20 February 2015

DUH Blowhard 1991

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It has to be said, it's a wonderfully funny/dumb band name, and having the painting of a moron or something similar on the front cover beneath the big red letters of said name is deeply, wrongly entertaining. But is the album any good? Constructed from folks in the Boner/Steel Pole Bathtub orbit, including veterans from groups like Star Pimp, Blowhard is somewhere between a put-on and seriously rocking out, and it's not too clear where the boundaries are. With lead vocals from one El Bobo, the quartet kicks up a rough, aggressively produced stink; while the result isn't exactly Steel Pole Bathtub redux, it's clear that the connections had an impact. Guitars and bass both show the expected in-your-face, heavily produced crunch from said band, artily aggressive and all the better for it. Where things get a little goofy is in the lyrics; though they're hardly needed to enjoy the music on its own terms, a quick review of the various chants and screams in the CD insert indicates a deep San Francisco area in-joke at play. Sure, some things like Jello Biafra's name listed for no particular reason seem more like they're there than anything else, but then there are tracks like "The Second Coming of Mike." Winners from this one include the chorus "I've got it all/My legacy: Maximum Rock and Roll," referring to the punker-than-thou Berkeley indie fanzine of note (though its founder and editor was Tim Yohannon). Not that everything is quite so directly sharp, but even the more cryptic lyrics read a bit like intentional parodies of something else -- whether it's the band making fun of itself or with someone in mind is admittedly unclear. Even if the targets are fictional, though, the nuclear body slams that appear in "Mr. Mud" and "Spaghetti and Red Wine" are a hoot. 


1 Spaghetti And Red Wine
2 Transformer
3 Solo Hanneman
4 The Second Coming Of Mike
5 Tugboat Anchor
6 Hex
7 Mr. Mud
8 Hot Day For The Ice Cream Man
9 Brick Catcher
10 Solo King
11 Dim Bulb
12 Wiley Coyote
13 And She Said

17 February 2015

BANG BANG MACHINE Eternal Happiness 1994

by request


Technologica 5:02
Bloodlines 5:44
A Charmed Life 4:11
16 Years 9:42
Give You Anything 6:10
Love That Burns 7:22
Lovely Lily 4:27
God Based Angels On You 3:15
Moon Jelly 4:34
Geek Love 9:24
Godstar 6:14

16 February 2015

PINCHING JUDY More Like Morphine 1995

Thanks to A.B.


1 Somebody Shoot Me
2 Melting #2
3 Blue Bombshelter
4 Sound Of Drowning
5 I Won't Share
6 Land On Me
7 Like Sinatra
8 Didn't See It Coming
9 Give It Up Bonenose
10 Gleem

RIFLE SPORT Primo 1990

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This is the 10 track version. It's all I have at this time. 

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One of the bands that made up what is considered the Twin Cities' "third wave" of punk rock, Rifle Sport managed to be one of the longer-running Minneapolis/St. Paul bands, lasting into the early '90s, and its members' influence was felt in prominent American underground bands a decade later. Their first release, Voice of Reason, came out in 1983 on the Hüsker Dü-run imprint Reflex, and the band released the remainder of their catalog on Ruthless. These albums included 1985's Complex EP, 1987's White Made in France, 1989's Live at the Entry, Dead at the Exit, and 1991's Primo. A 2004 one-off reunion show occurred at the famed 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis, but a full-fledged reunion was not to be. Guitarist Gerard Boissey kept focus on his band Kontrolpanel, while drummer Todd Trainer and bassist Pete "Flour" Conway played in Shellac and Flour (as well as being a member of Breaking Circus), respectively. The three also worked together in Trainer's band Brick Layer Cake


Exploding Man
Black Shadow
24 Doors
Sun In Sky
Kings And I


by request


1 Softhand
2 Slip Slide Melting
3 Lucifer For Now
4 Daring To PickUp
5 Simple Line Of Decline
6 Travis Hoffman
7 Just A Phase
8 Traces
9 Mother's Faith
10 Swallow
11 More Than A Girl
12 Merge

14 February 2015

TEN YARD FIGHT Hardcore Pride 1997

sXe hardcore
If you like Youth of Today you'll probably like this.

