28 December 2015

BLOG ON HIATUS Starting Monday, December 28th, 2015

Hey all. I am having shoulder surgery again so the blog will be on hiatus for awhile. In other words I won't be posting or reupping links for awhile until I can type properly again. The hiatus will start Monday, December 28th. 

Happy New Year!

26 December 2015

QUICKSAND Unreleased LP Sessions 1998

Some  NYHC


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The alternative metal band Quicksand emerged from the New York City hardcore scene of the late '80s; before coming together in 1990, singer/guitarist Walter Schreifels, guitarist Tom Capone, bassist Sergio Vega, and drummer Alan Cage all honed their chops in a series of local acts, including Youth of Today, the Gorilla Biscuits, and Bold and Beyond. A self-titled EP soon followed, and in 1992, Quicksand issued their Polygram debut, Slip, earning airplay with the single "Dine Alone." After touring in support of their sophomore effort, 1995's Manic Compression, the group disbanded, only to attempt an unfruitful reunion two years later before going their separate ways once more. Quicksand's former members have since cropped up in other outfits (Capone in Handsome, Schreifels in Rival Schools, etc.), and although they never broke out of cult status over the course of their two-album-long career, Quicksand's influence can still be felt, especially on such bands as Grade, Absolve, Thursday, and At the Drive-In, among others. 

1. Hostage Calm
2. Weed It Out
3. So Down On
4. Requiem
5. Safe As
6. Chelsea's Going Under
7. track 7
8. Hostage Calm
9. The Source
10. Instrumental

23 December 2015

MATERIAL ISSUE Freak City Soundtrack 1994

by request


1 Goin' Through Your Purse
2 Kim The Waitress
3 Funny Feeling
4 The Fan
5 One Simple Word
6 A Very Good Thing
7 I Could Use You
8 Ordinary Girl
9 Eko Beach
10 She's Goin' Thru My Head
11 Help Me Land

21 December 2015

YOU AND WHAT ARMY Kinda Wanna 1996

by request
 Thanks to Jim

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N.Y.C.'s You and What Army was an energetic power pop band with a punk attitude.


1 February Sun 2:17
2 Scar 3:00
3 Home 6:14
4 American Car Crash Little Girl 4:23
5 Candy 2:27
6 Kinda Wanna 4:51
7 Better Living Through Chemistry 6:50
8 Turning Blue 5:36
9 Love And Anarchy 4:31
10 Girlpower 6:08
11 Swingset 2:52


by request


1 Broken Into
2 Arclight
3 Who Wants You
4 Twist
5 Love Turned Upside Down
6 Deborah
7 Man Scared
8 Be Still
9 Gravy Train
10 Contact
11 Dronning Maud Land

18 December 2015

SLOWPOKE Virgin Stripes 1998

by request


1 Railroad
2 I Can't See You Anymore
3 Lorraine
4 Hey! Alama Mater
5 Valentine
6 Broadcaster
7 Am I Shade?
8 Tonka
9 Belladonna
10 Dirty Hands
12 Before The Fight
12 Goodnight, Mr. Kennedy

THE TINKLERS Saplings 1991

by request
 Artist Biography by
The Tinklers are the duo of Charles Brohawn and Chris Mason, two Baltimore-based multimedia artists whose musical pursuits place them squarely in the Half Japanese tradition of deliberate artlessness, though with an often more accessible, rather childlike playfulness.
Although the first Tinklers album did not come out until 1990, the roots of the band are in the mid-'70s performance art scene in their native Baltimore. Charles Brohawn was a painting and sculpture student at the Maryland Institute College of Art when he met Chris Mason, a Minnesota native who had moved to Maryland to study poetry in the creative writing program at Johns Hopkins University. At that time, the leading light of the Baltimore avant-garde music scene was Jad Fair's Half Japanese, a duo that Brohawn in particular found immensely influential. (Mason was more interested in the theories of John Cage at the time.) Brohawn and Mason formed the Tinklers in 1977 as a four-piece noise rock band with a rhythm section, but by 1979, they were, like Half Japanese, a two-guitar duo.
Unlike Half Japanese, however, the Tinklers maintained their interest in both visual and performance art while pursuing their musical activities; early Tinklers gigs usually took place at local art galleries at which Brohawn's paintings and drawings were on display. An early project was called "The Tinklers' History of the World": Brohawn and Mason constructed a 50-foot-long time line (reproduced on the cover of their debut album, Casserole) and performed while walking along it, stopping at various points and performing songs related to that moment in history. This multimedia project and two others, Home by the River and Our Childrens' Childrens' Worlds, were self-published as books in the '80s. During this time, Mason also started a cassette-only label, Widemouth Tapes, as a spoken-word and performance medium for local poets and artists. Oddly, it wasn't until 1986 that Widemouth released a self-titled tape of the Tinklers' early recordings, some of which date back to the band's earliest days.
In 1989, the Tinklers came to the attention of Kramer of Shimmy-Disc Records, who signed the duo and produced their first album, Casserole. A more disturbing record than the Tinklers' sunnier early works, with unsettling undercurrents and topics taken from rather depressing news stories like the shooting of an elderly woman by SWAT cops during an eviction gone awry, Casserole was an atypical debut. The 1992 follow-up, Saplings, was closer in content to the Tinklers' early performances, as was the celebratory EP James Brown, released on Washington, D.C.'s Simple Machines label the same year. The 1993 LP Crash and the science fiction-themed 1995 EP UFOs found Brohawn and Mason moving into a slightly more mainstream arena, dropping the 30-second song fragments and allowing a slightly more mature world view into their music. After a four-year layoff, the Tinklers returned in 1999 with the aptly-titled Slowpoke, an album that had been self-recorded on Brohawn's four-track over the preceding four years, released on their friend and artistic cohort Diana Froley's Serious Records label.


