27 September 2020

DREAM CITY FILM CLUB self titled 1997



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Dream City Film Club was one of England's most under-rated bands of the 1990s. Propelled by the bombastic assault of bassist Andrew Park and drummer Laurence Ash, and the sonic intensity of guitarist Alex Vald, guitarist/vocalist Michael John Sheehy, radiated darkness with songs about murder, sex, drugs and violence.

A veteran of the singer-songwriter circuit in Northern England, Sheehy formed Dream City Film Club with Vald and Ash, two musicians who supplemented their income by producing shows at Kentish Town nightspot, the Bull & Gate. When Ash's group disbanded, a few months later, Sheehy, Ash and Vald began playing together informally. The group soon became a quartet with the addition of bassist, Andrew Park.

Making their debut, at the Bull & Gate, in July 1995, Dream City Film Club continued to perform throughout northern London. Although a recording of several tunes was financed by Epic, in late 1995, the label refused to release it. The group had to settle for sharing a single with Dublin-born and London-based vocalist, Suzanne Rhatigan, on a label affiliated with Sean Worrell's fanzine, The Organ. They later released an EP on Organ.

Signing with the slightly larger, Beggars Banquet, label, Dream City Film Club released a single, Perfect Piece Of Trash". Although they began work on their debut album in October 1996, Vald became ill during recording sessions and the project was delayed.

With the release of their self-titled debut album, in 1997, Dream City Film Club reached out to a wider audience. Following a recording session for BBC disc jockey/producer, John Peel, in December 1996, they embarked on two years of performances in France, Belgium and nearly every corner of England. They recorded subsequent sessions for Peel in April 1998 and February 1999.

Vald's departure, during the pre-production stage of their second album, In The Cold Light Of Morning, resulted in Dream City Film Club recording the album as a trio. Although they went on to release another, EP, Stranger Blues, in early-2000, the group disbanded.

Sheehy released a solo album, As If And Also, shortly afterwards.

1 Night Of Nights 3:44
2 Shit Tinted Shades 3:40
3 Pissboy 4:30
4 Because You Wanted It 3:42
5 Filth Dealer 4:57
6 Mama 2:55
7 Porno Paradiso 4:30
8 Situation Desperate 4:33
9 Perfect Piece Of Trash 3:19
10 Vague 2:56
11 If I Die I Die 4:37
12.1 'Til The End Of The World 6:00
12.2 (silence) 2:02
12.3 Untitled 6:27

SOULHAT Good To Be Gone


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Guitarists and vocalists Kevin McKinney and Bill Cassis formed Soulhat in Texas with bassist Brian Walsh in 1990. They recruited former Funkadelic drummer Barry E. "Frosty" Smith to complement their psychedelic blues-based funk band, and independently-released Outdebox in 1993 (it was later re-released by Epic). Live at the Black Cat and their second studio LP, Good to Be Gone, followed in 1994. Six years later, Soulhat issued Experiment on a Flat Plane.



1 Homer 4:33
2 Good To Be Gone 5:17
3 Wiggin' 4:51
4 Big Nose 4:12
5 Psychological Bone 6:45
6 Preacher Man 4:51
7 Bonecrusher 5:23
8 Emugga 4:00
9 Dirty Old Man 4:31
10 Waited 5:51
11 15 More Miles 12:16


JUNE I Am Beautiful 1996


June was active in Chapel Hill, USA, from 1992 to 1996. They broke up in August 1996, after a final live performance that month at an all-day music festival held at Durham Athletic Park.  


1 Genius 3:37
2 Stripteaser 3:21
3 Western Wall 3:04
4 Lena Champagne 2:59
5 The Theme Of The Anti-Hero 4:44
6 Bake In An Old Sun 2:16
7 Elijah Saw The Dogs 3:08
8 (A Place Named) William 3:03
9 I Am Beautiful 3:25
10 Molasses 2:42
11 Long Dance 3:21
12 I'll Pick Up My Heart (And Go Home) 2:33

NUT Fantanicity 1996


Grew up in Northumberland with Russian/English parents. Cat left home at 14, two years after her Father, playwright CP Taylor died. She found her way into music when a friend introduced her to Billie Holliday. She met Pete Evans, drummer in the band House of Love, whilst singing in Jazz Clubs.  


