31 July 2009

THE MUFFS self titled 1993



The Muffs are a rock band based in Southern California, formed in 1991.

After releasing their initial 7" EPs and singles independently and on local labels, The Muffs signed to Warner Bros. Records in the early '90s and released their self-titled album in 1993. The Muffs were eventually dropped from the label. The Muffs have since continued to release new records on various independent labels.

The Muffs' leader is singer-songwriter Kim Shattuck. The original lineup also included guitarist Melanie Vammen (like Shattuck, a former member of 1980s all-female garage rock outfit The Pandoras), bassist Ronnie Barnett and drummer Criss Crass. Vammen and Crass left after the band's self-titled debut album. Crass was replaced by Jim Laspesa after their 1993 tour with the Goo Goo Dolls, and later by Roy McDonald in 1994. The Muffs have been a 3-piece since 1995 with members Kim Shattuck, Ronnie Barnett and Roy McDonald.

The Muffs are currently taking a long break from music but have announced they have not broken up.


1 Lucky Guy 2:47
2 Saying Goodbye 2:18
3 Everywhere I Go 3:25
4 Better Than Me 2:50
5 From Your Girl 3:30
6 Not Like Me 3:03
7 Baby Go Round 2:50
8 North Pole 0:36
9 Big Mouth 1:51
10 Every Single Thing 2:23
11 Don't Waste Another Day 2:37
12 Stupid Jerk 0:31
13 Another Day 2:15
14 Eye To Eye 3:32
15 I Need You 3:44
16.1 All For Nothing 2:45
16.2 Untitled 0:18

THE FLUID Glue / Roadmouth 1990

File combines "Roadmouth" and "Glue" EP

Forged in the gritty, unforgiving depths of the Denver punk scene in 1985, The Fluid was one of the most powerful and hardest-hitting acts of the late ’80s and early ’90s. Composed of vocalist John Robinson, drummer Garrett Shavlik, bassist Matt Bischoff, and guitarists James Clower and Rick Kulwicki, the band was the first non-Seattle signing by the initially provincial Sub-Pop label, which released the group’s scorching sophomore album, Clear Black Paper, in 1988. (The quintet’s debut, Punch N Judy, was released on Denver’s Ray-On Records in 1986 and was later reissued on Germany’s Glitterhouse imprint.)


Glue 23:06
1 Our Love Will Still Be There 3:01
2 Black Glove 2:58
3 Closet Case 4:28
4 Candy 3:15
5 Pretty Mouse 4:15
6 Wasted Time 5:09

Roadmouth 31:31
7 Cop A Plea 4:32
8 Ode To Miss Lodge 3:06
9 Twisted & Pissed 3:37
10 Is It Day? 2:52
11 What Man 4:22
12 Hooked 2:48
13 Human Mill 3:15
14 Girl Bomb 2:15
15 Fool's Rule 4:44

26 July 2009

TRIBE 8 Fist City 1995



 Wikipedia: Tribe 8 was an all-women outspoken dyke punk band from San Francisco, California. Considered one of the first queercore groups,[1] they take their name from the practice of tribadism.[2] Band members The makeup of the group changed over time, but Lynn Breedlove and Leslie Mah (formerly of Anti-Scrunti Faction) were consistent members. Other members included Flipper (Silas Howard), Slade Bellum, Jen Rampage, Mama T, and Tantrum.[3] [edit] Concerts In concert, lead singer Breedlove frequently performed shirtless, wearing a strap-on dildo, and encouraged audience members to interact with it.[4] Their songs often deal with subjects such as S/M, nudity, fellatio, and transgender issues, and the band was the subject of controversy because of this. Tribe 8 toured throughout the United States, playing at venues such as DUMBA and 924 Gilman Street; they also played in Europe and Canada, and released a number of recordings on independent record labels. In 1996, the band made its screen debut in A Gun For Jennifer, directed by Todd Morris. The band performs live in the documentary film She's Real, Worse Than Queer by Lucy Thane, released in 1997. Members of the band are also interviewed, speaking about a range of topics including the development of the queercore music scene. In 2003 the film Rise Above: A Tribe 8 Documentary, by director Tracy Flannigan, was released, documenting not only performances by the band but the motivations and reasons behind the band and the part it plays in their lives. The movie has won many awards at film festivals throughout the U.S. _______________________

Tribe 8 played here in Pensacola, Florida. Lynn Breedlove did rip off her shirt and yelled to the staring guys in the crowd to "Stop staring at my tits!" Yep, you had your fellatio of dildos and all sorts of wild things going on. I'll never forget that show.

