31 March 2010

HELIOS CREED Kiss To The Brain 1992


1 XL-35 6:06
2 Mountain Mystery 2:56
3 Malavia Millenium 3:59
4 Anubis Warpus 5:28
5 The Federation 1:56
6 Kiss To The Brain 7:29
7 Throw Away The Rind 2:19
8 Nemesis 3:29
9 Legs 2:59
10 Acid Rain 5:13

DOWNLOAD The Eyes of Stanley Pain 1996

29 March 2010

SLOAN Smeared 1996

NINE POUND HAMMER Hayseed Timebomb 1995

5IVE STYLE self titled

FIG DISH That's What Love Songs Often Do 1995



1 Bury Me
2 Weak And Mean
3 Seeds
4 Chew Toy
5 Nimble
6 Wrong Nothing
7 Quiet Storm King
8 Going Gone
9 Lemonader
10 Rollover, Please
11 It's Your Ceiling
12 Resistance Is Futile
13First History

JALE Dreamcake 1994

28 March 2010

THE INDIANS Indianism 1993

Reupped January 2013

PAW Dragline 1993

One seller on Amazon has this CD on sale for $90.Here it is for FREE and with love and a cherry on top.


Numb 1993

self titled 1993

27 March 2010

CELL Slo Blo 1993

Reupped November 2012

T MODEL FORD Pee Wee Get My Gun 1997

THE NECKBONES Souls On Fire 1997

Neckbones came to Pensacola around 1998. I don't remember much about the show, not because I was intoxicated (I wasn't) but I think I spent most of my time downstairs being what some of my friends called a "social butterfly." I came back upstairs as they were loading out and the drummer was apparently having a bad night. He was carrying his snare and dropped it right as Poopy Tim walked by and he yelled, "Motherfucker!" The snare snafu wasn't Tim's fault. But it sure was funny watching this guy snarl anyways.

23 March 2010

ELEVEN self titled 1993


Eleven's early history is intertwined with that of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. As teenagers Irons and Johannes formed the band Anthym with Michael Balzary (Flea) and Hillel Slovak; this band was soon to be renamed What Is This?. The members of What Is This? then joined with Anthony Kiedis to form the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but Slovak and Irons also continued to record with Johannes, and What Is This? released the EP Squeezed with Chris Hutchinson playing bass. After the recording of the self-titled second What Is This? album, Slovak and Irons discontinued the band to concentrate full time on the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

BIVOUAC Full Size Boy 1995

I was able to get a copy of this through Swap A CD website. Thanks for your request.

THE HIGH BACK CHAIRS Curiosity and Relief EP 1992

Thanks for your request, Williams. Enjoy!
1. Share

2. One Small Step

3. Dream Of a Day

4. Unending

5. Fuj

6. Summer

22 March 2010

AIMEE MANN Whatever 1993

AN EMOTIONAL FISH self titled 1990

LUKA BLOOM Riverside 1990

THE ORIGIN self titled 1990



1 Growing Old 3:27
2 November Days 3:15
3 Everyone Needs Love 3:21
4 Never Coming Down 5:41
5 Lonely Place Alone 4:04
6 Set Sails Free 4:24
7 Ride 4:00
8 Who Would've Known 3:19
9 Troubles On The Inside 3:15
10 Pull The Weight 5:13 


DRIVIN N CRYIN Fly Me Courageous 1990

Wow, watching this video reminds me of what hair farmers dominated the music scene of the 90's. Bless the hair farmers, they put out good music. Fly Me Courageous was Drivin N Cryin's breakthrough album. I think they might have even made a little money off of this one. Sadly, their next album - not so good. I still don't get the woman in this video. Shouldn't she be in a Whitesnake or Warrant video instead?

BAD LIVERS Delusions of Banjer 1992

I saw Bad Livers play here in Pensacola at Sluggo's around 1992. They were the biggest bunch of jerks. - just rude and for some reason stuck up. One of the band members was making fun of the soundboard and all sorts of snarky comments. They did put on a good show but what a bunch of buttholes. Paul Leary of the Butthole Surfers was their producer.

ROLLINS BAND The End of Silence 1992

It's hard not to laugh at Henry Rollins in this video but I still like the song and the album. Enjoy.

19 March 2010

MARY'S DANISH Circa 1995

Thanks to I Hate The 90's poster fulltext who sent me Mary's Danish Circa. Here it is for your listening pleasure.