1 Brains 2:54
2 Scream 3:45
3 Sticky 4:50
4 Giant 3:49
5 Chunk 1:02
6 Fantanicity 4:05
7 Pleased 3:20
8 Crazy 3:00
9 Bitter 4:06
10 Burn 4:08
11 Bluegenes 4:31

TARNATION I'll Give You Something To Cry About! 1994


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The country art band Tarnation was essentially a vehicle for Paula Frazer, a talented singer and songwriter who returned to roots music only after a successful foray into 1980s post-punk. Born and raised in Sautee Nacoochee, Georgia, a tiny community located in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, her musical influences readily came from both parents. She sang in the church choir where her father was a Presbyterian minister, while her mother taught her piano and introduced her to music from George Gershwin and Billie Holiday to the contemporary music of the '60s and '70s. At the age of 14, the Frazers moved to Arkansas, where she began performing with local jazz groups and wrote and recorded demos of her own folk-inspired songs.

Gentle Creatures
After graduating high school, Frazer relocated to San Francisco, and during the early '80s she performed with bands including Frightwig and Trial, where she met frequent collaborators Desmond Shea and John Borruso. She also played with Cloiter, who released an EP on NufSed; the label's owner, Brandon Kearney, was an early member of Tarnation, which Frazer formed in 1992 with former S.F. Seals members Lincoln Allen and Michelle Cernuto, along with steel guitarist Matt Sullivan. NufSed issued the band's 1993 debut album I'll Give You Something to Cry About in a limited edition of 1,000 copies. The album made its way to the Red House Painters' Mark Kozelek, who introduced Frazer to 4AD. The label released Tarnation's second album, Gentle Creatures, which featured production work by His Name Is Alive's Warren Defever, in 1995. That year, however, the other three members departed to pursue their own work, leaving Frazer to assemble an initial touring lineup that, after a further change on bass, became the unit that recorded the band's 1997 album, Mirador. After various touring appearances, including dates in Europe with her hero, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Frazer found herself once again without a band.

Indoor Universe
She dropped the Tarnation name in favor of her own in 1998, releasing a string of solo albums (2001's Indoor Universe, 2003's retrospective A Place Where I Know and 2005's Leave the Sad Things Behind) on Birdman Records. Frazer revived Tarnation for 2007's Now It's Time, much of which was recorded at her home on an eight-track tape machine. After forming the p
sych-rock trio Skystone with guitarist Brock Galland and drummer Royce Seader in 2010, Frazer returned to Tarnation with the 2014 EP In Some Time on MRG. For 2017's full-length What Is and Was, Tarnation's lineup included singer/songwriter Jacob Aranda, pedal steel guitarist David Cuetter, and Frazer's longtime collaborators Patrick Main and Justin Frahm on keyboards. 


1 It's Not Easy 3:20
2 Yellow Birds 3:38
3 Never An Easy Way 2:39
4 Game Of Broken Hearts 3:01
5 They Took You Away Once Again 3:02
6 Rancho Carne Humana 2:26
7 Big O Motel 6:22
8 Christine 3:39
9 Sweat And Blood 2:35
10 Do You Fancy Me 2:42
11 Strangers 3:33
12 Lonely Lights 2:34
13 Spanking Potion No. 5 1:48
14 The Ring 4:28
15 Tell Me It's Not So 2:27

ICKY BOYFRIENDS I'm Not Fascinating 1993


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Live in San Francisco
San Francisco cult band the Icky Boyfriends echoed the musical and lyrical naiveté of artists like Jonathan Richman and Half Japanese, borrowing the lovelorn geekiness of the former and the amateurish, nearly avant-garde clatter of the latter. However, their collective persona notwithstanding, their crude abrasiveness had more in common with the noise rock underground, particularly that distinct streak of Bay Area weirdness that also informed other long-running scene staples like Caroliner. The Icky Boyfriends were formed circa 1989, featuring Jonathan Swift on vocals, Shea Bond on guitar, and Anthony Bedard on drums. Bedard had previously played with a garage-flavored band called the Leather Uppers under the stage name Tone EB. The Icky Boyfriends stuck around for more than a decade, performing on a mostly local basis. Despite their longevity, their music was documented very sporadically, with only the occasional vinyl single or EP on a tiny indie. Those releases included the Cuckoo and End of Lust EPs for Blackjack, and the "Frank's Mom" single for C&P. The Icky Boyfriends also starred as themselves in the 1996 pseudo-documentary film I'm Not Fascinating, directed by Super-8 filmmaker Danny Plotnick; an accompanying LP of the same name was released on Past It Records. In 2000, the Menlo Park label issued a limited-edition, career-wrapping compilation titled Talking to You Is Just Like Being Dead, which consisted mostly of previously unreleased studio cuts. Bedard continued on in a duo called the Resineators, with guitarist David Nudelman. In 2010 the band reunited and began working on new material. Longtime fan John Dwyer of garage darlings Thee Oh Sees recorded one of their first shows in 2013 and released the recordings on his Castle Face label the next year under the title Live in San Francisco.  


