31 August 2010

VERBENA Souls for Sale 1997

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Verbena was named after a small town near Birmingham, Alabama.

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Pilot Park
Wearing their animosity on their sleeve, Birmingham, Alabama-based Verbena bear more than a slight resemblance to Nirvana with their gritty, aggressive rock and singer/guitarist Scott Bondy's soul-bearing vocals. Bondy began playing with Les Nuby (drums) and Duquette Johnston (bassist) when the three were in high school in the early '90s. Ann Marie Griffin (singer/guitarist) joined the trio, called Shallow, and shared songwriting duties with Bondy. Nuby left the group and was replaced by original Remy Zero drummer Louis Schefano. The band renamed itself Verbena and released the EP, Pilot Park, on Merge. Nuby rejoined the band a year later. Verbena's debut full-length, Souls for Sale, attracted attention from Capitol and Foo Fighter Dave Grohl, who agreed to produce the band's major-label debut, Into the Pink. In 1999, Johnston left the band, making Verbena a trio once again. It would be another four years until Verbena would rise again. In 2003, Nuby and Bondy, along with bassist Nick Daviston, resumed their schedule with Capitol for their third album, La Musica Negra, which continued the band's move toward straight-ahead rock. 


1 Hot Blood
2 Shaped Like A Gun
3 Junk For Fashion
4 The Song That Ended Your Career
5 The Desert
6 Hey, Come On
7 Me & Keith
8 So What
9 Postcard Blues
10 Kiss Yourself

29 August 2010

23 August 2010

THE MENDOZA LINE Like Someone In Love 2000

This is one of my requests. Thanks to Michael for sharing this with us!
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22 August 2010

SCHTUM Grow 1995

by request


1 Post Modern 4:54
2 Run 3:30
3 Millennium 5:09
4 Space 3:43
5 Skydiver 3:24
6 Big Big City 5:59
7 New Year Dawning 3:15
8 Grow 4:26
9 Follow (1989) 4:25
10 Last Sad Song 3:28
11 Crackpot 4:41
12 Low Unknown 3:50

18 August 2010

FREEDY JOHNSTON The Trouble Tree 1990

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Artist Biography by

A gifted songwriter whose lyrics paint sometimes witty, often poignant portraits of characters often unaware of how their lives have gone wrong, Freedy Johnston seemingly appeared out of nowhere in the early '90s and quickly established himself as one of the most acclaimed new singer/songwriters of the day. Johnston was born in 1961 in Kinsley, Kansas, a small town with the odd distinction of being equidistant between New York City and San Francisco. Growing up, Johnston developed a strong interest in music, but living in a city without a music store or a record shop, doing something about it took some effort. When he was 16, Johnston bought his first guitar by mail order, and a year later, a friend drove him 35 miles to the nearest record store so he could buy an album he'd read about: My Aim Is True by Elvis Costello. After high school, Johnston enrolled at the University of Kansas in Lawrence; while his academic career didn't last very long (less than one year), Johnston wasted no time immersing himself in the city's new wave scene and became a passionate fan of local legends the Embarrassment. Johnston also began listening to everything from Neil Young to XTC and developed a taste for country music. After several years of working in restaurants and writing songs on a four-track recorder in the evening, Johnston pulled up stakes in 1985 and moved to New York City. After several years of making the rounds, Johnston's work caught the attention of Bar/None Records, a respected independent label based in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Bar None Sampler, Vol. 2: Time for a Change

Johnston made his recording debut in 1989 with two tracks on a Bar/None label sampler, Time for a Change, and his first album, the scrappy and genially eccentric The Trouble Tree, followed in 1990. While the album received largely positive reviews and became a minor hit in Holland, sales were poor in the United States, and in order to finance recording of his second album, Johnston was forced to sell some farmland that had been with the Johnston family for generations (an decision Johnston set to music in his song "Trying to Tell You I Don't Know"). However, the risk paid off as 1992's Can You Fly earned enthusiastic reviews and was named among the year's best albums by The New York Times, Billboard, Spin, and Musician Magazine; Robert Christgau in The Village Voice went so far as to call it "a perfect album." The album also earned a healthy amount of alternative radio airplay, and Can You Fly's success convinced Elektra Records to sign Johnston. His first set for Elektra, 1994's This Perfect World, received similarly positive press and spawned a minor hit single in the song "Bad Reputation."

