31 January 2012

APE HANGERS Ultrasounds 1995

By request


by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

On their debut album, The Ape Hangers create a trashy, punchy hybrid of '70s hard rock and punk rock. They don't always have melodies strong enough to pull off their ideas, but when their songs do take hold, they're quite catchy. (Allmusic.com)

25 January 2012

24 January 2012

SINCOLA Crash Landing in Teen Heaven 1996

By request


by John Bush

Guitarists Wendel Stivers and Kris Patterson, bassist Chepo Pena, drummer Terri Lord and vocalist Rebecca Cannon formed Sincola in Austin, TX, in 1993. The band honed its punk-pop approach on three singles before their 1995 album debut, What the Nothinghead Said, on Caroline Records.

GASLIGHT RADIO Hitch on the Leaves 1998

By request


by Ned Raggett

Practically unheard of outside Gaslight Radio's home continent, Hitch on the Leaves is a wonderful debut album from this quintet, equal parts pretty Cocteau Twins-inspired shoegaze and fragile rock drive. With the lovely chime of "New Estate Dreamboat" starting things off very well, Rory and Martin Cooke's guitars containing all the open-ended ringing one could want, the fivesome merrily make their way from softly melancholy strength to strength. Songs like "Spindlings of the Summer" and the majestic "Rosalie," with its vast sense of space and gentle impact, are sure to make any Chapterhouse, early Verve, or Kitchens of Distinction fan weep with delight that there's at least some bands out there still carrying the flame. Happily, Gaslight Radio don't sound like a cloning of any one group in particular, partially since the group turns from … » Read more

23 January 2012

VITAPUP An Hour With Vitapup 1996

By request
Thanks to M.P. for the upload!
Although this song on YouTube isn't available on the record, it will give you a good idea of Vitapup's sound. Does it sound familiar? Reminds me of Nirvana but hey that's okay! It's a great song!

SATURNINE Flags for Unknown Territories 1997

By request
Thanks to M.P. for the upload!


by Jason Ankeny

Indie pop band Saturnine formed in New York in 1994 when singer/guitarist Matt Gallaway and bassist Mike Donofrio met while studying law. After enlisting drummer Jim Harwood and guitarist Jennifer Baron, the group issued their debut EP, Autoglider; their full-length debut, Wreck at Pillar Point, followed in 1995. Flags for Unknown Territiories appeared a year later, and in 1998 Saturnine returned with Mid the Green Fields. Upon completing 1999's American Kestrel, Baron left the lineup.

22 January 2012

BIS Detour 7 inch 1999

HAZEL / OVARIAN TROLLY split 7 inch 1997

More 90's 7 inch goodness.

Side A
Hazel Incendiary

Side B
Ovarian Trolley Romeo


  This is pretty rare. Hope you like it!

Track Listing:
1. Some Velvet Sidewalk Dumb
2. Frightwig I Thought I Knew You
3. Bikini Kill This Is Not a Test
4. Gag Order Episode
5. Autoclave Still Here
6. Duh Hex
7. Lois Press Play and Record
8. Dumbhead Good and Plenty\
9. Sky High Style 1 Song
10. Spitboy Motivated by Fear
11. Tim Green No. 6
12. Tsunami Skinny
13. Donna Trains


Reupped November 2012
Track Listing:
Side A
1. Blast Off Country Style Wiener Dude Attitude
2. Eggs Baked Alaska
3. Tsunami Brickbook Building
4. Butch Willis Falling in Love
5. Unrest International Nautical Miles

Side B
1. The Shoetrees Collisions
2. Bratmobile There's No Other Way
3. Sexual Milkshake The United States of Arousal
4. Cobalt Saturday
5. Los Marauders Slicker Than Snot

21 January 2012

ADICKDID self titled 1994

This self titled CD release was packaged in a hand screened printed envelope. The vinyl release was titled "Dismantle." Fans of Slant 6, Calamity Jane, Bumblescrump, Huggy Bear and Bikini Kill will dig this old gem.

