30 January 2010


Master Cylinder 1992

Flux 1994

The band's first full-length CD as a trio, Master Cylinder, was released by Tim/Kerr Records in 1992, and has since been described by album producer Alessandro Monti as influenced by everything from Conlon Nancarrow to Black Sabbath and from grunge to prog rock. Some tracks might also lead to comparisons with Discipline-era King Crimson -- although overall the record seems designed to be played at parties in which guests could be asked "what instrument do you think that was?" in reference to the apparent predominance of electric guitar played in a metal-grunge style. Surprise: "NO GUITARS!" exclaim the liner notes...the speaker-busting sound in question came from Chalenor's fuzz bass. Coupled with Franzoni's sometimes pounding rhythms on the "membranophones," the Caveman Shoestore of Master Cylinder could be a heavy item indeed, but the band's sound was balanced by diFalco's enjoyably rich yet never histrionic vocals, often in multi-tracked harmonies, as well as her solid electric keyboard work.
In 1994 the second Caveman Shoestore album on the Tim/Kerr label, entitled Flux, was released; the album found the band expanded to a quartet including Amy DeVargas on vocals, second bass, and cello -- indeed, DeVargas was a somewhat more prominent vocal presence (and more assertive in the higher ranges) than diFalco, and wrote or co-wrote five album tracks. Guest Jen Harrison was also featured on French horn. The album had a more diverse sound overall than Master Cylinder -- without the heavy metal masquerades prominently featuring Chalenor's fuzz bass disguised as a roaring guitar -- and placed considerable emphasis on Chalenor/DeVargas interlocking bass parts, tribal-flavored rhythmic undercurrents, and diFalco's keyboard work often emphasizing the Hammond organ, although her synth and piano were featured as well. In an interview with Allen Huotari on the /All About Jazz website, Chalenor notes that on the first two Caveman Shoestore CDs, the band explored "really crazy" polyrhythms in the context of "sick" pop tunes.
All Music Guide

Master Cylinder


1 Spill 2:00
2 Pencil Sharpener 3:22
3 Big Slow Melvin 4:46
4 Flying 3:42
5 Tractor Beam 2:30
6 Secret Doorway In Nevada Leading To Monster Truck At The Bottom Of The Ocean Where Elvis Lives 3:39
7 An Angel Flew By 2:43
8 Tractor Pulling A Clown 3:54
9 Flattened Doggies 3:25
10 I Just Might 4:25
11 Lost Horizon 3:20
12 When Rome Burns, Read The Sports Page 1:35
13 Information Overload 8:12



1 Knife Edge
2 The Pond At Night
3 Actualize
4 Four Years Old
5 Ticket To Obscurity
6 Kurtain
7 All This Air
8 Lightning
9 Henzyme
10 Underneath The Water
11 Underneath The City
12 Cold


SKIPLOADER Sprainy 1995


1 N2O
2 Hasty In C# Maj.
3 Kindness
4 Name Dropping
5 All Smiles
6 King Of The Hill
7 Behave In E
8 Hubris
9 Unlimited...
10 Gyp
11 Baker's Chocolate
12 Another Billy
13 "Sprainy"

DEAD CAN DANCE Toward The Within 1994

ZOINKS! Panorama EP 1997


1 Chest Pain
2 Pedestal
3 Bridge Over Brautigan
4 Ugly Side
5 Snowshine

26 January 2010

MIKE WATT Ball-Hog or Tugboat 1995

AMERICAN MUSIC CLUB United Kingdom/California 1989


1 Here They Roll Down
2 Dreamers Of The Dream
3 Never Mind
4 United Kingdom
5 Dream Is Gone
6 Heaven Of Your Hands
7 Kathleen
8 The Hula Maiden
9 Animal Pen
10 Firefly
11 Somewhere
12 Laughing Stock
13 Lonely
14 Pale And Skinny Girl
15 Blue And Grey Shirt
16 Bad Liquor
17 Now You're Defeated
18 Jenny
19 Western Sky
20 Highway 5
21 Last Harbour

25 January 2010

BOSS HOG Whiteout 2000


Artist Biography by Jason Ankeny

All-star N.Y.C. blues-punk combo Boss Hog was helmed by the husband-and-wife team of singer Cristina Martinez and singer/guitarist Jon Spencer, who'd previously teamed up in the legendary cult band Pussy Galore. The duo formed Boss Hog to fill a last-minute cancellation at the famed CBGB, earning instant notoriety when Martinez performed their debut show au naturel; guitarists Jerry Teel and Kurt Wolf, bassist Pete Shore, and drummer Charlie Ondras completed the lineup for 1989's EP Drinkin', Lechin' & Lyin'. In the wake of 1990's Cold Hands, Spencer formed the Blues Explosion, forcing Boss Hog onto the back burner; by the time the group returned in 1993 with Girl +, only Martinez and Spencer remained from the original lineup, with ex-Swan Jens Jürgensen assuming bass duties and Hollis Queens joining on drums. The record's success in indie circles resulted in a deal with major-label Geffen that yielded a self-titled 1995 LP; little was heard from Boss Hog throughout the remainder of the decade (although Spencer and Martinez had a baby), but in early 2000 the group finally resurfaced with Whiteout, featuring ex-Goats keyboardist Mark Boyce



