03 June 2013

TOO MUCH JOY Cereal Killers 1991

by request



Susquehanna Hat Company 2:36

Good Kill 3:29

William Holden Caulfield 2:32

Crush Story 4:02

Pirate 3:36

King Of Beers 2:38

Nothing On My Mind 5:11

That's A Lie (Remix) 2:19

Pride Of Frankenstein 3:15

Sandbox 2:58

Gramatan 5:27

Thanksgiving In Reno 2:38

Long Haired Guys From England 2:43

Goodbye Ohio 3:33

Theme Song 3:48


IHateThe90s said...


Scaggsaway said...

You put me down a Too Much Joy spiral with this. I hope you're happy. No, like for serious, I hope that. Totally unrelated. Just in general.

piratecyan said...

First song is called Susquehanna Hat Company (old Abbot and Costello bit) so I'm intrigued, and thanks to YouTube and you of course, download worthy. Thanks