1 Trees Like To Rot In The Forest 3:10
2 I Got To Be Patient 1:59
3 One Meatball 2:39
4 Pow 0:20
5 The Dodo Bord &The CalvariaTree 2:33
6 Chugga-Chugga 0:55
7 The Future 2:19
8 Zoom 0:26
9 Around To Maryanne's 3:15
10 Hmm 0:30
11 Quack Quack Beep Beep 0:52
12 Waah 0:27
13 Dinosaurs Are Better 2:19
14 What It Wags 2:44
15 Lucky In Love 4:40
16 Zone Fare 2:57
17 Cheesewolf 2:28
18 Allergic To Everything 2:41
19 Come On Down To The Beach 2:53
20 Kid With A Curved Spine 1:58
21 Paul Bunyon 11:16

17 December 2015


Someday/Beneath single
 self titled
 Thanks to Alluka
A Someday 3:50
B Beneath 4:17
self titled

01 Indecision
02 Sometimes
03 Blame
04 Famished
05 Burn
06 Pressure
07 Walk Left
08 Nothing For You
09 Slower
10 Sift


by request
AllMusic Review by
The Irish trio the Fat Lady Sings switched labels to Atlantic for their sophomore release Johnson. Produced by Steve Osbourne, the band, led by singer Nick Kelly, manages to straddle the line between immediately catchy, organic pop and their deeper artistic yearnings with good results. Kelly is a gifted lyricist and proves capable of tackling a range of emotions. Johnson kicks off with "Boil" and his angry vocals compliment the seething lyrics. The band, completed by bassist Dermot Lynch and guitarist/keyboardist Tim Bradshaw, help provide engaging sonic backdrops for Kelly's words. The highlights include "Drunkard Logic," a U.K. hit about regret with acoustic guitars and piano, and "Horse Water Wind," featuring gorgeous harmonies and a bed of guitars. Things are bleak at times, but the band does offer some optimism as on the jaunty, unbridled "Stealing a Plane." Johnson proves to be a melodic, articulate treat.


1 Boil 4:48
2 Show Of Myself 5:11
3 Alien 4:22
4 Drunkard Logic 4:19
5 World Exploding Touch 3:56
6 Horse Water Wind 5:50
7 This Guitar 4:44
8 Johnny Sunrise 4:48
9 Stealing A Plane 3:31
10 Colourblind 3:49
11 But 1:52
12 Providence 5:30

15 December 2015

VEAL Hot Loser 1997

by request
Canadian indie rock


1 Sugar Pants
2 Mexico Texaco
3 Hot Loser Part 1
4 Cauchermar
5 In Bed With The Pope
6 Down Again
7 Cheesecake
8 Nails & Snails
9 Two Heads
10 Almond Joy
11 Girlfriend
12 Apple

THE TEACUPS This Will Come Back To Haunt You 1998

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This Will Come Back to Haunt You
Racine, WI-based indie-pop combo the Teacups was formed in the summer of 1997 by singer/guitarist Stephen Baraboo and singer/bassist Melissa Kozlik; originally an acoustic duo, the line-up soon expanded to a three-piece with the addition of drummer Aaron Vold, and in September the group issued its debut EP From Zero...To Infinity on Kindercore. The full-length This Will Come Back to Haunt You appeared in mid-1998; the next summer, the trio adopted a new name, Por Avion, releasing a split single with Kitty Vermont, followed in early 2000 by the EP To His Heart, Bidding It Have No Fear. 

1 Count To Ten
2 Paris, 1950
3 Different In Forever
4 Lupe
5 Tie My Shoe
6 No Black Magic
7 She Doesn't Like My Glasses
8 Sad Eyes
9 Red Light, Green Light
10 Your Best Friend
11 Nothing Works Out
12 What's Scary
13 You're A Mystery
14 Pinky Swear