  1. Manipulate
  2. Seraphim
  3. Butch In The Streets
  4. Romeo and Julio
  5. What?
  6. Kick
  7. Neanderthal Dyke
  8. Freedom
  9. Allen's Mom
10. Femme Bitch Top
11. Think
12. Flippersnapper
13. Barnyard Poontang
14. All I Can Do
15. Frat Pig

SPITBOY True Self Revealed 1993

Spitboy was an American anarcho-punk band founded in San Francisco, California in the early 1990s by four women. Within their music they aggressively criticized patriarchy and gender roles.
The band was founded by drummer Michelle Gonzales (Todd), vocalist Adrienne Droogas, bassist Paula and guitarist Karin Gembus. Paula left the band before the release of the Rasana 7" EP and was replaced by Dominique Davison.

The band toured the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Their records were released on prominent punk rock labels Lookout Records, Allied Recordings and Ebullition Records, including a split LP with the Chicago-based hardcore group Los Crudos.

After the breakup of the group, Davison, Gonzales and Gembus played together in the group Instant Girl, whose sound was less aggressive than that of Spitboy. Instant Girl released an LP on Allied Recordings. Droogas was briefly a member of the group Aus Rotten before moving to Richmond, Virginia. She also wrote columns for the punk zines Heartattack and Profane Existence. Davison is now an architect. Gonzales teaches English at Las Positas College in Livermore, California.

24 July 2009

WOOL Budspawn EP 1992


Wool were a rock band from Washington, D.C. (but based in Los Angeles), specialising in a rough-hewn but melodic brand of punk-based hard rock from 1990-1996.

Wool formed in the early '90s when brothers Peter and Franz Stahl (vocals/guitar and guitar/vocals, respectively) were forced to terminate their popular band Scream when bassist Skeeter Thompson went AWOL and drummer Dave Grohl defected to Nirvana mid-way through a U.S. tour. The brothers then teamed up with former Government Issue and future Burning Airlines drummer Peter Moffett and Seattle native and ex-Concrete Blonde bassist Al Bloch (brother of Seattle Sub-Pop legend Kurt Bloch from the Fastbacks).

When Wool played here in Pensacola in 1994, only about 5 people showed up, including me. That was a great show - it's just too bad people didn't know what a great band Wool was, or what the music history of its members was all about.


1 S O S 3:09
2 Slightly Under 4:11
3 Clear My Head 3:43
4 Wait 3:20
5 Medication 3:47
6 EFF 7:37

21 July 2009





TweeNet says: "The band was put together by Joss Cope, who had already been featured on quite a few Creation releases, and former Crash guitarist Bill Carey. The album is quite accessible and rolls along pleasantly with some worthy guitar lines, decent rhythm tracks and gentle backing harmonies that complement the tidy lead vocals. 'Freak Outburst' is a high with good Bunnymen guitar and a mild psychedelic flavour, whilst 'Freefall' is also good, melodic and uptempo. Contrary to its title, 'Landmine' is light and attractive, though short, and you will be hard pushed to find anything really that will bring a frown. A very decent beginning, sadly never built upon." If you enjoy Railway Childen and Echo and the Bunnymen, you'll probably like this. It's pop, a touch of psychedelic mixed with a touch of shoegaze. 


Freak Outburst
I Want To Watch
Expect A Miracle
Free Fall


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POSTER CHILDREN Daisychain Reaction 1990




1 Dee 4:06
2 Cancer 2:24
3 If You See Kay 2:50
4 Love 2:54
5 Freedom Rock 2:34
6 Space Gun 5:13
7 Water
8 Want It 1:37
9 Carver's 3:00
10 Chain Reaction 4:40
11 Frustration 1:58
12 Where We Live 4:43

SPRINKLER More Boy Less Friend 1992

I've been doing a lot of listening to tapes I made when I worked in college radio and I've forgotten about a lot of great bands that came out of the 90's decade and the tapes have helped a lot with what I am putting here. I'm so glad that I archived these shows on tapes, which are now 15 years old.

