27 December 2011

JAWBREAKER / JAWBOX split 7 inch 1991


Jawbox Air Waves Dreams

Jawbreaker With Or Without U-2

JAWBREAKER / CRIMPSHRINE Better Half - Sanctuary split 7 inch 1993

Reupped October 2012


A Jawbreaker Better Half
B Crimpshrine Sanctuary


1000 copies pressed, but only 300 still exist as the other 700 were supposedly destroyed when Jeff Ott (Crimpshrine / Fifteen) found out that the money from this benefit 7" wasn't going where it should have gone. (loosecharm.org) the supposed release date there (91 or 92) cannot be right, because the coverdrawing is signed "93'Mr.Mike" (from Discogs)

ELLIOTT SMITH AND PETE KREBS No Confidence Man 7 inch 1994

By request


Written-By – Pete*
No Confidence Man
Written-By – Elliott*

25 December 2011




By request



by Steve Huey

Few of punk rock's founding fathers could have anticipated the extreme to which Half Japanese took the music's do-it-yourself ethos. Founded by brothers Jad and David Fair, Half Japanese was quite probably the most amateurish rock band to make a record since the Shaggs, all but ignoring musical basics like chords, rhythms, and melody. However, the brothers made that approach into a guiding aesthetic, steadfastly refusing to progress in their primitive musicianship over a career that lasted decades. David Fair's article "How to Play Guitar" outlined the Half Japanese philosophy: … » Read more

22 December 2011

18 December 2011

CIV Social Climber 7 inch 1996

4 song 7 inch

Three of the band's members (Civarelli, Siegler and Smilios) were members of Gorilla Biscuits. Band member Siegler played in other hardcore bands, including Youth Of Today, Judge and Gorilla Biscuits.

1. Social Climber
2. I Feel the Same (bonus)
3. Sausages
4. Outro (bonus)

13 December 2011

VARIOUS ARTISTS Music for Listening to 1999

Upped by Jenz

1 Rex Leak Through

2 Velma 55'201

3 Matmos Sun On 280 To The 1

4 Dots Will Echo Help! General Cosloy Is Chasing Me With An Axe!

5 HiM Eugene Trees

6 Mice Parade Galileo

7 Rex Pour Down

8 Kristen Mccord Baby We're Really In Love

9 Adam Pierce Amends(The Rock Epic)

10 Clutch Mountain Boys The Farmer's Girl

12 December 2011

10 December 2011

HEMI self titled 1992

Released on Big Money Records.


1 Last Northern Train
2 Block Out The Sky
3 Save Yourself
4 Doghouse
5 No Jesus
6 New Song II
7 Honey Island
8 City Of Lost Souls
9 Superconductor
10 Headache
11 Slow Leak
12 Stranger Inside

08 December 2011


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by John Bush
Friends since their childhood days in Durham, NC, Johnny Irion (vocals, guitar), Ryan Pickett (guitar), Chris Hollaway (bass), and Zeke Hutchins (drums) held their first rehearsals for Queen Sarah Saturday in 1990. Thirsty Ear released the band's debut EP in August 1993, followed one year later by the full-length Weave. Although the band's messy, melodic power pop never found a national audience, the song "Seems" was memorably featured in the 1995 film Empire Records, and frontman Johnny Irion went on to enjoy a modest career with his solo albums and collaborative projects with wife Sarah Lee Guthrie


1 Lift 3:43
2 Mother Nature 2:31
3 Seems 3:57
4 Dreamer 5:02
5 So Gone Down 4:05
6 Same Words 4:04
7 Bee 2:43
8 Zoom 3:15
9 Water 4:33
10 Drag 3:50
11 Shower 3:22
12 Grow 6:02

04 December 2011

03 December 2011

ACTION SLACKS Too Bright Just Right Good Night 1996


by Jason Ankeny

San Francisco indie-rockers Actionslacks assembled singer/guitarist Tim Scanlin, bassist Mark Wijsen and drummer Martin Kelly. Formed in 1995, the trio recorded the entirety of their first demo in a breakneck 11-hour session, soon signing with the Minneapolis-based indie label Skene! to release their 1996 debut LP Too Bright, Just Right, Goodnight. For 1998's One Word, Actionslacks signed with Arena Rock, subsequently touring with labelmates Harvey Danger. The new millennium was a growing period for the band -- bassist Ross Murray and guitarist/vocalist Doug Modie joined Actionslacks and the long-awaited third album The Scene's Out of Sight was issued in early 2001.

24 November 2011

MANTARAY Numinous Island 1995

Some nice chillout music!

Upped by Jenz

30 AMP FUSE Rewind 1998


by Mike DaRonco

With their musical that has been described as "crunch pop," 30 Amp Fuse has provided their hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee with a high speed of aggressive power-pop. Debuting in 1995 with their first full-length Wind Up, the line-up of Mike Smithers (vocals/ guitar), Jason Ratliff (drums) and Joshua Bentley (bass) followed with a signing to the BMG distributed label Dedicated. Resulting in the album Saturday Night at the Atomic Speedway, 30 Amp Fuse had the production backing of The Descendants Steve Egerton and Bill Stevenson to coincide with their fast paced styling. After moving on to Melted Records in 1998, the bands third album Rewind was soon released that same year.

