17 January 2011

SONE self titled 1995

By request

Track listing
1. Failing Shaver
2. Willamette Valley Ass Kicking
3. The Days Parts Fitted Comfortably
4. 747 (Apogee, Perogee & Dramamine)
5. The New Action
6. Rope-A-Dope
7. High Frame Audio
8. Furious Star Force
9. -Part I
10. - Part II
11. Abacus Municipal
12. Step Up


IHateThe90s said...


RC said...

Thanks for this. Been searching for it forever.

Todd said...

thanks a bunch for this and all the other great stuff on this site

zzeitg said...

please reupload (and the EP as well).

IHateThe90s said...

Sorry, zzeitg, no longer have this file.