SKIRT self titled EP 1994

Thanks to El Diablo con Queso for this upload!
Hate to describe them this way but it's gonna help you out a little so here we go: all female fronted band from Atlanta, Georgia who will probably remind y0u of 4 Non Blondes somewhat. Much like Linda Perry, this woman can wail on the mic in a good way!

ANDY STOCHANSKY Radio Fusebox 1999

This guy was the drummer for Ani DiFranco but this isn't Ani DiFranco-like music. I think the first track is the best.


by Linda Seida

Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Andy Stochansky spent seven years playing drums for indie rock artist Ani DiFranco before striking out on his own, and many music aficionados identified his name only in relation to that position in the music world. By 2000, however, the pair of solo albums he had to his credit, While You Were Sleeping and Radio Fusebox, helped separate his name from DiFranco's and launch his own career. Stochansky worked on While You Were Sleeping, an independent release in 1995, while he was still affiliated with … » Read more

BEHEAD THE PROPHET N.L.S.L. / THRONES split 7 inch 1998

Okay, Behead the Prophet No Lord Shall Live is not for everyone but if you dig the Mulkiteo Fairies and God is My Co-Pilot then you'll probably like this. And this band features a violin player! Don't know anything about Thrones so here ya go!

BIS Action and Drama 7 inch 1999


by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Taking inspiration from Huggy Bear, the Nation of Ulysses, Blur, and the "cutie" indie movement of Sarah Records, bis were one of the most unique bands in late-'90s British indie rock. Aggressively primitive, bis spearheaded "the Teen-C Revolution," crossing D.I.Y. aesthetics with the incessant bounce of new wave dance pop, anime and manga imagery, and a childlike outlook. Bursting out from nowhere in early 1996, bis became the first unsigned band to appear on Top of the Pops, and became a sensation within the British music press, with equally passionate positive and negative reviews. However, bis won fans in the Beastie Boys, who signed them to Grand Royal Records, positioning the band to join the ranks of the international pop underground. » Read more

20 January 2012

SMOOTHER Copycat 1994


TPA Flight 028

Feves: The Sounds of Tristan Psionic

By request

by Gina Boldman
Tristan Psionic was formed in 1992 by Sandy McIntosh (guitar), Michael Milne (guitar) and Tim Potocic in Hamilton, Ontario. When the group made their first cassette, they started their own label: Sonic Unyon (which later went on to sign Hayden, Thrush Hermit, The Dinner Is Ruined, SIANspheric and Chore, among others). Their first full-length, Feves: The Sounds of Tristan Psionic, was released in 1994. The band took a hiatus and concentrated on running their label; bassist Gary "Wool" McMaster quit out of frustration from the lack of activity within the band. By 1996, the trio had replaced McMaster with April Sabucco and had released their second full-length CD, titled TPA Flight 028. Mind the Gap followed in 2000. 

TPA Flight 028


1 Air Traffic Control
2 Divided
3 Lucky Star
4 Professional Human
5 Secret
6 Puke
7 All Of The Important Things I've Done
8 3AM (Circa 1996)
9 Trans Am Kid
10 Zone Of Compass Unreliability
11 Donut Rock City

Feves: The Sounds of Tristan Psionic


1 Black Psabbath Psong
2 The Nightmare Returns
3 25 Cents
4 ?sometimes
5 Pslop
6 Ketchup
7 Screamin' Beamin'
8 Let It Go
9 Transmission
10 Tee Hee

17 January 2012

THE HEROINE SHEIKS self titled 7 inch


(We Are The) 4:12
Let's Fight 2:53
Swedish Fly 2:44

MY BLOODY VALENTINE Loomer Live Vancouver, Canada 1992

Live from Vancouver, Canada 1992. Sound quality is great! Enjoy!

MY BLOODY VALENTINE Instrumental 7 inch 1988

Creation Records release

Reupped November 2012

14 January 2012

ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN Reverberation 1990

I don't care what anyone says, I like this even though original vocalist Ian McCulloch was replaced by Noel Burke.