The band formed in 1992 after the demise of the Slusarenko brother's previous band, Death Midget. Birch had been playing guitar with Oblivion Seekers, and Moore had previously fronted Rawhead Rex. In June of that year, their debut album More Boy, Less Friend was released on Sub Pop Records. The following year, they released the Peerless ep. The band did, however, not stay together very long, and by 1994 they had split up.

In September 2005, they briefly reformed for a one-time reunion at MusicFest NW, playing a standing-room only show with Crackerbash, Pond and Hazel.

Sprinkler video "Wide Zero" (embedding is disabled)


MAGGIE ESTEP No More Mister Nice Girl 1994


Maggie Estep is a multitasker of literature, poetry, spoken word and music. In 1994, her first CD was released by now defunct Imago Records. The music combined with humourous prose makes this always fun to listen to, as Maggie makes fun of her experiences living in New York and dealing with the people she encounters. She's also known for her poetry and comical spoken word performances at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe in NYC and other parts of the country, as well as having the creative writing skills to publish a plethora of fictional books.


1 Hey Baby 3:22
2 I'm Not A Normal Girl 2:18
3 Paradise Lost 3:58
4 Even If 3:42
5 Car Guy 0:10
6 The Stupid Jerk I'm Obsessed With 2:15
7 My Life Of Gardening 3:35
8 Fuck Me 2:26
9 Scarification 3:09
10 Pee Lady 0:27
11 Sex Goddess Of The Western Hemisphere 2:42
12 I Swear 2:56
13 Vegetable Omelet 0:37
14 Rip Trip Strip 2:47
15 Ingeborg, Mistress Of The Dark 3:12
16 Bad Day At The Beauty Salon 4:52

20 July 2009

SHAKING FAMILY Dreaming In Detail 1990

It was a shame that this band didn't get much recognition and was buried by the ending of the horrible hair farming glam metal band trend, on their fiery way down the funeral pyre. Shaking Family was fantastic live, Tim Chewning is a fantastic drummer, and Barbara Carter's incredible vocals round out this great acoustic rock CD.



1 Hold On
2 Hammer
3 Girl On The Edge
4 No Man's Land
5 Tic Toc
6 Stand
7 R-Man
8 Do You Believe
9 Touch Me

THE DEVLINS Drift 1993

Wikipedia says:

The Devlins are an alternative rock band originating from Dublin, Ireland. Their most recognized songs are "Waiting", featured in remix form on the 2002 Six Feet Under soundtrack, but originally from their 1997 release "Waiting" and "World Outside" which was included in the 2004 drama Closer and also used in HBO advertisements for their original programming. Their song "Crossing The River" is featured in the soundtrack of Batman Forever. Their first album, "Drift," received a four-star review in "Rolling Stone" magazine. They have released four albums until now and are recording their next album due out in 2009.

DEADBOLT Tiki Man 1994




Deadbolt had to be the first band to play Voodoobilly music. Twangy, scary guitars full of reverb with equally scary vocals, heavy bass and rockbilly style drums piled on top of hilarious anecdotal lyrics - this is the best stuff you'll hear of this style of Monster Twang, Deadbolt style. I'll walk through Death Valley naked. Don't mess with me, I'm the Voodoobilly Man. 



Scare Me
Voodoobilly Man
Who The Hell Is Mrs. Valdez?
Tiki Man
Patches The Clown
Twang Zombie
Channel 5
The Meat
Mambo Room
Chuty's House Of Beer
The Lucy Joke


BRAINIAC Smack Bunny Baby 1993


Wikipedia says:
Brainiac was formed in Dayton, Ohio in January 1992 with vocalist, guitarist and keyboard player (particularly Moog synthesizers) Tim Taylor (July 20, 1968 – May 23, 1997)[1], bassist Monostereo (Juan Monasterio), guitarist Michelle Bodine and drummer Tyler Trent. On the March 12th, the band played its first show at Wright State's University Cafeteria, under the name We'll Eat Anything.

