22 April 2014

I HATE THE 90S on Hiatus starting 4-22-14

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The blog will be on hiatus for approximately a week or more while I get surgery on my shoulder. You're always welcome to post in the Chatbox but I won't be able to get to any requests for a week or more. It depends on how I am feeling.
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Last FM


Jazz 1:32
More 5:16
Down 5:00
Brighter 7:40
Ian Day 4:12
Pop Girl 3:32
Hurt 3:49
Long Way To Go 4:00

19 April 2014

TWITCH Homewrecker 1992

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Formed in 1990 in Kalamazoo, MI, by guitarist and singer Kevin Oberlin, bassist Steve Martin, drummer Kevin Farkas, and guitarist Rick Cutsinger (Cutsinger left a year or so later and vocalist Chris Bryers was added to the band) released an assortment of 7" singles and EPs, including Homewrecker (1992), Jedi (1993), and Beaten Senseless & Giddy with Love (also 1993) before signing with RCA Records. The group recorded an EP, Medicine Ball, in 1994 for RCA and an album a year later, but neither of these was ever released, and the band was cut from the label, which led to the group disbanding in 1995.


01 Rose 4:18
02 Leon's Temple 2:39
03 Homewrecker 3:10
04 Christmas Tree 4:03
05 Garbage Man 3:47
06 Sleepwake 3:49


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History Of Brokeback
Occupation Or Not
Orange Moon
Taking Leave
Bearish On High
Nova Zembla
The Blindside
Exit Right

RED MONKEY Make the Moment 1997


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Red Monkey was one of the finest bands to come out of the English Slampt family. They are in fine form on Make the Moment, tearing through political rants with the accessibly fractured vigor of Gang of Four or the Fall. The record distinguishes itself in general, but two things come across as outstanding and particular to Red Monkey: culturally, there's their ability to make entirely political lyrics work in a personal, intelligent, and restrained manner; musically, there's the fact that Make the Moment has as much melodic appeal as it does rhythmic post-punk aggression. All of which means that this is a fine, fine record. 


A1 Activity Book
A2 Pro Choice
A3 Litmus Test
A4 Rationale Showdown
A5 Cakey Pig
A5 The Converse
B1 Not For Rent
B2 Missy
B3 Equate This
B4 Fake Dagger Day
B5 The Way I Peel Oranges
B6 No Negative
B7 Luxury

DARK ARTS Something Once Whispered to Cava 1999

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Stephanie Payne has been making music under the guise of Dark Arts since 1984. The first recording was produced and engineered by Steve Albini (best known for his bands Big Black and Shellac, as well as his production work with the Pixies and PJ Harvey). A Long Way From Brigadoon was released on Albini’s short lived Ruthless Records (2) label in 1985.

Dark Arts has been featured on many compilations, the best known being The October Country issued on Nate Starkman & Son (brainchild of Philip Drucker who has been in noted bands 17 Pygmies and Savage Republic). The import-only release Carnival Of Lost Souls, produced and engineered by Biff Sanders (of Ethyl Meatplow and Polar Bear), can be found on Nate Starkman & Son, and is distributed by EFA.

Dark Arts has shared the stage with many diverse bands including: The Cocteau Twins, Big Black, Urge Overkill, Naked Raygun, and Drowning Pool. Stephanie enjoys working with a wide variety of musicians and instruments, which enables her to create her eclectic and other-worldly sound. Dark Arts has been favorably compared to such artists as Dead Can Dance, Harold Budd, Roger Eno, Angelo Badalamenti and Peter Gabriel.

The Dark Arts release Something Once Whispered To Cava took 3 years to complete and it features the talents of Julie Fowells (Geraldine Fibbers) on violin, Joyce Rooks on cello, Raul Casillas and Biff Sanders on percussion, and the vocal talents of Cheryl Russel, Scotty Chapman, and Stephanie Payne. Stephanie wrote all the material and played all remaining instruments.

