27 January 2011

JUICY For The Ladies 1994

Thanks Shane for Juicy - our feller Canadian contributor Martin's been lookin' fer this one!

JACK DRAG self titled 1995

Thanks to Shane for this request!

HUNGER FARM Dogma 1991

Weird Mustard - thanks for this request!

THE FLYS 25 Cents 1995

Thanks to Lih for helping us out with this request!

24 January 2011

SMACK DAB Queen Crab 1992

By request. I also requested Majestic Root but the CD swapper couldn't find the CD.

19 January 2011

JACOBITES Robespierre's Velvet Basement 1994

TRIPLEFASTACTION Cattlemen Don't 1997

By request
Loads of thanks go out to xtimmyx for providing a link for this request.


1 Ronnie's Theme 0:06
2 Pure 3:11
3 Heroes 4:29
4 If 4:32
5 Cattlemen Don't 4:18
6 Eurogirl 4:38
7 The Rescue 3:44
8 I'm Ready 2:48
9 Duck And Run 3:02
10 Sent Them Straight 3:04
11 Yeah 2:40
12 Operator 3:57
13 No Doubt 3:13
14 Bearer Of Bad News 5:03

18 January 2011




1 My Mysterious Death (Turn It Up)
2 Is She Shy
3 Down To High Street
4 Quarrel With The World
5 Cheater's Heaven
6 Cyclotron
7 Negative Guest List
8 Fire In The Swimming Girl
9 You Can't Kill Stupid
10 RnR Hall Of Fame
11 Contract Dispute
12 Wrongheaded

17 January 2011

SONE self titled 1995

By request

Track listing
1. Failing Shaver
2. Willamette Valley Ass Kicking
3. The Days Parts Fitted Comfortably
4. 747 (Apogee, Perogee & Dramamine)
5. The New Action
6. Rope-A-Dope
7. High Frame Audio
8. Furious Star Force
9. -Part I
10. - Part II
11. Abacus Municipal
12. Step Up

FURNACEFACE Just Buy It 1992

By request

15 January 2011

14 January 2011

HARVEY DANGER Demo Tape 1994

Uploaded by Lokki

Demo Tape
  1. Love Bug
  2. Scar Tissue
  3. Dining Car
  4. Hazy Shade Of Winter
  5. Ignore Me
  6. Heroine With An E

FISHWIFE Poquita Robada Mona 1996

Thanks to Buddha Boy



1 Flemenco
2 First Time Caller
3 Cruiser
4 Queffer Suttlwind
5 Lead Apron
6 Skin & Bone
7 A Day Of Accomplishment
8 Second To Last Straw
9 Marco Andre

THE SMEARS Love is Fer Suckers 1994

Thanks Buddha Boy for another upload!

LOST Stumble 1995

Thanks for the up, Buddha Boy!

13 January 2011

LOTION The Telephone Album 1998

Yahooo thanks to Sposob Rocks for this upload!

INCH Dot Class C 1997

thanks to Buddha Boy


1 Eugenics
2 For Duty And Humanity
3 The Law
4 Shaking
5 Sugar
6 Chicharrones
7 Machone
8 Velocipede
9 El Burro
10 Total Access
11 Moot Point
12 Twisting
13 Detrimental Miner

aMINIATURE Plexiwatt 1994

Buddhaboy strikes again with aMiniature!

SWINDLE Within These Walls 1996

Thanks to Buddha Boy for Swindle!

SHADOWLAND self titled EP 1989

Shadowland was pre-Further. I didn't know this until I read it on Wikipedia. A copy of Shadowland's EP was sitting in my library so here it is. Enjoy.

THE MARSHES Fledgling 1996

Many thanks to Sposob Rocks for The Marshes!

JACK DRAG The Peel Sessions 2001

Someone requested Jack Drag and this was all I could leech...erm...I mean find.

HASH JAR TEMPO Well Oiled 1997

Martin, my faithful Canadian friend and I Hate the 90s contributor, uploaded Hash Jar Tempo for my dear blog readers. Please be sure to give thanks to all who keep this blog going.


Next Time West Coast

Distance EP

Thanks to Jon for uploading Further for us!

RUN ON No Way 1997

Thanks to Sposob Rocks for this upload!

10 January 2011

BASTARDS Monticello 1989

Somehow this band slipped under my college radio radar which seems to have happened a lot. Couldn't find a YouTube vid for it but will just tell you if you like Amphetamine Reptile and Touch and Go bands, you'll probably like this.


Thanks to David A. for Butterglory

THE GODRAYS Songs For TV Stars 1996

This isn't the Songs About TV Stars double 7 inch released by Vernon Yard Recordings, but the full length. I wasn't able to find the double 7 inch requested but hope you'll like this too.

07 January 2011

BUTTSTEAK Shit...Cool It's the Honeycomb Generation 1992

Can't find a copy of this cover anywhere online so you're stuck with this.
Contributed by David A.
Reupped January 2013

BOYRACER B Is For Boyracer 1993

Contributed by David A. Thanks David!

THE LESLIE SPIT TREEO Don't Cry Too Hard 1990

04 January 2011

THE BLUE UP Spool Forka Dish 1995

Allmusic Guide:


by John Bush

Formed in Minneapolis in the mid-'80s, the Blue Up? consists of vocalist/guitarist Rachael, bassist Carolyn Rush, and drummer Renee Bracchi. The alternative dance-pop group got their start playing around the area, and was voted Best New Band by Minneapolis' First Avenue club. Rush departed soon after, however, leaving Rachael to develop a concept album, Introducing Sorrow. By 1991, the original trio was back together; they began gigging and recorded Cake and Eat It on their own four-track recorder. Released on the Catacombs label in 1992, the album gained many converts around Minneapolis, including Bobby Z., originally the drummer for Prince's band, the Revolution. He produced the Blue Up?'s second album, Spool Forka Dish, recorded for Columbia in 1995.

RIVER CITY PEOPLE Say Something Good 1990

1. Dreaming? (What's Wrong With)
2. Walking On Ice
3. Under The Rainbow
4. California Dreamin'
5. Carry The Blame
6. Say Something Good
7. Thirsty
8. When I Was Young
9. No Doubt
10. I'm Still Waiting
11. Find A Reason
12. Huskisson St.
13. Home and Dry