GROVER My Wild Life 1996

Upped by

Grover: My Wild Life
Speaking of Mitch Easter and Let's Active, Grover marks the resurfacing of Let's Active's Angie Carlson, and Mitch himself even produces four of these songs. The others, for another Boston connection, are produced by Kevin Salem, once of the band Dumptruck (and whose solo album Soma City, from last year, I got recently, and really like). And to tie all stray elements together, My Wild Life ironically bears more than a little resemblance to Slip It Under the Door. Angie's dense waves of distortion color what might have been cheery pop songs, and give them an ominous haziness. Angular twists of guitar remind me a little of the Breeders, and Angie's raw, slightly-chirpy, English-accented voice then bends the mood in yet another direction, making Grover sound a little like Elastica without so much Wire in it.
When this works, as it does arrestingly in the raspy bass pulse and airy vocals of "Yeah, I'm Dumb", the This Mortal Coil-like vocal flourishes in "Bend", the jumpy and good-natured bop of "My Wild Life", the frantic verses of "Sweet Thing", the distinctly Big Star-ish "Anesthesia", the snarling (and Sleeper-like) "Superhero", the swirling atmosphere of "Heavy Past" and the twangy Byrds-y chorus of "Damaged Girl", it's quite intriguing and effective, indistinct in a good way, preserving some animating mystery. When it doesn't work, though, it can just sound muddy and strained, as if the music can't quite extricate itself from aural quicksand. Several of these songs, despite the sterling production credits, sound an awful lot like demos, and while this is appealing in some ways, in some ways it also makes me impatient to hear what Grover will be able to do when they really have time to get things right.

JONES VERY New Life For Lies 1992

By request


You Bite My Tongue

I just found a copy of You Bite My Tongue for 4 dollars at a local vegan restaurant/record store. The 7 inch is one sided and has the lyrics engraved into side 2 of the record.

Corpse Pose

Kandy Korn Rituals


by John Bush

Perhaps the most musically abrasive group in the world of indie rock, Unwound specialize in a dense collection of crushing power chords rising to feedback, melding the noise of Sonic Youth's more raucous passages with a rare energetic flair which rivals even that of Fugazi. Formed in 1991 in a small town close to the indie rock nerve center of Olympia, Washington, Unwound was originally a trio of vocalist/guitarist Justin Trosper, bassist Vern Rumsey, and drummer Brandt Sandeno. The band released two singles for Kill Rock Stars and one for Gravity Records before recording an … » Read more

BANTAM ROOSTER Watch Me Burn 7 inch 1997

Get yer lo-fi rock n roll here!


by Mike DaRonco

Hailing from Michigan's capital city of Lansing, Bantam Rooster's two piece guitar and drum approach pays tribute to the minimal aesthetics of 60's garage rock recorded on duct taped equipment. Gotten together in 1994 after T. Jackson Potter (guitar/ vocals) and Eric Cook (drums) were both experiencing down time from their full-time bands would eventually result in a series of gigs all through the Mid-West before signing with Crypt Records in 1996. With their first 7" EP Miss Luxury released that same year, their first album Deal Me In came out in 1997 followed by a European tour. Upon their return to the states, and another 7" on Ypsilanti's Flying Bomb Records, Bantam Rooster's second album The Cross and The Switchblade came out in 1999; Fuck All Y'All appeared a year later.

12 January 2012

PePGIRLZ Down 'N' Dirty 1997

By request


by Richie Unterberger

A New York, all-female quartet playing '90s punk with ingredients from riot grrl, metal, and a mild psychedelic eclecticism thrown in.

08 January 2012

BENT Nothing Grows Here Anymore 1994

Upped by Bo


1 Killer In Me 3:46
2 My Time 2:18
3 Marigold 2:15
4 Together 3:09
5 Rope 4:18
6 Stormwatch 4:06
7 Midnight 3:05
8 Turn Around 2:28
9 Take 6 3:44
10 Tabloid Grind 4:12
11 Dream Police 3:44

06 January 2012

LYNC Remembering the Fireballs (Part 8) 1997

Download link removed.