20 November 2011


For those diggin' the lo-fi. Check out this split 7 inch with the Supreme Dicks and One Small Good Thing.

Supreme Dicks Biography

by Mark Deming

Suggesting a fractious meeting point between freak folk, noise rock, experimental music, and psychedelia, indie rock band the Supreme Dicks drifted under the radar of public recognition through the 1980s and '90s, releasing a challenging and eccentric body of work that earned them some high-profile admirers and enthusiastic reviews but few sales. The first lineup of the Supreme Dicks was formed in 1982 in Amherst, Massachusetts by a handful of Hampshire College students; while a sizable number of musicians drifted in and out of the lineup over the group's lifetime, the core ensemble featured Daniel Oxenberg on guitar and vocals; Jon Shere on guitar and vocals; Steve … » Read more


Ethereal Killer

Into the Vortex

Duh, The Big City

By request


by Kathleen C. Fennessy
With power and intensity to spare, post-punk hard rock trio Hammerhead could as easily have been called "Sledgehammer" (even if a heavy metal outfit from England hadn't beat them to it). Paul Sanders (vocals, guitar), Paul Erickson (vocals, bass), and Jeff Mooridian Jr. (drums) formed the group in Fargo, ND, around 1990, and moved to Minneapolis, MN, just a few years later. Amphetamine Reptile, which is also located in Minneapolis, released all of their recordings. The band has cited Taxi Driver's Travis Bickle as a guiding influence on their loud, dark, rhythmic approach. Others have compared them to everything from hardboiled pulp fiction authors Jim Thompson and James M. Cain, to brain-pounding noise rock units Unsane, Surgery, and Bastro.

Their vinyl debut was 1991's Peep picture disc single (featuring art by ex-Replacement Chris Mars). It was followed by 1992's Load King, a tour-only single issued on gray vinyl, and 1993's live Evil Twin, another tour-only single. » Read more

BOGHANDLE Step on It 1992

By request


1 Miserable And Ugly 3:58
2 Get Off 2:25
3 Hey Mom 3:00
4 High Toned Son Of A Bitch 3:06
5 Hold Back The Tears 3:17
6 Don´t Give Me That Shit 4:50
7 Far From Home 4:19
8 Loaded´N´Fucked 4:00
9 Only Son 3:15
10 Fuck Fun 3:30
11 Intoxicated 3:16

19 November 2011


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DIE MONSTER DIE Withdrawal Method 1994


by Eduardo Rivadavia

Die Monster Die were formed in the alternative rock epicenter of Athens, GA, by guitarist Evan Player, who took the band's name from the 1965 horror flick starring Boris Karloff, but didn't get very far with the group during its initial run through the late '80s. In fact, it was only after relocating to New York City and teaming up with vocalist/bassist Alice Cohen, drummer Kenny Sanders, and second guitarist Shawn Tracy during the glory days of grunge that Player managed to get Die Monster Die noticed by a handful of indie record labels. They eventually decided … » Read more

DEAD LAZLO'S PLACE Deep and Wide Live at CBGB 1999

By request. Enjoy.

TWO SHEDS Not Good 1993

Upped by Jenz

16 November 2011

OIL SEED RAPE Six Steps to Womanhood 1995

Upped by Erik

TRANSISTER self titled 1997

By request

Biography by L. Katz

None of the members of Transister were strangers to each other or to the music scene when they decided to form the band. As the frontman for '80s pop group Danny Wilson, co-founder Gary Clark already had one hit under his belt: the love song "Mary's Prayer." After Danny Wilson broke up, Clark lent his skills as an engineer, producer, and songwriter to various big-name artists: Heart, Julia Fordham, and Lauren Christy, among others. He also released a solo album which was well received among the music intelligentsia in the … » Read more

LITTLE JOHN Derailer 1996

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01 November 2011

PEACE LOVE AND PITBULLS self titled 1992

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Reupped November 2012


by Lars Lovén
Peace, Love & Pitbulls' industrial rock only received token admiration from the critics, and less than that from most of Joakim Thåström's fans. But though the group never reached a very big audience, Thåström himself has held this period as one of the most important in his career, second only to his time with Ebba Grön. When his next band, alternative rockers Imperiet, broke up in 1988, Thåström set out on a solo career. After releasing a self-titled debut at home, he moved to Amsterdam and released Xplodera Mig 2000. Influences from industrial rock and techno can be heard here, but the transition was not finished until he formed Peace, Love & Pitbulls in 1992. This was first regarded as a solo album, but the group backing Thåström -- programmer Nick Hell, guitarist and bassist Nicklas Sporrong, and guitarist Peter Puders -- proved to be long-lasting. The second album, Red Sonic Underwear, was well-received in some underground circles, but due to the genre, didn't sell very … » Read more

