31 May 2011

AVOCADO BABY A Million and Nine and Sex and Gum 1995

Thanks to Jon for the up!


A1 Acceleration
A2 Sleeping Bed Big Bag
A3 Pair Of Spoons
A4 Crayoned In
A5 Lipstick Lover
A6 Cold Hands
A7 Letter From Stephen Drennan
A8 Warmthness
A9 Cool Schmool
A10 Caffeine Rush
A11 Sexual Deviant
A12 Running Fast And Drunk
A13 Kitchen Fridge
A14 Bigger
A15 Pung Rock
A16 Squeaking Milk Bottle
A17 Parachute Drop
A18 Carpet Stain Remover
A19 Groovy Shoes
B1 Specifics
B2 Outer Space Lover
B3 The Wonderful World Of Ballet
B4 Dumb And In Love
B5 Choose Day
B6 Telephone Antagonism
B7 Arrogant Cat
B8 3 Way Plastic Love
B9 Jail House Fuck
B10 It's A Celebration
B11 Fizzing
B12 We Like To Do It
B13 International Sex
B14 Spanner
B15 Sad
B16 Permamint
B17 Gnat And Melley Creature
B18 Apologetic Telephone
B19 I Like It Like
B20 Fuck Indian
B21 Greedy
B22 Oh Yeah: Youth Is Dead

ELEVATOR THROUGH Original Music From The Motion Picture 'The Such' 1998

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Artist Biography by

While still recording with Moncton, New Brunswick's indie rock outfit Eric's Trip in 1994, guitarist Rick White and drummer Mark Gaudet began the side project Elevator to Hell with bassist Tara White and keyboard player Ron Bates. After Eric's Trip collapsed in 1996, Elevator to Hell became the main band for White and Gaudet. In 1996 the quartet signed to Sub Pop, White and Gaudet's former home with Eric' s Trip. The label made a deal with Elevator to Hell on the strength of their live shows and their album, Parts 1-2, released by the group in February 1995 and later re-released by Sub Pop on vinyl. After the band released their debut, they followed up with a 7" single on Sappy Records, the label of former Eric Trip's bandmate Julie Doiron Claytor. It was then, in early 1996, that Bates left the band because keyboard parts weren't being written into the songs as much and also for the fact that he was busy with his other group, Orange Glass.

Vague Premonition
By this time, the band had inked their official contract with Sub Pop and released their second full-length album, Part 3, which appeared on shelves in July 1996 in vinyl format only. Since both Parts 1-2 and Part 3 were only available on vinyl, Sub Pop released a CD in August that included both albums titled Parts 1-3. While continuing their affiliation with Sub Pop, the band released two more 7"s for Sappy and Squirtgun, before their next LP, 1997's Eerieconsiliation. Another series of releases would appear on labels like Astral Navigation and Murderecords in the following two years. Following those recordings, the band decided that they wanted to shorten their name, so they changed it to Elevator Through and released their fourth LP in 1999, Vague Premonition. The band changed their name once again in 2000 to Elevator and signed to the Toronto, Canada label Teenage USA and released the full-length A Taste of Complete Perspective.

1 The Such
2 Descending
3 The Pick Up
4 Fate
5 Wink
6 Second Coming
7 Wait For Tommorow
8 Sleep Experiment No. 3

30 May 2011

ZEN FRISBEE I'm as Mad as Faust 1998

By request

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SUPERCHARGER self titled 1997


by request


1 Big Fish
2 Jenny Washington
3 The Greatest Man In America (Live)
4 Ash Hash
5 I Love My Boss
6 Gord's Gold
7 Johnny Saucep'n
8 The Ballad Of Cedric Früvous
9 Entropy
10 The Kids' Song (Live)

EMILY'S SASSY LIME Desperate Scared But Social 1995

By request

WE WILL FALL The Iggy Pop Tribute 1997

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27 May 2011

BUILT TO SPILL Center of The Universe EP 1999

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1 Center Of The Universe 2:43
2 Now And Then 5:22
3 Kicked It In The Sun (Live Acoustic Version) 6:32
4 Big Dipper (Live Acoustic Version) 3:04

SOLOMON GRUNDY self titled 1990

By request
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25 May 2011



LUSTRE KING Shoot the Messenger 1999

BEEKEEPER Ostrich 1998

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1 Wait Til Then
2 Dead And Drugged
3 Flight
4 Won
5 Complete
6 Watching You Die
7 Muscle Car
8 So Quiet
9 Men
10 Two Men
11 Dying Day
12 Mabel

23 May 2011

I HATE THE 90S Volume 2 Compilation

1. Cold Water Flat - Virus Road
2. Lida Husik - AZT No
3. Loosegoats - Destined to Be a B-Side
4. Acetone - Chew
5. Red House Painters - Have You Forgotten
6. Maria McKee - I Can't Make It Alone (acoustic edit)
7. Red Dye No. 9 - Pigeon
8. American Music Club - The President's Test for Physical Fitness
9. Linda Perry - Jackie
10. Sammy - Rudy
11. Pavement - Painted Soldiers
12. Uncle Green - He's the Man
13. Fossil - Moon
14. The Marinernine - On My Back
15. Huffy - 50 Yard Dash
16. Man or Astroman? - Escape Velocity
17. Fury in the Slaughterhouse - Dead Before I Was Born
18. Gouds Thumb - Together
19. Maggie Estep - Scab Maids on Speed
20. The Grays - Very Best Years

22 May 2011

SUKPATCH Haulin' Grass and Smokin' Ass 1996

Thanks to Buddha Boy for the heads up on finding this.

Duo comprised of small-town Southerners Chris Heidman and Stephen Cruze, who created a novel amalgamation of lo-fi pop, samples, and hip-hop beats. The pair began recording songs at home on cheap equipment in the early '90s and signed to labels such as Slabco, Grand Royal and Moshi Moshi.


1 Flock-Sultan 2:56
2 Florida Orange 2:59
3 Smooth Guys (American Mix) 2:10
4 Hollow Tips 3:02
5 C.King 3:31
6 Tiebreakers 3:07
7 Bound Design 2:59
8 Saddle Sore 3:18
9 Au Pair 3:12
10 Stained-N-Strained 3:18
11 High-Lawn 3:11
12 Fort Knox 3:01
13 Bucked Hide 3:09
14 Straightest Lines 3:06
15 St. Louis Runs 2:37

FLUF Waikiki 1997

Requested all the way from Ukraine by Dsvvsd!


1 Skip Beat 2:07
2 Got Everything 3:51
3 Pushin' Back Days 2:19
4 Bump 3:01
5 The Chooser 2:17
6 Of The BO 2:48
7 TV Anthem 4:16
8 Sweet Dough 2:36
9 Class Action 3:31
10 Chocolate 2:53
11 Pipe Bomb 2:06
12 Batwing 2:52
13 The Gift Of 4:01