Dark Arts is currently made up of Stephanie Payne on dulcimer, piano, percussion, flute and melodica (amongst other sound-making objects), Sharon Berman on accordion, ballophone, recorder and percussion, and Juan Wijngaard on hurdy gurdy, recorder, mouth harp, and percussion. Something Once Whispered To Cava will take you on an emotional and visual journey to distant lands and mystical places.


1 Jola Dool 5:21
2 Fragments Of A Smile 4:11
3 The Myth Of Alcestis 7:06
4 Marigolds And Gossamer Spirit 3:14
5 Through Vita's Eyes 3:20
6 Blue Lion Teardrop 5:49
7 Songs Of Earth And Sky 4:53
8 Grey Eyes Is Glass 3:40
9 Velvet Sky 5:32
10 Sea Nymphs 8:03
11 L'Astrolabe 3:31
12 Like Still Waters Under An Open Sky 3:41
13 The Wishing Tree 3:43
14 Lament 5:46

THRALL Chemical Wedding 1996

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Thrall is both a direct continuation of the God Bullies (former home to front man Mike Hard) and of Detroit all-female alternative rock act Inside Out (supplying bassist Karen Neal). However, for me, this seems the crystallization of the God Bullies' vision presented in Mamawombwomb. Never quite fulfilled from God Bullies later releases, this apocalyptic vision captured in the raw by production on eight track technology returns in spirit with modern studio techniques. The substance here is Freudian nightmares and chaotic nightmares of Mike Hard. Aided also by guitarist Paul Thor (worked with Hard in Hand Over Head), drummer Terry Bradley and lead guitarist Kevin Hagen (Enemy Squad), Mike has the army to prosecute his war on your safety zone.


1 Sometimes I Get This Urge 3:30
2 The Blood Is The Life 3:33
3 Have You Ever Been Conned? 2:29
4 Psychic Attack 4:11
5 I'll Do What You Say 2:40
6 Do It Now 1:39
7 It's Okay 3:39
8 Gas Station Speed 4:00
9 I Will Always Love You 4:36
10 Mommy And Daddy Were Alien Gods 2:45
11 Goliath 2:55
12 No Mark! No Milk! 1:39
13 I Am Not Afraid 5:48


17 April 2014

SURGERY Shimmer 1994

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1 Bootywhack 2:58
2 Off The A List 4:51
3 Shimmer 2:17
4 Vibe Out 4:00
5 Mr. Scientist 2:53
6 Low Cut Blues 6:37
7 D-Nice 4:12
8 Gulf Coast Score 4:55
9 Nilla Waif 3:24
10 Didn't I Know You Once 3:30
11 No 1 Pistola 5:38

GOD BULLIES War on Everybody 1992

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American noise-rock band founded in 1986 in Kalamazoo, Michigan and disbanded in 1995.  


Book Report Time 3:07
I Want To Kill You 3:17
Ordinary Man 2:41
Automaker 2:58
Long Way Home 2:37
Peace And Love 4:00
Senojmot 1:10
Magical Butterfly 3:42
Pet Monkey 1:34
Andre 3:05
Safety Zone 6:26
Saw You Dead 3:51

16 April 2014

WISH FOR EDEN Pet the Fish 1993

Thanks to Dsvvsd
From Last FM
Tooth & Nail Records was born in 1993 and Wish For Eden will always be known as the first band to release an album on this wonderful label. Pet the Fish is a very simplistic album lyrically and musically, but many who were into Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and Soundgarden were fond of it when it released.The California three-piece, Wish For Eden, made their debut on Tooth & Nail Records with this record. “Pet The Fish” is hard and heavy – and flits happily somewhere between pop, punk, and grunge. Hard to imagine, right? That’s because this music was avant-garde and helped bring about the emotive hardcore heavy rock you hear today. A revolutionary album and a must-have. 


1 Questions
2 Ocean
3 Don't Know
4 U Could
5 Green
6 Fly
7 Me
8 Fade
9 Blood
10 Pet The Fish