After a couple of singles, they released their debut album, Smack Bunny Baby, on Grass/ BMG Records in 1993. Bonsai Superstar, now with John Schmersal on guitar in place of Bodine, followed the next year. In 1995 they played on the Lollapalooza side stage and recorded 4 songs in the UK for the BBC Peel Sessions. They joined Touch and Go Records and released Internationale, produced by Kim Deal (of the Pixies). The following year, their third album, Hissing Prigs in Static Couture, was released on the Touch & Go label. All three of their albums were produced by Eli Janney (of Girls Against Boys).

Brainiac generated a buzz as the live act to see that resulted in opening tours for Beck, the Breeders and the Jesus Lizard and receiving offers from major labels. In 1997 they released an electronic-based EP called Electro-Shock for President which turned out to be their last record: Tim Taylor was killed in a car accident on May 23, 1997, during the pre-production for their fourth album, which was due out on Interscope Records. The group soon disbanded.


1 I, Fuzzbot 3:44
2 Ride 2:47
3 Smack Bunny Baby 2:06
4 Martian Dance Invasion 2:16
5 Cultural Zero 2:57
6 Brat Girl 3:47
7 Hurting Me 4:19
8 I Could Own You 2:58
9 Anesthetize 3:09
10 Draag 4:17
11 Get Away 3:47

US MAPLE Long Hair In Three Stages 1995

Wapedia says:

US Maple recorded their first full-length album, Long Hair in Three Stages, late in 1995 at Illinois' Solid Sound Studios located in Hoffman Estates. The album was produced by indie music producer and former Sonic Youth guitarist Jim O'Rourke, and was fueled with jarring guitar noodling, vocal wheezes and howls, and spastic drumming — all staples of the band's elastic song structures. Skin Graft released the album in October 1995 in both vinyl and CD formats; the vinyl pressings included a bonus track and hand-made sheet metal jackets manufactured by the band members themselves. [3] The band then embarked on a six-week, twelve country, European tour in support of their first album. While in England, the band recorded a Peel session for John Peel's BBC Radio 1 show.[4]



Originally from Hanover, New Hampshire, Jon Spencer (born Jonathan Spencer) moved to Washington, DC where he fronted the band Pussy Galore. After that band's breakup, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion formed in 1990 in New York City. The band members had played in bands including The Honeymoon Killers, Crowbar Massage, and Boss Hog prior to the formation of the Blues Explosion.

They signed to Matador Records shortly after and have gathered a large cult following. They are one of the select notable groups to cultivate a punk blues sound in the 1990s.

BUTTER 08 1996

Wikipedia says:
Butter 08 was a short-lived musical side project whose members consisted of Yuka Honda and Miho Hatori of Cibo Matto, Russell Simins of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Rick Lee of Skeleton Key and director Mike Mills. The band released just one album, the self-titled "Butter 08" in 1996 on the Beastie Boys' now defunct Grand Royal record label. The album features guest performances by future Cibo Matto members Timo Ellis and Sean Lennon as well as a performance by filmmaker Evan Bernard who directed music videos for several Grand Royal artists as well as for Cibo Matto and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.


1 9mm 2:44
2 Shut Up 3:00
3 Butter Of 69 3:24
4 Dick Serious 3:21
5 How Do I Relax 3:40
6 It's The Rage 2:06
7 Mono Lisa 4:56
8 What Are You Wearing 2:30
9 Sex Symbol 3:49
10 Degobrah 2:06
11 Hard To Hold 3:50
12 Butterfucker 3:29

THE POOH STICKS The Great White Wonder 1991


Wikipedia says:

The Pooh Sticks were an indie pop band from Swansea, Wales recording between 1988 and 1995. They were notable for their jangly melodiousness and lyrics gently mocking the indie scene of the time such as on "On tape", "Indie-pop ain't Noise Pollution" and "I Know Someone who Knows Someone who knows Alan McGee Quite Well". The band changed direction on their 1991 U.S breakthrough The Great White Wonder, eschewing the 'twee' British indie pop sound for a more American-styled Power pop sound, akin to bands like Jellyfish and Redd Kross. Subsequent albums Million Seller, considered by some Power Pop fans to be the band's best work, and Optimistic Fool followed in this style.


1 Young People 3:55
2 The Rhythm Of Love 3:26
3 Sweet Baby James 3:11
4 Pandora's Box 2:59
5 Desperado 4:45
6 Good Times 2:01
7 The Wild One, Forever 1:15
8 I'm In You 14:39
9 When Sunny Gets Blue 2:41