A1 Burrito
A2 Miss Nevada
A3 Ann Can Fly
A4 22
A5 Nervous Guy
A6 Passion Assassin
A7 Ecophobia
A8 Katemania
A9 Nihls
A10 Our Love Song
A11 Pay n' Pak
B1 Amanda
B2 Rock and Roll Asshole
B3 Pigs
B4 Hot 'n' Hunky
B5 Frank's Mom
B6 What We Had
B7 Fresno
B8 No Duh
B9 Love Is Real
B10 Recycling Center

GOD'S CHOSEN PEOPLE Various Artists 1993


Vinyl only compilation of emo/hardcore bands on the Old Glory record label



A1 Avail Sidewalk
A2 Merel Newfound Snide Remark
A3 Elizabeth Herz Easter Island
A4 Askance The Living
A5 Puzzlehead Degenerated
A6 Native Nod Back To Mimsy
B1 Rorschach (2) 21st Century Schizoid Man
B2 Groove (4) Extension
B3 Shadowman (2) Written Undefined
B4 Iconoclast (2) Eleventh Hour
B5 Greyhouse (2) Ever-Nearing Joy
B6Born Against Lillian

LOOSE Kiss Your Ass Goodbye 1999


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Italian garage rock band heavily influenced by The Stooges, with their Stoogesque song titles and even their name emblazoned in a Stooges-like font.


A1 Killer Instinct 3:30
A2 Lugy's Cold Lips 3:02
A3 High Time 3:06
A4 When The Time Has Come 3:14
A5 Circle Of Love 3:42
A6 Wind Of Lus 5:28
B1 Action Breed 3:00
B2 Sea Of Trash 3:05
B3 Destroyt City, Michigan 3:07
B4 Shroud 3:44
B5 All Of The Time 2:41
B6 I Wanna Be Your Dog 7:06

25 September 2020

TEN-O-SEVEN You're Cool 1993



Ten-O-Seven formed in 1989 at a Mudhoney show in Seattle and split up in 1994. Bassist and drummer were changed during the years but Matt Matsuoka (Vocals/Guitar) and Jeff Ganson (Guitar) hanged in there. After Ten-O-Seven split up Matt-O-Seven became Matt Rocket in Red Rocket which released a seven inch ("Jane Wiedlin") and a CD ("July") in 1995 but has now broken up.


1 Go To Hell
2 A Disappointment
3 Darkest Days
4 The Boy Who Could Fly
5 Still Here
6 Didn't Know
7 Pogo
8 Thee Undertaker
9 Drainwinder
10 Mister Bundy
11 My Friend, Dog
12 Die Without You
13 Nobody Is Lonely

MEN & VOLTS Cheer Up 1990


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Sometime partners with Half Japanese, Men & Volts early in their career pursued complex indie noise similar to Half Jap, but with occasional glimpses of melodic pop more in keeping with '60s roots rockers like the Band and the Grateful Dead. Formed by David Greenberger, also the publisher and editor of the fanzine Duplex Planet, the Boston-based group debuted with a bizarre record named Rhythm & Blues, which duplicated side one's tunes on the flip. After 1983's Hootersville, Men & Volts toned down the experimentalism and focused instead on rootsy folk for Tramps in Bloom. The band moved to Shimmy-Disc after a three-year absence, and returned with two Kramer-produced releases, The Mule and Stay in Touch. Their fifth album, Cheer Up, appeared on 50 Skidillion Watts, also the home of Half Japanese and Moe Tucker.


1 Big Bad Mood
2 Virginia Get Serious
3 Boomtown
4 Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned
5 I'm Home
6 Goldene
7 'Cause It's Good
8 The Fortune Stomp
9 (Don't Take Away My) Cigs
10 Cheer Up
11 Bolshevik Coup
12 Present Danger
13 Meet Me At The Rip
14 Big Ball Of String
15 Water In And Out Of My Shoe
16 Stay In Touch


LOCUS SOLUS Waverly 1994



Indie rock with crunching guitars


1 MM 5:32
2 Tangled 4:07
3 Talking To Bees 4:50
4 Archipelago 4:16
5 Hinged On Stillness 4:50
6 Nepenthe 5:09
7 Habanero 1:57
8 Cower 2:52
9 Oughts Should Shine 5:36