area, with occasional jaunts to the East and West Coasts. Their sophomore album, Pepper Spray, followed in 1997, at which point the group decided to start shopping their wares to various major labels by playing showcases and snagging opening slots for national acts. Unfortunately, the bubblegum pop and nu-metal that began to dominate the airwaves during this time was not in tune with Solid Frog's … » Read more

ROLLINGHEAD Long Black Feeling 1994

By request

05 October 2011

POPDEFECT Punch Drunk 1992

By request


The Big Appetite 2:13

Bob Says No 2:31

Heaven's A Hole 3:56

Paper Imitation 3:12

Puro Desmadre 3:18

Brain Twister 3:19

East Of Nowhere, West Of Nothing 2:50

Without 4:22

Bloody Knuckles 3:16

Scary 3:31

Motive Means Opportunity 3:03

Girl In The Basement


self titled

Shake Hands With The Future

Cool Way to Feel


by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Pluto's eponymous first album is an accomplished set of commercial alternative rock, featuring anthemic choruses, surprisingly folk-rock song structures, and the occasional grunge guitar. Pluto has the formula down pat and they often have catchy hooks, but they don't sound like they have anything to say. Consequently, Pluto is more admirable for its sound than its substance.


By request


by request


by Jack Rabid
Boston's Mistle Thrush used to sound like a U.S. Slowdive on their Agus Amárach EP. But even then, they were still highly enjoyable, as the vocal talents of the gifted Valerie Forgione lifted them into a special category. Silt, their debut LP, finds her elegant pipes being added to a much more broad, if still entirely ethereal and celestial, palette. Imagine the Cure at their peak, circa Faith and Pornography -- in fact, "The Sky and My Hands" is vaguely like "The Hanging Garden" -- only with all the darkness and that great suffocating claustrophobia subtracted and replaced with super-pleasant, glistening textures (almost movie-soundtrack-worthy) and childlike wonder. Mistle Thrush and » Read more


1. Freshwater
2. Flowereyed

3. One Sixth
4. Cicada
5. Overpass

6. Some Poet
7. Wake Up (The Sleep Song)

8. Silt
9. Red Caboose

10. Shine Away
11. The Sky And My Hands
12. The Honey Trip
13. Bloom

LOVECHILD Witchcraft 1992

by request


1 Obsessive Compulsive 4:11
2 Permission 2:19
3 AAA/XXX 2:22
4 Stumbling Block 5:32
5 Wait And See 3:04
6 It Broke 2:48
7 Something Cruel 2:16
8 The Place 2:41
9 Sleepyhead 2:16
10 The Rose Is A Thorn 9:02
11 Six Of One 5:14

GUM Soul Corrosion 1994

by request

 alternative rock


1 Poison Me 4:18
2 Livin It Up 4:23
3 Open My Mind 4:12
4 It's Alright 2:01
5 Fear Our Fear 4:22
6 Turn The Page 5:24
7 Dirt Eater 4:14
8 Make It Today 3:38
9 Anything Goes 5:23

GIFT Multum In Parvo 1994

By request


Artist Biography by

Formed in Portland, Oregon, USA, in 1994 by former Poison Idea leader Jerry A. (b. Jerry Lang, USA; guitar/vocals), alongside his wife, May May Del Castro (bass/vocals, ex-Destroy All Blonds) and Sam Henry (drums, ex-Wipers). Poison Idea had built a reputation as the most fearsome, brutal studio and performance band of their era, but the Gift allowed Jerry A. to indulge himself in more accessible pop punk (bizarrely, including both a Bauhaus and Tones On Tail cover version). The band’s shows were just as frenetic and violent, however, with the intention being to keep the group on the road on a semi-permanent basis. They did find the time to record a well-received debut album in 1994, though it was only given worldwide release a year later. Jerry A later rejoined Poison Idea for their abortive reunion in 1998.


1 Little Deranged Puppet (Part One)
2 Sinking Ship
3 OK This Is The Pops
4 Don't Need A Reason
5 Restless Spirit
6 Little Deranged Puppet (Part Two)
7 Never Too Young
8 Social Cleansing
9 Date With Failure
10 Beyond The Tears
11 Kelly K.
12 Jezebel
13 Little Deranged Puppet (Part Three)