ED HALL Gloryhole 1994

Around 1993 or so, Ed Hall played here in Pensacola at Sluggo's. Not many people showed up because the philosophy that seems to be prevalent here is "I've never heard of them so they must not be any good."
But they were good. In fact they were great! After a few songs, the guitarist told everyone in the crowd that if they answered the question correctly, they'd get a free 7 inch. I was up for it. He asked, "Who in the band is named Ed Hall?"
I yelled, "NO ONE!"
The 7 inch record "Deth/Witless" came flying my way and I've still got it to this day. Thanks Ed Hall. I still have my Ed Hall t-shirt.

CRISPIN HELLION GLOVER Big Problem Does Not Equal the Solution. The Solution = Let It Be 1993

I still to this day do not understand why I sold this CD. Life is full of regrets. I can no longer study ratcatching.
Anecdote: as a lowly indy record store clerk/wage slave, I was forced to delve into the world of practical jokes to relieve the inherent boredom of dealing with record store groupies day after day. One particularly challenging afternoon, I procured a used Pearl Jam "Vs." tape and at the end of side 1 added Glover's song "Automanipulator" to the tracks. The tape was sold and no one came back to complain that there was a song on their cassette of Pearl Jam about masturbation. Good times they were. Yes, they were.

COCTEAU TWINS Heaven or Las Vegas 1990

Reupped November 2012

SHAWN COLVIN Fat City 1992

PAIN TEENS Destroy Me, Lover 1993

17 March 2010

ROB RULE self titled 1994

After Mary's Danish broke up, David King and James Bradley Jr. went on to form Rob Rule.

When former Mary's Danish members James Bradley, Jr. (drums) and David King (guitar) formed Rob Rule with singer Edward Anisko, guitarist/pianist Robbie Allen and bassist Steven Ossana, Danish fans couldn't help but wonder how Danish-influenced Rob Rule would be. But this debut album turned out to be a major departure from their work with Danish. Bradley and King were still embracing what was loosely defined as alternative rock, but it was a long way from Danish's alternative rock. While Danish was challenging, quirky and left-of-center, Rob Rule was much rootsier and not nearly as experimental. Melodic, down-to-Earth tracks like "Never" (not to be confused with Heart's 1985 smash), "Wayside" and "She Gets Too High" are a lot more southern-influenced than anything Danish would have done--obviously, King and Bradley had put the past behind them and weren't entertaining any ideas of trying to turn Rob Rule into "Mary's Danish, Part 2." Although generally decent, this release wasn't a big seller, and it would be Rob Rule's only Mercury album. ~ Alex Henderson, All Music Guide


There Goes The Wondertruck 1989

American Standard 1992

10 March 2010

PET SHOP BOYS Absolutely Fabulous The Single 1994

Produced by Pet Shop Boys

1. Absolutely Fabulous (7" Mix)
2. Absolutely Fabulous (Our Tribe Tongue-In-Cheek Mix)
3. Absolutely Dubulous
4. Absolutely Fabulous (Dull Soulless Dance Music Mix)

04 March 2010


Fun and Games 1989

One Simple Word 1990

I remember seeing The Connells play in Mobile, Alabama in 1990. Great show and worth the 100 mile round trip 2 a.m. drive back to Pensacola. Good times...I don't know why they never came to Pensacola. If they did, I don't remember.

VANILLA TRAINWRECK Sofa Livin' Dreamazine 1992

By request and thanks for requesting! I remember these guys from my college radio days.

02 March 2010

THE HALO BENDERS God Don't Make No Junk 1994

Reupped November 2012


BEAT HAPPENING You Turn Me On 1992

THE MEKONS Rock N Roll 1989


Answer the Phone Dummy 1992

The Question Is NO. 1992's Can't Help It!

THE LOUDMOUTHS self titled 1995

The Loudmouths come by their name honestly. Frontwoman Dulcinea Loudmouth has a truly gargantuan trap and a voice to match, and her belligerent pipes dominate the thrashy garage punk of this (now defunct) San Francisco quartet. Few of the 17 tracks hit the two-minute mark, but there's a load of energy packed into each brief blast, and if the riffs are interchangeable, they're fast enough that it doesn't matter. The band stumbles when they attempt the rare surfy lick, but when they stick to the script the result is reliable guitar-heavy punk. Subject matter covers typical trash culture concerns including pornography, roller derbies, and cult film femme fatale Tura Satana; the Loudmouths obviously have no interest in changing the world, or even commenting on it. A cover of Australian punk pioneers Rocks' "Kick Her Out" doesn't deviate from the original in any way, but is indicative of the band's influences and approach. The Loudmouths blazed no new trails, but fans of full-throttle, no-nonsense punk rock should appreciate the noise this debut long-player delivers. ~ Fred Beldin, All Music Guide