06 September 2012

Well it was good while it lasted, huh?

Well folks, it was good while it lasted. Mediafire suspended my account again, and I will no longer be re-upping any links, except the first few on the first page, so please do not ask for me to do so.
Suffice to say I'm quite miffed about this. It appears that Mediafire is going around suspending a lot of accounts lately.
You can use the blog as a reference.
Don't use Mediafire, they will turn on you. Be careful out there in blogland!



Douchess of York said...

One of my favorite blogs - down the drain.

Please reconsider.


IHateThe90s said...

DD: Would love to re-do it but I spent 2 months re-upping hundreds and hundreds of links. It's just too much work to do. Sorry, my friend. Thank you so much for your support and comments. I value each and every one. :-)

Anonymous said...

Aww man, really? That's terrible! RIP I Hate The 90s and thanks for introducing me to a lot of great bands. It's always been very, very appreciated.

c said...

it seems mediafire is taking down everyone right now. will you still be blogging using another host to upload, or are you finished with the blog altogether? i completely understand not re-upping everything... it's simply impossible to do, especially with the amount of content on your site. either way, i am very sorry to hear this. it must be terribly frustrating.

you run a really great blog, and spend a lot of time and effort doing things for others. i was surprised to see you'd already filled my request for patty griffin. thank you very much for that, btw.

please know that your work was (is) highly appreciated.

tomg said...

(i´m gonna be a little obvious now, so forgive me, but) Don't let this get in to you. Just do what you always do, keep posting, use another server and that's all. you don't have to repost everything. Your blog is very useful to me (Flaming Red is a fine record by the way) and i think i´m not the only one.
How much time passed since you started this?

Thanks for your effort. I'm very grateful to you.

Todd said...

Sorry to hear it. Won't ask for anything; you've done plenty already. Just want to say thanks!

TiM said...

Thank you for everything !

thomas the real genuine horse said...

I’m so sad to hear this, but I understand your feeling.
The internet started off as a wonderful way of sharing, cataloguing and giving exposure to long-forgotten, disregarded music from ten, twenty, thirty years ago, and even further back than that,
Now it’s all been screwed up by pathetic greed from people who don’t love music.
Well I loved this blog, and I know many others did – the many bands that I missed or forgot about back in my formative years…
As I said I understand your feelings on this, but know you did a great thing.
We will miss you (PLEASE DON’T GO!!)

Rotinaj said...

This sucks. Looks like Mediafire really did hate the 90s.

I hope you find some way to continue, have found some really good stuff on here.

Unknown said...

jesus christ i loved this blog please don't go.. goddamn these last few months for me its been bad news after bads news god if i ear one more bad new i swear i'm gonna burst in flames!

lkajfdslkjdfo said...

How about putting up more compilations? I'd definitely be interested.