Hands And Knees





Pennies To Save



Can't Tie Yet


by Jason Ankeny

Olympia, Washington-based emo-punks Lync comprised singer/guitarist Sam Jayne, bassist James Bertram and drummer Dave Schneider. Formed in 1992, the trio soon debuted on the Magic Pail label with the single "Pigeons"; their next effort, "Two Feet in Front," appeared on K as part of the label's International Pop Underground series. K also issued Lync's first and last full-length, These Are Not Fall Colors; soon after the album's 1994 release, the band split. (The posthumous singles retrospective Remembering the Fireballs [Part 8] followed in 1997.) Jayne resurfaced in 1996 with the solo project Love as Laughter, debuting with the album The Greks Bring Gifts; for 1997's #1 U.S.A., credited to simply L.A.L., he reunited with fellow Lync alum Schneider, rounding out the lineup with bassist Jessica Espeleta.

HONCHO OVERLOAD Sugarfoot 7 inch 1992





by Joslyn Layne

Indie rock band Honcho Overload was active in the Champaign-Urbana, IL, scene for the first half of the '90s. The group was made up of musicians from previous Champaign-Urbana bands, and consisted of singer Bill Johnson and guitarist Jeff Dimpsey, both of Bad Flannel, guitarist K.C. Driscoll of We Ate Plato, bassist Matt Talbott from We Ate Plato, and Poster Children, and drummer Mike Rader, also of the Poster Children. Guitarist Balthazar de Ley was originally in the band, but left to form the group Mother (which later changed its name to Menthol) before Honcho Overload entered the studios. The band put out two albums -- Smiles Everyone (1993) and Pour Another Drink (1994) -- and two singles on Mud Records before calling it quits in 1995. At the same time that Honcho Overload was active, Dimpsey and Talbott were also in the band Hum, along with de Ley. Following Honcho Overload's breakup, Bill Johnson went on to play in Morning Becomes Electric, Dimpsey continued in Hum and co-founded National Skyline, Talbott remained in Hum and eventually played in Centaur, and Rader joined in the Great Crusades.




For fans of Stone Roses, KLF, Pop Will Eat Itself, The High, Trash Can Sinatras, this Australian band won't disappoint. Upped by Rob.


by Brendan Swift
Caligula's unique musical style was produced by a combination of funk bass, heavy metal guitar, hip-hop beats, and keyboards in the tradition of KLF, Pop Will Eat Itself, and Faith No More. Forming in Sydney, Australia, in 1990, the band first released the mini-album Caligula in 1991, which was closely followed by the EP Got One in the same year. Interest was spurred, leading to a series of national tours including support slots for Pop Will Eat Itself in 1992 and Depeche Mode in 1994. Two further EPs were released locally, Bluff in 1992, and I.C.U. (Before) in 1993. The remake of the Smokey Robinson hit "Tears of a Clown" provided their greatest chart success in Australia, peaking at number 25 in February 1994. Caligula continued their musical experimentation with their full-length album, Rubenesque, released in Australia in March 1994.

05 January 2012


Puttering About a Small Land

Bundle of Joy

By request


by Jason Ankeny

Land of the Loops was the alias of Brooklyn-based sonic collagist Alan Sutherland, a veteran of several short-lived bands who turned to quirky electronica after his parents bought him a sampler for college graduation. For Slabco, he recorded a pair of cassettes, Straight Out of Milner and Percival, before scoring an underground hit with the single "Multi-Family Garage Sale," later licensed for a Miller Genuine Draft commercial; Land of the Loops' first full-length effort, the much-acclaimed Bundle of Joy, followed on Up in 1996, trailed a year later by a remix EP, Refried Treats. Sutherland next resurfaced in 1999 with a new EP, Hurry Up and Wait; Puttering About a Small Land followed in mid-2000.