14 November 2009

CURVE Doppelgänger 1992


Doppelgänger is the 1992 debut album by the British band Curve. A continuation of the musical idiom established by the group on its three earlier EPs, the record combines elements of dance music and alternative rock with the reverb- and distortion-heavy stylings of "shoegazing".


1 Already Yours 3:56
2 Horror Head 3:41
3 Wish You Dead 3:31
4 Doppelgänger 4:30
5 Lillies Dying 4:24
6 Ice That Melts The Tips 4:31
7 Split Into Fractions 4:33
8 Think & Act 5:15
9 Faît Accompli 4:39
10 Sandpit 3:27
11 Clipped 3:51

LARD Last Temptation of Reid 1990

Lard is a hardcore punk/Industrial band founded in 1988 as a side project by Jello Biafra (vocals), Al Jourgensen (guitar), Paul Barker (bass), and Jeff Ward (drums).[1] Biafra is perhaps best known as the former frontman of the punk rock band Dead Kennedys. Jourgensen is the founder and only continuous member of industrial metal band Ministry, of which Barker was an official member between 1988 and 2004, and Ward was also once a touring member. Over the years, several other members of Ministry played with Lard, namely Bill Rieflin, Mike Scaccia, and Rey Washam.

Like most of Biafra's work, Lard's songs are angrily political (the War on Drugs is a particularly common theme) but often have a tinge of humour.

Lard - Forkboy

VELOCITY GIRL Copacetic 1993

Velocity Girl was an American indie rock band formed in 1989 in College Park, Maryland, although it was generally known as a Washington, DC-area band. The band took its name from a Primal Scream B-side. While much 1990s rock music featured an abrasive vocal and instrumental style, Velocity Girl's sound, especially post-1993, was more melodic and typically featured "clean" (non-distorted) electric guitar sounds and two-part harmonies. However, on their first seven-inch records on Slumberland and Merge, as well as their first Sub Pop album, Copacetic, Velocity Girl were noted for their shoegaze influences. The band was noted for its love of releasing a steady stream of 7" vinyl singles. Slumberland Records was formed in 1989 by members of several D.C.-area bands, including Velocity Girl.

02 November 2009


Blonde Redhead is an American rock trio comprising Kazu Makino and twin brothers Simone and Amedeo Pace. The band performs in multiple languages including English, Japanese, Italian, and French.