25 June 2013

CLIKATAT IKATOWI Orchestrated and Conducted By 1997

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Too Simple
Ground Zero
Desert Oasis
Identity Crisis
Science Fiction Reality
DNA Timebomb
Welcoming The Shift

24 June 2013

DROP NINETEENS Your Aquarium EP 1992


My Aquarium (Second Time Around) 3:12
Mandy 5:10
Nausea 2:52
Angel 5:18

MARK LANEGAN The Winding Sheet 1990

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Mockingbirds 2:29
Museum 2:50
Undertow 2:52
Ugly Sunday 3:56
Down In The Dark 3:21
Wild Flowers 2:59
Eyes Of A Child 4:00
The Winding Sheet 5:30
Woe 2:04
Ten Feet Tall 2:49
Where Did You Sleep Last Night 3:59
Juarez 1:21
I Love You Little Girl 2:02

21 June 2013

WHORE Various Artists Play Wire 1996

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1 Godflesh 40 Versions 4:03
2 Lush Mannequin 2:28
3 Resolution It's A Boy 4:21
4 aMiniature A Serious Of Snakes 4:51
5 Kustomized A Question Of Degree 2:44
6 Band Of Susans Ahead 5:14
7 Bark Psychosis Three Girl Rhumba 4:39
8 Ex-Lion Tamers, The On Returning 2:05
9 Spasm (5) 12XU 3:23
10 Fudge Tunnel Lowdown 3:32
11 Laika German Shepherds 4:39
12 Chris Connelly A Mutual Friend 3:40
13 Carl Marks Eastern Standard 2:58
14 Petty Tyrants, The Our Swimmer 3:43
15 Scanner Eardrum Buzz 4:30
16 Polar Bear Being Sucked In (Again) 3:14
17 Lee Ranaldo Fragile 1:04
18 My Bloody Valentine Map Ref 41°N 93°W 4:11
19 Transformer (3) Outdoor Miner 2:30
20 Main Used To 3:45
21 Mike Watt The 15th 3:07

15 June 2013

THE FATIMA MANSIONS Viva Dead Ponies 1990

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[+] by Jason Ankeny
Named in honor of a crumbling Dublin housing estate, the edgy, assaultive Fatima Mansions formed in London in 1989. The group was led by the acerbic Cathal Coughlan, who first emerged with Microdisney, and completed by guitarist Andrias O'Gruama, bassist Hugh Bunker, drummer Nick Allum and keyboardist Zac Woolhouse. Almost immediately upon forming, the Fatima Mansions signed to Kitchenware Records and entered the studio, soon issuing their 1989 debut Against Nature, a raw, blistering album featuring the single "Only Losers Take the Bus." The 1990 single "Blues for Ceausescu" heralded a new level of intensity which fully blossomed on the eclectic Viva Dead Ponies (original title: Bugs Fucking Bunny). In 1991 Coughlan unexpectedly mounted a series of solo acoustic gigs, performing as "Fatima Mansions Singular; " while much of the group's subsequent 1991 EP Bertie's Brochures reflected the subtlety of the live performances, a brutal deconstruction of R.E.M.'s "Shiny Happy People" served notice that the Mansions' frontman had not mellowed one whit. Similarly, 1992's full-length Valhalla Avenue was a return to ferocity, narrowly reaching the upper half of the U.K. Top 100 charts. The Fatima Mansions also scored a fluke Top Ten hit late in the year with a merciless cover of Bryan Adams' "Everything I Do (I Do It For You)," the flip-side of a Manic Street Preachers' rendition of "Suicide Is Painless." While opening for U2 in Milan, Italy, Coughlan triggered a near riot with his onstage comments about the Pope; in 1993 he issued the solo LP 20 Golden Showers under the name Bubonique, while the Mansions' Lost in the Former West followed in 1994.
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13 June 2013

GANDHARVAS Kicking in the Water 1995

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Drool 4:06
The Masochistic Minstrel 4:18
The Very Thing 4:45
A Quick Feel 6:04
Two At A Table Set For Three 4:09
Landing 3:49
Hollow You Out 3:28
Held To The Ground 5:07
Kicking In The Water 3:49
I-I-I (A Wave) 4:15
Got You Alone 2:27
Untitled 1:14

09 June 2013

THE GANDHARVAS Sold for a Smile 1997

by request




  by Stephen Howell


1 Downtime
2 Gonna Be So Loose
3 The First Day Of Spring
4 Shells
5 Waiting For Something To Happen / Reprise
6 Hammer In A Shell
7 Watching The Girl
8 Sarsaparilla
9 Into The Mainstream
10 Milk Ocean
11 Diaboloney
12 Time After Time

06 June 2013

SHINER The Egg 2001

by request


The Truth About Cows 3:21

Surgery 3:23

Play Dead 3:30

The Top Of The World 4:11

The Egg 5:42

Andalusia 3:56

Bells And Whistles 4:12

The Simple Truth 7:57

Spook The Herd 2:29

Pills 4:53

Stoned 5:27