Never Home
While Johnston's next three albums for Elektra -- 1997's Never Home, 1999's Blue Days Black Nights, and 2001's Right Between the Promises -- didn't fare as well in terms of sales, he maintained a loyal fan following and the respect of critics and peers. After Right Between the Promises ran its course, Elektra dropped Johnston and he occupied himself with live work, dabbled in film scoring by writing incidental music for the Farrelly Brothers' comedy Kingpin, and performed occasionally with the Know-It-All Boyfriends, an informal cover band featuring Butch Vig and Doug Erikson of Garbage. A collection of Johnston's early four-track recordings from between 1986 and 1992, The Way I Were, appeared in 2004, and Live at McCabe's Guitar Shop (taken from a show he played at the famous Los Angeles venue in 1999) was released in 2006. In 2010, Johnston released Rain on the City, his first set of new material since leaving Elektra, followed by extensive touring, and in 2012 he teamed up with John Dee Graham and Susan Cowsill to record an album under the group handle the Hobart Brothers featuring Lil' Sis Hobart. In 2014, Johnston launched a crowdsourcing campaign to finance the completion of his next album; the fundraiser was a success, and Neon Repairman, Johnston's first self-produced effort, was released in the summer of 2015. 


1 Innocent 2:24
2 Down On The Moon #1 3:19
3 No Violins 3:39
4 That's What You Get 3:31
5 Fun Ride 5:14
6 Gina 3:20
7 Nature Boy 4:40
8 Bad Girl 3:04
9 After My Shocks 2:49
10 Tucumcari 2:14
11 Down On The Moon #2 3:43
12 Little Red Haired Girl 4:27
13 Untitled Track 20:39

12 August 2010

FLOP World of Today 1995

By request


1 Act 1, Scene 1
2 Waste Of Space
3 Idle Hands
4 April Ate Our World
5 Of Today
6 North Mason Middle School
7 Eggs And Ash
8 Around
9 We've All Seen Better Days
10 Yellow Rainbow
11 Vancouver Door Company
12 Miniaturize
13 Two Martians Working




By request

SALT Auscultate 1995

By request


1 Impro 0:57
2 Honour Me 3:53
3 Beauty 2:06
4 God Damn Carneval 3:58
5 Obsession 2:54
6 Bluster 3:10
7 Lids 3:59
8 So 3:33
9 Witty 4:04
10 So I Ached 2:43
11 Flutter 3:11
12 Sense 2:12
13 Undressed 5:02

06 August 2010

OLEANDER Shrinking The Blob 1997

I've had many requests for this and I Hate The 90s reader Grinsp was kind enough to send us a link. Thanks Grinsp!

04 August 2010


Defenders of the Universe

Life Like

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01 August 2010

VELO-DELUXE Superelastic 1994

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self titled

Human Cannonball

self titled

1 Intro 1:42
2 3 Strange Days 5:12
3 Talk Like Strangers 3:37
4 Deep End 4:53
5 King Of The Dollar 2:47
6 Speechless 4:56
7 Wrong 4:28
8 Rose Colored Glasses 3:43
9 Under The Microscope 4:34
10 Fell 2:50
11 Euphoria 5:45  

Human Cannonball


1 Complicator
2 Take Me Anywhere
3 1/2 A Believer
4 Fountain
5 Fuzzed And Fading
6 Blackout
7 Everyword
8 Jump Off The World
9 Drop Of Water
10 Drag
11 Stand In The Doorway
12 Kerosene