VARIOUS ARTISTS Best Alternative 1996 Swedish compilation

Upped by Jenz

1. Millencolin Move Your Car
2. Fireside Smokerboy
3. Starmarket Orbit
4. Sulky Incident on Houston Street
5. No Fun At All Master Celebrator
6. Liberator Ruder Than You
7. Brick Labrador
8. Tictox Ain't She Pretty
9. Mismates Ringing and Buzzing
10. Refused Return to the Closet
11. Mindjive Mobile
12. Chester Coppercot How It Ends
13. 59 Times The Pain When It All Comes Down
14. Loosegoats Country Crock
15. Teddybears Sthlm Magic Finger
16. Naked Dad Around
17. Satanic Surfers Better off Today
18. Drain I Don't Mind
19. Ceaser's Palace Phenobarbital
20. Sonic Surf City Let's Make Love

THE WANNADIES Yeah CD single 1999

Thanks to Jenz


1 Yeah (Album Version) 3:10
2 Trick Me 2:55
3 You & Me Song 2:51

WORMHOLE Chicks Dig Scars 1994

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Upped by Valium & Cheesecake


by Ron DePasquale

Begun as nc-17, this Canadian alternative pop/rock group changed its name after an American band with the same moniker threatened to sue. Greig Nori (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Bill Priddle (guitar, vocals), and Rosie Martin (bass, keyboards) met in high school in Sault St. Marie, Ontario, and paid the 5,000-dollar cost of releasing nc-17 on its own Smokin' Worm label as the band's full-length debut in 1994. After partnering with indie label Sonic Unyon and re-releasing nc-17, the album became Canada's best-selling indie record and the ballad "Red" received heavy play on college radio and Much Music (Canada's music television network). The following year, the band released the self-titled EP, which doubled as a CD-ROM zine dedicated to 30 of its favorite Canadian indie bands. The album was later released as Treble Charger in the U.S. and featured American indie … » Read more

THE LEAVING TRAINS Smoke Follows Beauty 1997

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Upped by Valium & Cheesecake


by John Bush

An indie rock subversive who has been known to perform in dresses almost as much as his ex-wife Courtney Love, Falling James (Moreland) has led the Leaving Trains with a revolving lineup since the group formed in 1980. Originally in a Los Angeles punk band named the Mongrels during 1978-1979, Falling James formed the Downers in 1980 (with David Roback, later of Mazzy Star, and John Hoffs, the brother of the Bangles sisters) and then the Leaving Trains later that year, with guitarist » Read more


Kiss Me 'Til Your Ears Burn Off

self titled

By request
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Kim Bowers, Liz Payne, Tania Bowers, Melanie Thurgar
(pronounced 'spə.də'fə.gə'hə). All-female pop/rock band from Sydney, Australia, active in the 1990s. The founding members were:

Kim Bowers (as Wikky Malone) (guitar, vocals)
Liz Payne (as Rosy Glo, Lou Marvel, Belle) (guitar, vocals)
Tania Bowers (as Tania May) (bass guitar, vocals)


You Me Carpark Now

Eighteen in a Week EP

By request
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by Nick Corr

Smudge is an Australian slacker pop trio who were thrust onto the world stage in the early '90s after recognition of singer/songwriter Tom Morgan's co-authorship of material on the Lemonheads breakthrough, 1992 It's a Shame About Ray. Since then, the group has diversified somewhat with bassist Adam Yee and drummer Alison Galloway contributing material and the occasional lead vocal performance. In 1996, they made a concerted effort to expand their sound by recording the You Me Carpark Now album in Chicago with producer Casey Rice, and recruiting a number … » Read more

MILF Antidope 1995

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LICORICE ROOTS Melodeon 1997

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by Stewart Mason

What if, instead of splitting off to form Neutral Milk Hotel, the Olivia Tremor Control, and the Apples in Stereo, the original core members of the Elephant 6 collective had formed one band that incorporated Jeff Mangum's scratchy lo-fi folk, Will Cullen Hart and Bill Doss' trippy experimental tendencies, and Robert Schneider's knack for clever pop hooks? The results would have sounded very much like the Delaware psych-pop trio the Licorice Roots. In fact, » Read more

IDIOTS The Idiots EP 1995

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GUMDROPS High Speed...OK? 1996

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FLOORED This Color Is Bittersweet 1996

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by Stewart Mason

The San Francisco-based noise pop trio Floored (comprising Michele Fialer, Jeanne McKinney, and Terri Weist) originally called themselves Ford, but changed their name before their first album, 1996's This Color Is Bittersweet, was released. A collection of 18 untitled songs and sound fragments, This Color Is Bittersweet is somewhere between the acoustic innocence of K Records and the mind-warping sonic aggression of the Beefheart-worshiping post-punkers. Oddly enough, the combination kind of works. A self-titled follow-up appeared in 2001.