1 Whiteout 3:07
2 Chocolate 3:05
3 Nursery Rhyme 3:57
4 Stereolight 4:10
5 Fear For You 3:30
6 Get It While You Wait 3:42
7 Jaguar 2:41
8 Itchy & Scratchy 3:54
9 Trouble 2:42
10 Monkey 1:56


CORNELIUS Fantasma 1998


1 Mic Check 3:01
2 The Micro Disneycal World Tour 3:37
3 New Music Machine 3:52
4 Clash 5:37
5 Count Five Or Six 3:01
6 Magoo Opening 2:08
7 Star Fruits Surf Rider 5:47
8 Chapter 8 - Seashore And Horizon 3:25
9 Free Fall 4:06
10 2010 2:03
11 God Only Knows 7:39
12 Thank You For The Music 4:53
13 Fantasma 0:55

23 January 2010

EUGENIUS Oomalama 1992


Artist Biography by

Star Wars
Following the 1989 breakup of Scottish indie popsters the Vaselines, leader Eugene Kelly assembled a new band, Eugenius, and earned a major-label deal with the advocacy of Kurt Cobain. In contrast to the Vaselines' minimalism, Eugenius had a fuller, more traditional guitar pop sound, but carried much the same simple, amateurish, innocent charm. When Kelly assembled the first version of the band in 1990, it was called Captain America, and featured BMX Bandits guitarist Gordon Keen, Vaselines bassist James Seenan, and Teenage Fanclub drummer Brendan O'Hare. However, it wasn't a serious venture at first; Kelly joined the BMX Bandits for their 1991 Star Wars album, and didn't focus full-time on Captain America until Nirvana invited them to open dates on their 1991 European tour.
Flame On
Captain America issued an EP, Wow!, on the British indie Paperhouse in 1991. By the time of their 1992 follow-up EP, Flame On, Marvel Comics had gotten wind of the band's name and forced a change due to trademark infringement. Kelly selected Eugenius -- not just a play on his own name, but also the name of a pretender to the Roman throne -- and, with Cobain continuing to praise his music in interviews, caught the attention of Atlantic Records. In the meantime, he watched several rhythm section members -- drummers Francis MacDonald (Teenage Fanclub) and Andy Bollen, bassist Joe McAlinden -- come and go. Eventually, Eugenius' lineup solidified around bassist Raymond Boyle and drummer Roy Lawrence, who played on the majority of the group's 1992 Atlantic debut, Oomalama.
Mary Queen of Scots
Oomalama received generally excellent reviews, but its sweet pop appeal was out of step with the booming grunge fad, and despite Cobain's seal of approval, Eugenius didn't resemble Nirvana enough to attract the majority of their fan base. They did, however, reach a much wider audience than the Vaselines ever had. In its wake, Atlantic issued a six-song live EP called It Ain't Rocket Science, It's Eugenius!, which included two Vaselines re-recordings for newcomers. In 1994, Eugenius returned with the single "Caesar's Vein," which was followed in short order by their second album, Mary Queen of Scots. Met with lukewarm critical response this time around, it failed to build the band's cult audience any further. Kelly disbanded Eugenius in 1995 and moved on to a very sporadic solo career, issuing several singles and compilation tracks. 


1 Oomalama
2 Breakfast
3 One's Too Many
4 Bed-In
5 Hot Dog
6 Down On Me
7 Flame On
8 Here I Go
9 I'm The Sun
10 Buttermilk
11 Bye Bye
12 Wow!
13 Wannabee
14 Indian Summer

BECK Golden Feelings 1993

THE CANDY SKINS Space I'm In 1991

Artist Biography by

Space I'm In
Emerging from the same Oxford, England pop scene which also yielded Radiohead and Supergrass, the Candyskins were formed in 1989 by frontman Nick Cope, his guitarist brother Mark, lead guitarist Nick Burton, bassist Karl Shale and drummer John Halliday. Debuting with the UK hit single "Submarine Song," the group was soon signed by Geffen, which issued their LP The Space I'm In in 1990; Fun? followed in 1993, but the Candyskins' major label tenure was largely disappointing, and two years later they signed with the British label Ultimate. After scoring a major hit at home with the single "Monday Morning," the group issued their comeback LP Sunday Morning Fever in 1997; Death of a Minor TV Celebrity, recorded with new bassist Brett Gordon, followed the next year.



1 So Easy 4:23
2 Submarine Song 3:59
3 Black And Blue 3:05
4 I Will Never Forget You 3:40
5 Freedom Bus 3:34
6 Without Love 3:32
7 She Blew Me Away 3:42
8 Third World Blues 3:34
9 Not Sad To See You Go 4:22
10 Get Together 3:46
11 For What It's Worth 3:57
12 Space I'm In 4:43


The band Captain America became Eugenius after a copyright infringement claim by Marvel Comics.

Flame On 3:40
Buttermilk 3:22
Indian Summer 4:18

22 January 2010

HELIUM Dirt of Luck 1995


1 Pat's Trick 3:20
2 Trixie's Star 2:44
3 Silver Angel 2:54
4 Baby's Going Underground 6:24
5 Medusa 3:10
6 Comet #9 2:09
7 Skeleton 4:11
8 Superball 2:35
9 All The X's Have Wings 3:13
10 Oh The Wind And Rain 5:29
11 Honeycomb 4:22
12 Flower Of The Apocalypse 3:46