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Ten Yard Fight reinvigorated the stiff and nearly forgotten genre of fast-paced, upbeat, singalong straight-edge hardcore almost all by themselves. As heralds of what would become the old-school revival movement, they championed not only the drug-free lifestyle, but their hometown in a way reminiscent of scene forerunners Wolfpack, DYS, and SSD or Washington, D.C.'s Minor Threat. Ten Yard Fight began in Boston in 1995. The band was originally intended to be little more than a tongue-in-cheek project combining straight-edge philosophy with football jargon. Vocalist Anthony "Wrench" Moresschi had never sung for a band before recording his shouts on Ten Yard Fight's demo, crafted together with notable hardcore producer Brian McTernan. The band played its first show with Moresschi clad in a combination of football gear and punk rock clothing. The crowd response was so enthusiastic that the band decided to become more serious. Ten Yard Fight began performing on the East Coast, igniting a new interest in the old-school style of hardcore. Having sold 1,000 demos, Ten Yard Fight teamed up with Big Wheel Recreation to release the Hardcore Pride 7" single. The initial pressing sold out in less than a week, helping generate a buzz that resulted in the band's signing to Equal Vision. The first result of the partnership was the compiling of the demo and 7" onto a single CD. Ten Yard Fight next released an album called Back on Track, helping re-establish Equal Vision as a prominent force in the hardcore scene in the process. Lineup changes followed, as the group toured Europe and the United States through 1997 and 1998. In 1998, the band recorded six new songs that would later surface as The Only Way EP. The following year, Ten Yard Fight decided to call it a day, organizing a final show in October that was packed with kids and internationally recognized as "Edge Day." The final lineup of the band included Wrench, guitarist John LaCroix (who started out playing bass), guitarist Timmy Cosar (who later formed American Nightmare), bassist Brian "Clevo" Ristau, and drummer Ben Chused. The Only Way: 1995-1999, a DVD/video documentary, had its release celebrated a year later with Ten Yard Fight taking the stage, for the last time and unannounced at "Edge Day Two," coinciding with the final performance of Boston's In My Eyes. LaCroix briefly played bass in Reach the Sky before he and Wrench relocated to the West Coast. 


1 Hardcore Pride
2 Forever
3 Where I Stand
4 Believe
5 Proud To Be Straight
6 Holding On

Demo 1995
7 First And Ten
8 Line Of Scrimmage
9 Enough
10 Pit Of Equality
11 Drug Free Nation
12 Offsides
13 Till Death

THE SCENIC VERMONT The Epilogue Fits B-W l.g.a 1996

by request


A The Epilogue Fits
B L.G.A.

11 February 2015

BEDHEAD WhatFunLifeWas 1993


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What Fun Life Was
Slowcore pioneers Bedhead were led by guitarist siblings Matt and Bubba Kadane, whose musical collaboration dated back to their years spent growing up in Wichita Falls, Texas. The brothers continued writing and recording together even after Matt left home in 1985 to attend school in Dallas, and by 1990 they were playing in a band which also included drummer Trini Martinez and, on occasion, guitarist Tench Coxe. This lineup evolved into Bedhead in 1991 with the addition of bassist Kris Wheat, and early the following year the quintet played its debut live show in Austin; their debut single, "Bedside Table," followed that spring. Impressed by the single, the Butthole Surfers' King Coffey signed Bedhead to his Trance Syndicate label, and in April 1994 the group issued their full-length debut What Fun Life Was, followed in the autumn by 4-songEP19:10. Despite universal critical praise for their intricate, hauntingly intimate sound, Bedhead was unable to mount any kind of tour until mid-1995 -- Matt Kadane had since relocated to New York, while Coxe was teaching English in Russia; concurrently, they also recorded enough new material for an EP, The Dark Ages, as well as an LP, Beheaded. Transaction de Novo followed in early 1998, but continued logistical problems forced Bedhead to announce their breakup that August; the "Lepidoptera"/"Leper" 10" appeared posthumously, as did a split release with Macha. In 1999 the Kadane brothers reunited as the New Year, a band that furthered the slowcore esthetic of Bedhead through several albums released sporadically over the next decade. In 2014 reissue label the Numero Group issued the deluxe packaging Bedhead 1992-1998, a painstakingly organized collection of the band's complete studio output including all three records, known EPs, singles and a few b-sides and outtakes. 


Liferaft 4:43
Haywire 4:07
Bedside Table 4:45
The Unpredictable Landlord 4:19
Crushing 3:49
Unfinished 4:33
Powder 7:01
Foaming Love 4:11
To The Ground 2:56
Living Well 4:18
Wind Down 3:28

08 February 2015

SLOT Nosmokebluepaint 1992

by request


Mouthful Of Rocks
My Arm
Ten Foot Stare
Diggin A Hole In Sand
All Smiles

07 February 2015

CHOKEHOLD Prison of Hope 1993

sXe hardcore from Canada


Turn The Page
Deaf To Reason
More Than Ever
On Fire
To Kill A Coward


Steady as She Goes
Ginger Pale Ale
(1996 - 2000)
Digital odds & ends collection of demos, compilation tracks & unreleased recordings from the kisswhistle archives 1996-2000

Kisswhistle was part of the first Magic Marker Records compilation, put out a variety of singles and were on the Tullycraft tribute CD. Drummer John was also a member of Vehicle Flips. Kisswhistle also played with the likes of Tullycraft, Bunnygrunt, Will Oldham, and the wacky Half Japanese. Check out this rare indie pop from Kisswhistle.
Thanks to Anonymous

06 February 2015

MUTTONGUN Amplexus 1990

If you listen to each song, you won't believe it's the same band.


1 Aimless
2 Kansas
3 Thanks, But No Thanks
4 Ruby
5 Don't Talk To Your Mother Like That
6 Das Lied Für Dong
7 Cut Fleisch
8 Aldgate
9 Sound Track
10 Poor Unfortunate Lovers